8 Things Bhutan is Missing out on without Email Marketing.


                Email marketing is an old powerful digital marketing tool

The world of communication changed significantly in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email. When the first commercial email was sent by Gary Thuerk (the Father of Spam), the revolutionary marketing scheme of email marketing was formed. The scheme was to send emails to prospects and one-time buyers and convert them into customers, and loyal consumers. For the technologically handicapped nation of Bhutan, the potential for email marketing has always been shunned. Read more to find out what Bhutan has been missing out on with email marketing campaigns:

1. The most inclusive communication channel.

Almost everyone in the world has an email address, it is the most used communication channel. Bhutan is no exception with almost everyone using at least one address for professional and personal use. Using email as a way to market your products and services helps directly sell to consumers personally. There are 3 times more email accounts than Facebook & Twitter accounts combined with 6 times more chances to get a click-through with emails. 99% of consumers check their email every day enabling you to instantly reach a large number of consumers, prospective customers, and supporters. Contact a digital marketing firm now and find out more in depth to use this to your advantage.


Not having an email address would be like not having a name

2. An effortless medium for sending and re-sending content

Emails can be sent to customers with automation using the information on an action performed on your website (such as a welcome email for signing up or a discount offer email for abandoning an online shopping purchase). Develop a template with the correct subject lines and reuse it for numerous email campaigns that can be created and launched quickly. With the forward button, the information on your email can be easily sent to other prospective consumers.

3. The biggest avenue for return on investment

With zero cost on advertising fees, printing, and media space you’ve hit a goldmine! Email marketing is relatively affordable compared to paid advertisements, direct mail campaigns, and other SEO strategies in the long term. The initial cost to build a mailing list and investing in software using a digital marketing firm will have an astronomical return ratio for you. According to Email Monday, the return on investment using a quality email marketing campaign is $38 to $1 spent.


ROI on internet marketing contradicts how it is perceived.

4. Ownership of the playing field


      The old and boring email marketing is safer than the hip social media marketing

Since the email list is yours, you can do almost anything with them. Segmenting emails based on the information of the most recent purchases, age, gender, and other demographic leads can be performed. Despite all the hype on social media platforms, your brand (and your customers, and fans) are at the mercy of the social media’s algorithm and system. With email marketing, you’re building on your land, and creating your empire.

5. Personal and customized promotion


    A personalized email is more effective than a regular email with common subject lines

Using the information on your email list, tailor emails based on customers unlike social media, blogging, or website landing pages. You can make the subject lines stand out by adding first and last names, inserting a greeting message, offering a discount coupon, or linking back to the abandoned shopping bags.  Use a digital marketing firm to organize an amazing and engaging marketing strategy with customized audience-based emails.

6. Crazy conversion rates

An email converts better than other forms of digital marketing! Use a digital marketing firm to convert viewers into consumers, and one-time consumers to loyal customers. Customers spend 138% more through email marketing than those who do not receive email offers. According to Barilliance’s study on email conversions, 17.75% of clicked emails result in a purchase. A simple ‘call to action’ on tempting offers will increase your conversion rates and sales.


Easily convert viewers into consumers with emails

7. The force (of statistics) is with you.


    Use statistical findings of your email marketing scheme. 

Email marketing delivers exceptional results for businesses and brands of all sizes. With the use of a digital marketing firm, you can track and measure the progress of your email marketing campaign. Get insights easily on who opens, reads, and takes action from every email, and also compare data from segmented email lists for market analysis. Use information from your email marketing analysis to understand your customers better.

6. Build a brand.


   Email marketing enables you to create a unique brand like never before.

A brand is more than a visual logo, it is the message people receive when they see that logo. Email marketing enables the creation of your brand’s unique visual footprint with designs, colors, tones, and content of your email. Your brand is also your niche and how it’s perceived in the marketplace. Being an expert in the marketplace will provide a value greater than the economic advantage you offer to the consumers. Offer value and establish your brand by solving problems and saving people’s time and money.

7. Build relationships.


Build trust and bonds for your brand with emails.

Emails are less intrusive real-time marketing strategies to initiate personal and personalized contact with customers. Crafting emails with a good reflection of your brands in the subject lines will win the trust of customers and familiarize your company to them. Emails give a chance to showcase the authentic personal side of your brand with the core demographics. Start a new relationship with your customers or prospects by making them feel like they know you and earning their loyalty towards your brand.

8. A green way to get greener. 


Think about the planet before you print and market with emails. 

Email marketing is environmentally sound and sustainable compared to direct marketing of printed postal mails. The physiological impact of email marketing on the planet is negligible. The cost of planning, and executing a marketing campaign is much lower, with reduced physical investments on printing, publishing, and producing with a digital marketing firm.


         Use the full potential of emails for your brand and businesses

These are the perks of an effective email marketing scheme Bhutan have missed out on. Are you ready to move forward with this? Put the unsung prowess of emails in your arsenal of digital marketing tools. Boost your return on investment and promote your brand with this digital marketing technique! Get ready and grow your business now with Email marketing.

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