Social Media Management in Bhutan

Introducing social media management in Bhutan

Bhutan opened its doors to the world by the 1970s and it had remained isolated from the world prior to that. Bhutan had no access to television and the internet in the country until 1999.  With the introduction of the internet, social media came to Bhutan recently making it very popular at the present moment.

With this wind of change, social media platforms like Facebook gained popularity among the youths and slowly other digital platforms evolved. These potential platforms had compelled the government to impose certain regulations, policies, and emphasize awareness ethics. The rapid increase of users in various social media has led to the need for social media management.

What is Social media management?

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Social Media Management in Bhutan.

It is the practice of administering your presence on social media platforms by generating, publishing, and evaluating contents that you post. Social media management involves engagement and interaction of the users in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest and other social media sites.

This management is done through a social manager who takes control of the entire social media using the right tools.  They plan, implement, manage and monitor your social media to achieve brand awareness and increase sales.

Why is Social media management important to practice?

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Social media management has benefits, but understanding how it works is the first step to deciding whether or not you should use this management practice for your business.

Some of the benefits of social media management are:

  • Time Management

Manage your time by scheduling your posts in advance. (Avoid last-minute posting, causing hindrance towards your progress.)

  • Cost-Effective: 

Unlike other marketing media, social media posts are cost-free regardless of the content, comments, responses, and analysis. It makes social media interesting and it is free to join any social media platforms. When subscribing to an advertising offer on social media, the cost ratio between the other marketing tools and social media is economical. 

  • Understand your Audience:

It provides an in-depth demographic analysis of your audience who is following you.

  • Efficient Customer Feedback:

It creates an easy means to reach your customers and receive enquiries about the business through their responses.

  • Accessibility:

Easily connects you with users from one social media platform to another. The use of social media platforms, like the Pinterest post, enables you to reach a niche market. That’s why social media management is a must for businesses.

  • Manage the brand’s reputation

Allows you to monitor comments and feedback more closely, and respond as quickly as possible.

What are the platforms on social media?

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                                              Social media platforms in Bhutan

The widely used platforms in Bhutan are:

  1. Facebook 
  2. Instagram
  3. Pinterest
  4. Youtube
  5. Tiktok.
  1. Facebook post.
The Facebook logo

 Facebook users in Bhutan

With more than 0.4 million daily users, Facebook has ruled Bhutan’s social media network. As of February 2020, about 4,42,600 were active users. 54.6% of the total are men and 45.4% are women. The largest user age group is 25-34 (154,000). This platform gives access to a wide range of targeted audiences ranging from seniors to youths to agencies and businesses.

It helps the business to build relationships with existing and potential customers. In the long run, it helps build brand loyalty that secures continuous sales.  Facebook posts evoke engagements and actions that attract the audience’s interest. 

It is one of the best platforms to feature varieties of ads and content format about your brand through a Facebook post. For example, corporations like Bank Of Bhutan Ltd, Bhutan National Bank, Tashi commercials, etc use Facebook posts to advertise their brands and attract customers to their businesses.

Social media managers plan and take steps to direct these posts to a larger mass and balance the use of Facebook as a means of marketing tools.

Creating a Facebook page does not require any expenses and can be created by anyone with a business idea. You can use this page to post your content and create links to your business website.  This makes Facebook posts an incredible tool for marketing.

  1. Instagram Post.
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 Instagram users in Bhutan.

Another social media that has bloomed is Instagram. With more than 84,700 active users, the majority in this platform are women with 57%, and the age range from 18 – 24yrs. Similar to Facebook, Instagram helps establish a good relationship in the business world.

Instagram focuses more towards visual contents. This makes Instagram a great podium for the industries with products and services associated with fashion, art, lifestyle, online shopping, and visual-focused businesses.

Sharing and posting feeds on Instagram creates an exciting environment for the users and for the audience. It helps entrepreneurs in building their businesses. Promoting ads and posting short videos also help create awareness and generate sales.

Instagram helps as a marketing tool for monitoring activities, sorting of content, and interacting with followers, fans and customers. You can search for relevant brands, products, people, monitor your page and have a competitive advantage based on your location. It can also show the most trending photos of products and services that can be used to see what the community is most attracted to.  

  1. Tiktok videos

                                     Lha Dorji in her best Tiktok video (influencer)

Tiktok is a social media platform that creates, shares and discovers short music videos. It is widely used by youths and a few business companies.

Many top marketing companies have seen this as a great platform for generating business. 

In Bhutan, business companies use popular stars or and local people to help promote their products and services. From makeup to baking and clothing, Tiktok is the best platform to showcase your uniqueness. These influencers convince and engage the people to buy.

Lha Dorji, one of the top Tiktok influencers, is a great example. We can see her promoting many products including the cinematic field. Business companies pay popular influencers to help them sell their goods and services through these videos on tiktok.

  1. Pinterest boards.
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Brands crushing it on Pinterest.

Explore this social media service designed to share information using images and videos in the form of pinboards. It is the 4th most popular social media platform. The Pinterest post is unique and interesting as compared to other social media that provides more than just a visual search.

Pinterest helps in the campaigning process from publishing pins, managing, and analyzing the results to get the maximum impact from the Pinterest page. 

Pinterest is not common in Bhutan, with only a few people using it for image viewing purposes. But for people looking to expand their ideas and products, it can be a very useful platform.

Why use Pinterest for business?

  • Pinterest is popular among women when it comes to buying household products and services, fashionable clothes, etc…
  • Pinterest helps you to make the right decision to buy a product with its appealing visuals. 
  • People can search for ideas and plans to improve their business.
  1. Youtube streaming videos.
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Denkars Gateway using YouTube to post her daily vlogs.

Youtube, a social networking site, deals with the sharing of ideas and information expressed through videos. It has over 50 million content creators and your content must stand out to attract viewers. 

YouTube can be a very complex platform as many content creators are working on the same ideas. To become successful and flourish in your business, know how to manage Youtube content and video making. This will offer you an idea about what your audiences like to watch and strategize accordingly for the best outcome.

Bhutanese people take up Youtube for vlogging and marketing. After Google, Youtube is the 2nd most used search engine.

Today in Bhutan, youtuber such as Tshering Denkar who is the first person to have a solo travel blogging and vlogging site is popularly known for her work through her Youtube channel. Youtube is based on personal interest and a lot of effort is put on everyday to gain attention worldwide. It focuses more on the content you provide for the viewers.

For instance, Miss Tshering Denkars getaway vlog has indirectly targeted the viewers in the travel industry.  Though it was done for her interest, it has benefited the tourism sector in Bhutan.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Social media management is administrating your social media handles with daily plans to achieve desired results for your business. It guides your actions and lets you know whether you’re moving in the right direction or not. The more specific your plan, the more effective it will be for your brand.

Build your social media marketing strategy and set effective and  attainable goals. Research your target audience well. Establish your most important metrics. Analyze your competition. Create and curate engaging content. Make timeliness a top priority. Assess your results and optimize them.

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