SEO for beginners: 10 simple steps to master SEO

With billions of pages, posts, and products on the World Wide Web, standing out in this big sea of information would need magic! Have you heard about ‘Search Engine Optimization’? Learn the magic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with these 10 simple to learn steps and
dominate search engines with your content:

  1. SEO 101: Introduction and its’ significance

Key components of SEO for beginners

Begin with a proper understanding of SEO and its significance. SEO ranks your content high on
a search engine in the unpaid section (the organic listings), making it easier to find. Do you know
that the first five results on Google get a click-through (click here for more information on
Click-Through) by 67% of the searchers? This makes all other content on the search engine
irrelevant. With a few do it yourself (DIY) SEO techniques save your content from this dreaded

  1. SEO 201: How to and its type
    SEO use techniques to place your content higher on a search engine. There are different types of SEO that you need to be informed about: Black Hat SEO (SEO done to trick the search engine bots to rank your contents higher for short term gains), White Hat SEO (SEO for humans to find your content with long term objectives), and Gray Hat SEO (a mixture of both white and black hat SEO).
  2. SEO 301: The base knowledge
    There are numerous aspects of SEO. Keyword research and placement can rank your content higher on a search engine. It is the go-to SEO for beginners. It involves the analysis of keywords and phrases and incorporates them in your content. Using the analysis of keywords and phrases, perform on-page SEO such as tweaking the meta-tags (titles, description, and titles of the page, website or blog), and establishing interlinks.
  3. SEO 401: The base knowledge again!
    We cannot emphasize how essential nailing down the base knowledge of SEO is! Persevere through the taxing off-page SEO techniques and be rewarded. Simple to learn off-page SEO strategies are: article submission, forum posting, press release submission, social media
    marketing, and link building. The credibility of your content will improve if you undertake the above steps. The search engine’s ranking factor places trusted content higher. These off-page SEO compliments the on-page SEO.
  4. SEO 501: The technical SEO
    Learn the technical aspects of SEO to support all the basic techniques by signing up on Google Search Console and do it yourself. Components of web hosting, web designing, and URL structure should consider UXO (User Experience Optimization). The search engine’s ranking algorithm trusts faster loading websites and places them higher. Design sites with optimized user experience, and get higher Conversion Rate Optimization (converting visitors to consumers).
  5. SEO 601: Start writing
    SEO for beginners is to increase traffic on your website by writing content with practical value. Helpful, actionable, and problem-solving content will go viral. Topics that add value to your business or contain info-graphics are recommended to increase your website’s traffic and
    audience pool.
  6. SEO 701: Thorough refined content
    The key to natural growth of your website is having thoroughly written content. Learning to refine your work rather than taking shortcuts is an easy to learn SEO skill. Win the searchers’
    trust by creating active, beneficial, and informative content.
  7. SEO 801: Learn from the best
    A quick way to master SEO is to learn from the best. Getting involved with a reputed digital marketing company as an intern, trainee or employee will enhance the learning process. Under the guidance of professionals, your diligent effort to learn SEO will be rewarded. Get into the game early and win.
  8. SEO 901: The Pareto Principle

Practice SEO with the Pareto Principle

Apply the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 Rule), practice SEO for 80% of the learning phase, and learn theoretical SEO for 20%. Acting on knowledge is the quickest way to learn. Start with simple do it yourself SEO techniques and climb the difficulty gradient. Practicing and experimenting on the information with side projects and trial content will give you validated experience. Become an SEO expert with constant practice!

  1. SEO 101: Back to the basics
    Be the best SEO rookie by keeping these easy to learn basic methods and base SEO knowledge at the core of your optimization goals. Capitalize on the positive aspects of SEO and minimize ineffective results. Become an SEO wizard instantly!

Become an SEO wizard!
With these 10 easy to learn steps, master the magic of search engine optimization, and make your content stand out. Easily become a wizard and do magic with SEO!

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