The world has reached technically globally at a peak in terms of digital advancement. With billions of users worldwide, web push notification has become an essential need for everyone. People are connected to thousands of applications these days, and when they use it, information acts as a core part of the internet.

Whatsapp was founded on February 24, 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum the former member of Yahoo. Whatsapp laterally means ‘What’s up!’ says Brian Acton. Whatsapp messenger is a popular mobile application that provides immediate messaging facility in iphones, Android Smartphone, Windows Phone and Mac Laptops  and Windows PC. . There are billions of people who use Whatsapp world wide and it is very effective to use. Whatsapp is becoming trendy in making lists, sharing images and need to create groups for faster information that cost you money.  It is a perfect marketing tool for production, publicity, and political affairs. It has become very effective in our personal lives using Whatsapp daily. 

Since Whatsapp was created in this era, it has revolutionized and brought an advanced communication skill to users. We have many successful chat apps but Whatsapp is most appealing and easy to use. The reason why people use Whatsapp is, 78% of people text and communicate and it is the primary way to do business. Whatsapp can share files and documents that SMS messaging partially can’t fulfil. The fact is, people are more modernized and the world is changed; only few use SMS messaging for urgent communication. Whatsapp creates a branded connection with people and it represents immense opportunities in doing business. Due to this reason I personally use Whatsapp and feel secure to bring this into play.  

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