search engine optimization

 Increase organic ranking in search engines like Google and Bing with BD’s SEO experts. We don’t just sprinkle a few key words on websites, we optimize both on page and off page search in order for our clients to receive both increased website clicks and conversions.

social media strategy 

 The hottest buzz word in digital marketing today, social media platforms offer immense marketing opportunities if executed correctly. We review a 360 eco system of all social media platforms and analyze which platforms will be most effective for your business – we don’t offer a once size fits all strategy.

web optimization

Your website represents your brand to the world. Don’t build it and forget about it. At BDDM we consistently optimize your site for speed, new updates, conversion requirements and most important Content. BDDM’s team of in-house content writers will provide you relevant content to engage your visitors.

About Us

Blue Dragon is Bhutan’s leader in comprehensive digital marketing. Our team of experienced digital marketers have expertise in all channels of online marketing and provide a simple results-driven approach.

Our Team

Built with an immense and diverse set of qualifications, BD includes an international team located in, Boston USA, New Delhi India and Thimphu Bhutan. Our team includes online marketing experts with experience in e commerce retail, fluent copy writers and bloggers, performance marketing, search engine optimization and pay per click (ppc) specialists, and email marketing professionals. All digital marketing segments have team leaders focused on their online marketing vertical. Our company leaders have decades of experience in generating revenue for both multi national companies and local retail brands – we can customize an effective digital marketing strategy for you no matter what the size of your business.

This is what we’re good at!

BDDM’s comprehensive Digital Marketing offering leaves nothing to chance. We manage all aspects of your website, seo, paid marketing, social media the often forgotten email marketing. If you want your site to be ranked 1st of Google then take a deep breathe, relax and search no more…. we’ve got your covered. 

Our Specialty – CONTENT IS KING – we develop the best content at the most affordable pricing in the industry. With our keen eye for compelling knowledge we will give your website-visitors reasons to keep coming back for more – our content wins every time.


Content Writing and Blog development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Paid Search or Pay Per Click Digital Marketing
Website Content Development & Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
Email Marketing


Our blog provides an repository of relevant digital marketing information and tools. Use it to learn about trending topics, changes in search requirements and how to create and maintain the best website ever.

We have come a long way in business and have reached into the world of digital. In today’s competitive world, if you want your business to survive, you need to consider so many variables, and one such is “marketing of your business” in different ways. Adopting some new and unique trends can help you generate more traffic.
If you want your business to grow and make its online presence known, then developing a digital marketing strategy is the only way. A web marketing strategy will drive more valuable traffic to your page by earning more leads that turn into conversions, resulting in your business’s growth.
Most people would have heard about digital marketing. They might have some idea about it but most people lack the basic knowledge about digital marketing and how it works. The high-level meaning of digital marketing refers to advertising products and services through a digital medium such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and other mobile apps.

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