11 SEO Essentials to attract readers for your Blog Post

Every time you enter a word into a search engine, you are given a list of links. The system that is making this possible is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the practice of getting more traffic for your sites and ranking higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). There are ways for your long form blog posts to appear on top of SERPs and gain more visibility. Here are some SEO tips for your long form blog post to gain more popularity:

                                                     1- Using keywords

It is important to use basic keywords in your post title because it is the first thing your audience will see. The basic keywords describe the general idea of your post and allow the readers to understand it.

                                                     2- Write a compelling title

Pick a good title for your blog post. You might lose your readers attention if your title is convoluted. A persuasive title containing your keywords will force your reader to stay on the same page and keep reading. 

                       3- Using basic and common words (Keep it simple)


                                                             Keep it simple

Avoid wordy titles. Keep the title simple and straightforward or risk your audience avoiding your post.

                                     4-Trendy and relevant content

For readers to select your blog, use common and trending words. For example, use “awesome”  instead of “impressive”, because the word “awesome” is commonly used in conversations.

                                      5- Add relevant images

    A good long form blog post comes with images that are relevant. Good quality pictures draw your reader’s attention. Relevant pictures show your reader the central idea of your content.

                                             6- Using concise subtitles

Adding a subtitle that briefly describes the post will assist your audience in seeing the bigger picture. The best subtitles are brief with simple words.           

                                                              7-  Fast site speed

3 Website Speed Metrics That Are More Useful Than 'Full Load Time'

Speed up your sites

Due to the speed of the online world, audiences prefer a site that loads faster content. If your site speed is slow then it risks users losing their patience. It can also risk your blog site being misconceived as unsafe and suspicious. With the internet becoming more prominent, a fast blog site is a basic requirement. A way to increase your site speed is by compressing images.

                                       8- Smartphone compatible

Blogs designed for smartphones will help you gain access to mobile users and will be accessed more than those designed mainly for PCs.

                                     9- Blog design

A good blog design is important because it generates interest by the users. Long form blogs are lengthy, therefore well designed and arranged paragraphs make it easy for the readers.

    For example, blogs with small font size or congested paragraphs are inconvenient for the viewers.

                                             10- Blog access through photographs.


Optimize your images

Using pictures and images that are hyperlinked to other photography apps such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook can also attract your viewers. Adding pictures in all these apps in link with your long form blog makes it more accessible. Your blog is just one press-button away.

                                                 11- Have authority in your blog.

A trustworthy and informative site

Have authority in your blog with answers and solutions for your readers. Your content must be based on facts and supported by research. Long form blog posts are insightful and can win attention. Strong content and relevant information will increase the social audience sphere.


Writing in depth blogs with the right fundamentals, achieves high ranking search results, generates visibility and increases web traffic.

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