14 Reasons Why Businesses in Bhutan Need SEO

SEO is the key to do business that will boost your business in Bhutan
Are you using SEO to market your business? Is it worth investing your time and money?
If you are looking for answers to this question, then you have landed on the right page!
The process of generating organic traffic through Google for your website is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will help businesses in Thimphu to optimize their brands, products, services online to attract more users and achieve high rankings. SEO will make your company rank 1st on search engines when users search for your website. It provides value for your business with visibility and searchability.
Businesses in Bhutan can take advantage of SEO as a good marketing strategy and understand its importance.
Here are 14 reasons why Bhutanese businesses absolutely need SEO.

Use Digital marketing tools instead of traditional marketing

  1. Switch to Digital Advertisement
    Are you investing your money on advertising your business through pamphlets and leaflets? Is this helping in generating more sales?
    Advertise your business through Search Engine Optimization, it will not only save your time and money but will also help you reach wider customers. Marketing your business through SEO improves your website resulting in higher rankings and generating more sales.
  2. Retain your top spot

Stay on top and get more traffic
Use SEO as a trusted process that will increase the quality and quantity of your web traffic to rank 1st on Google. Your website will remain on top of search engines unless you use black hat SEO practices. Use SEO the right way with Blue Dragon Digital Marketing (BDDM).
For example, BDDM will identify keywords that match your customers’ search. If your keyword is “Best hotel in Thimphu” BDDM will use this keyword to target the right audience. This way your website will come up as the top spot in search engine for “Best hotel in Thimphu”

  1. Increase business value

Increase your business value with SEO
When a user searches for a particular website, he/she will choose a trusted top-ranked website for information and solutions. With SEO, your website remains on top and customers online will click on your page and get what they are looking for. An effective SEO strategy will impact the buying cycle and achieve higher rank for longer duration.
For example, users are searching for “Safest airline in Bhutan” and Drukair appears on top of search engines. Travelers will now trust Drukair more than other airlines and this will consequently increase the value of the airline.

  1. Ability to tackle your competitors
    There is always another company in the same line of work. Startups and small businesses find it difficult to compete with the existing companies in terms of marketing budgets. Small businesses also look to growth and achieve market share in the business.
    There are many competent businesses in Thimphu. Startups can implement SEO strategies to tackle competitors by improving their reputation online in Bhutan. Small businesses have the ability to focus on niche markets and a well organized effective implementation of SEO strategy will help them achieve their goals.
  2. Brand Awareness with better ranking

Create awareness among visitors to rank higher
Appearing on top of search engines creates brand awareness. Users become more familiar and trust your brand because we use the right keywords for your business.
It is not easy to create brand awareness overnight. It is earned and built over time to make customers aware of your brand. Establishing awareness for your brand requires patience, effort, and consistency.
If your content is ranked high on search engines, the advantage is that customers usually click the top 3 pages that appear online.

  1. SEO builds trust and credibility
    Working with a good digital marketing company will assure your business has a user friendly website and generates more traffic for your business.
    SEO strategy makes your website reliable for your customers and puts you at a higher ranking. For example, if you search for the “best hotel in Bhutan” and Le Meridien appears on the top with good reviews, then you will trust and view their page.
    SEO helps your business build trust and credibility. People will rely more on your website and your business will rank high on Google search.
  2. Get more clients

Use SEO to attract diverse customers
Every business requires a website for their company in order to market their products and services. The primary reason to create a website is to increase and diversify your customer reach. It is proved that businesses grow faster with a web and online marketing strategy.
Implement SEO to rank 1st on Google and increase your customer reach leading more sales and profits. This will also attract and create awareness among foreign customers.

  1. Stay updated

Keep updating SEO to meet your business goals
Collaborating with a digital marketing agency is a long term relationship because your business requires regular updates online. Digital strategies keep changing, so your website needs to be updated to get the best result.
The search keywords also keep changing; this is because Google updates its system with changing times. You will need to update websites, keywords, and contents regularly. Every two years Google makes changes in its algorithm. Monitor the changes in the algorithm and find ways that will benefit your business.
If your business falls behind, it will be difficult to improve your website and increase your reach quickly. It is necessary for businesses in Bhutan to hire a digital marketing agency because it keeps your business updated online.

  1. Position your business online

Online marketing will get your products faster to your customers
With the use of smart phones everyone shops online. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you will miss the opportunity to attract thousands of customers every day.
Simply creating a website and not updating it will not work. SEO is essential to make your website noticed by many users. Use online marketing strategies and tools (like social media, and blogging), to improve your brand awareness, ranking, and success of your business now.
SEO will help businesses in Bhutan market their products abroad. As foreign customers are keener in buying Bhutanese products, SEO will help your business reach internationally.

  1. SEO is quantifiable
    Analytics data are generated from SEO for your website and keeps track of your progress. With SEO you have all the data for your website and helps you make decisions to improve your online business.
    SEO offers understanding of specifications, performance, and business growth. A good SEO aims to make improvements to your site by giving you data that are important.
    Use Google Search Console tool to keep track of your website performance and assess your improvements.
  2. Affordable SEO

Investing in SEO is convinent
Money is needed in every level of marketing strategies (like TVs, billboards, magazines, etc). SEO can be expensive but it is the best option to market your business right now because it is quantifiable.
But implementing SEO costs lower than traditional marketing strategies, and the benefit your business receives is considerable. View SEO as an investment and it will be more rewarding and performs better in time.

  1. Keywords are key for SEO

Keywords are friendly SEO

Websites are ranked based on the keywords that search engines find often. When a customer browses your website through a device (mobile/ laptop), you have higher chances to appear first. With many factors considered, having the right keyword will result in your site ranking on top.
Think from your customers’ perspective, what keywords are they typing and then use these keywords to attract visitors.
For example, your keyword is “local milk”, so when a customer types “local milk” in the search engine will show your website on top. These way keywords play a vital role in SEO strategy.

  1. New doors are opened (opportunities)
    Using SEO well opens doors for new opportunities in businesses. With a good digital marketing company businesses become recognized brands making it easier for other companies to notice you. Choose the right digital marketing agency for your business to remain competitive online.
  2. Long term strategy

SEO is long term strategy
SEO has a noticeable impact down the line and when you implement it consistently your business is always visible. With an evolving marketing scenario, your business needs to adapt to changes quickly. With an intense SEO implementation, your business will improve drastically bringing more users to your site.
With time, effort, and money invested on SEO, your online business will stand out better and lasts longer.

SEO is a web based marketing strategy that helps your business be identified online. There are lots of advantages and benefits using SEO for businesses in Bhutan. SEO provides new opportunities and creates new business relationships.
These 14 reasons mentioned above simply states that businesses in Thimphu will benefit using SEO. Blue Dragon Digital Marketing is here to assist you to implement SEO for your business.

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