SEO FOR YOUTUBE: How to Rank YouTube Videos in Bhutan.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google! Know the benefits of YouTube marketing and create brand awareness. YouTube SEO is the cardinal method to generate more customers for your services and products. For this you will need well optimized SEO YouTube videos to rank higher, and become popular. In Bhutan, there is less competition as there are fewer YouTubers. If you learn YouTube SEO, your channel will generate more views and subscribers every day. In this blog, I will educate you on how to use SEO techniques to rank your videos on top.

YouTube SEO

YouTube Marketing in Bhutan.

YouTube in Bhutan is used as an entertainment platform and Bhutanese never explore its benefits it has on businesses. For example, Bhutan has hundreds of travel companies leading to high competition. With YouTube marketing, create awareness for your travel brand and increase tourist influx through your company.

F:\Day 17\ddd.PNG

Bhutan YouTube TV generated 19,730 views over a month

Bhutanese are skeptical about publishing videos for youtube because of the unpromising demographic situation. With only seven hundred thousand people in the country, one-third do not have any idea about YouTube. Open Pandora’s box and widen the horizon. It’s not just the Bhutanese who want to watch your videos. Foreigners research a lot before visiting Bhutan. You need to provide relevant and engaging travel contents for them. The best thing is that there is less competition because of the low number of Bhutanese YouTubers. Learn YouTube SEO now and be the best upcoming Bhutanese YouTuber. My goal is to make your video’s pops-up on rank one when people are searching about making a trip to Bhutan

  1. YouTube Keyword Research.

Keyword research for YouTube is as important as Google SEO. Find the right keywords for YouTube videos in your niche to generate more views. Optimizing your keywords around the popular keywords will rank your videos higher in the search results.  Search for keywords used in other videos that have a high number of views. Targeting keywords having more searches per month will give you the right keywords you need to use for your video. Google keyword planner helps you find the total number of searches in a month.

YouTube keyword research

Another important tip is choosing low competitive keywords over competitive keywords. If you choose competitive keywords for your video, there will be hundreds and thousands of other similar videos. Your video will be buried under those videos and you will never generate views.   

  1. Video Length Matters.

Video length is one of the important factors for YouTube algorithms. YouTube ranks videos by calculating total watch time. A longer video with engaging content is more likely to rank higher because it’s total watch time is more. The key point to publishing your video is solely to grab the attention of the viewer and make them click your video. The audience clicks your video because of a compelling title, an engaging content and attention grabbing description using the right keywords.

Video length is an important factor for ranking:

Here is an example of how video length helps your video rankings. Let’s assume you uploaded two videos of four and ten minutes each. The total watch time for the four minutes video will be four thousand and ten thousand for ten minutes video. Since the ten minute video has more watch time it will outrank your four minute video on  search results. However, the length of your video should correlate with your content. If you upload a thirty minutes video for a title tag ‘fastest way to paint your fingernails’, it’s a mismatch.

  1. Audience Retention Videos

Audience retention is how long your video keeps the audience watching your video. Audience retention is one of the algorithms for YouTube rankings. If a viewer clicks on another video after watching your video for 5 seconds, then you need to rework on the video. Publish videos with valuable content to engage and educate your audience. Your videos should keep the audience watching the entire clip. This will help you generate more views and your videos will rank higher on search results.

Publish audience retention videos

  1. User Interaction- Likes, Comments, Subscribe Now, and Shares

The User-interaction signal is a key algorithm for YouTube ranking. Comments, likes, subscribers and shares are boosters to push your video higher on  search results. Your video asks the viewers to like and comment on your video. Saying leave a comment below is a cliché, but rather specify and ask the viewers, ‘which hairstyle is your favorite?’ if your video is about different hairstyles. Reply and make recommendations on their comments because it helps your YouTube rankings.

Interact with your viewers

Viewers share valuable videos on social media platforms. If your video is shared on social media then it will be viewed by more people having similar interests. At the end of the video ask them to subscribe to your channel because people tend to forget.

  1. Video Optimization

YouTube displays titles and descriptions for your videos. Hook your audience with customized thumbnails, keyword-based titles and engaging descriptions for more click-through rate (CTR). Don’t let your audience skip your video and click to other videos, as this will affect your youtube rankings.

Optimize your videos

Here are three ranking factors for YouTube’s search algorithm.

  1. Title Tag

Your title tag decides whether the audience is going to click on your video or not. Using keywords for your title tags is important because YouTube ranks videos with the right keywords. 

F:\Day 17\sss.PNG

Use keyword in the beginning of a title (like YouTube SEO in the above image) 

Add numbers in your title if it’s relevant. If your video is about different ways to get rid of mosquitoes, then write your title saying ‘5 different ways to get rid of mosquitoes’. Research shows that attention-grabbing phrases and emotional lines attract more viewers on YouTube. Include emotional titles like, ‘try not to cry’ or ‘most emotional man’. 

  1. Video Description 

YouTube reads meta-description to understand the content of your video. Using keywords at the beginning sentences of meta-data help searchers find your videos because YouTube displays the first two to three sentences. Write a minimum of 200 words that clearly describes your content to give YouTube enough information about your video.

\F:\Day 17\rrr.PNG

Meta-data of a YouTube video

The YouTube algorithm gives more credence to the first two to three sentences. Try to include keywords two to three times in the first one or two sentences. Include some related keywords for description so YouTube understands your content better.

For this blog:

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In a video description, I would use YouTube SEO two to three times and the related keywords a few times to clearly define my content. 

  1. Video Tag

Video tags are words and phrases that give information to YouTube about your video topic, and content. Always keep your first tag with the exact keyword and add some related keywords.

Use a couple of focus tags and broad tags. For example, you can include ‘Topspin shot for Table Tennis’ as a focused tag and ‘sports or games’ as a broad tag.

Use five to eight video tags

Five to eight tags in a video are ideal to give YouTube enough information about your content. If you stuff more tags, the YouTube algorithm will be confused about your content and it again affects your ranking. 

One of the best techniques to create brand awareness is YouTube SEO. YouTube marketing can benefit you more than you know. Optimize your videos and rank your videos higher on YouTube search results. Expand your audience and make your channel popular. Rank your videos higher by practicing these five YouTube SEO tips. Learn YouTube SEO and take the top spot as the YouTuber in Bhutan. 

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