Bhutan opened its doors to the world by the 1970s and it had remained isolated from the world prior to that. Bhutan had no access to television and the internet in the country until 1999. With the introduction of the internet, social media came to Bhutan recently making it very popular at the present moment.
All marketers are competing digitally to promote businesses and brands. If you are relying solely on traditional marketing practices, you will lose a chunk of your market share. Today, social media marketing plays a vital role in advertising your products and services. Of all the social media marketing tools, Facebook marketing has a wide reach of audiences. Whether you are running a big business or selling a product, Facebook marketing is a great way to stay connected and interact with the world around you. Let us dive into 11 reasons why you should use Facebook marketing in Bhutan.
The world of communication changed significantly in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email. When the first commercial email was sent by Gary Thuerk (the Father of Spam), the revolutionary marketing scheme of email marketing was formed. The scheme was to send emails to prospects and one-time buyers and convert them into customers, and loyal consumers. For the technologically handicapped nation of Bhutan, the potential for email marketing has always been shunned. Read more to find out what Bhutan has been missing out on with email marketing campaigns:

SEO FOR YOUTUBE: How to Rank YouTube Videos in Bhutan.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google! Know the benefits of YouTube marketing and create brand awareness. YouTube SEO is the cardinal method to generate more customers for your services and products. For this you will need well optimized SEO YouTube videos to rank higher, and become popular. In Bhutan, there is less competition as there are fewer YouTubers. If you learn YouTube SEO, your channel will generate more views and subscribers every day. In this blog, I will educate you on how to use SEO techniques to rank your videos on top.