4 easy steps to come up with Blog Post Titles for SEO in Bhutan

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic or a web page from search engines.

Have you ever wondered why only a few articles are popular in your blog?

Popular blog posts

The blog post title and Blog theme determines the search engine ranking.  Among your articles, only a few may be popular, because of search engine friendly post titles. Your keyword should be in the post title, and most writers make mistakes by not doing so. Having keywords in your post title helps to optimize it for better CTR (Click-through rate). 

   SEO in Bhutan?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Bhutan

Search Engine Optimization will help in commercializing businesses in Bhutan. The use of SEO in business can attract more clients and achieve higher search engine rankings. SEO is at its infancy in Bhutan, yet its importance cannot be overlooked in this rapidly developing era. 

At present, Bhutanese people spend a significant amount of time on social media. Social MOS (Media Optimization Services) provides you with opportunities to promote your business and get more potential customers online. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube marketing are examples of MOS. The use of SEO increases your sales, because it boosts your page visibility and helps you build a positive image.

Steps for Creating Blog Post Titles in Bhutan

Select a Topic

Best topic components

Choosing the right topic for your blog post is the toughest part of the process. It is important to find a topic that creates interest. Research trending topics in Bhutan, including: new products, new trends and new issues. It will  help you understand your customers. Having an active blog topic gives you a better chance to increase your SEO rankings.

Pick Keywords

keywords are essential for SEO

After identifying the  topic for your blog post, it is time you decide to choose the main keywords. Keywords are the words that describe what the content is about. In SEO terms, they are the phrases that searchers enter into search engines. Keywords help Google link your blog post with users. Choose search words your clients use to explore the topic you are writing about. Getting help from keyword tools (SEM Rush/Keyword Spy) will enable you to discover heavily searched, related terms in Bhutan. After researching relevant  keywords, decide on the core keywords for the article.

Select supporting Keywords

select your supporting keywords

Google your main keywords and observe the top results. Looking for “people also ask” or the related searches at the bottom list will be a good source for your supporting keywords.

 Create your Blog Title

Killer blog post titles for SEO in Bhutan

Now you have the topic and the keyword for your blog post, don’t forget to 

mention your keyword in the title. The headline of your post is the first thing Google recognizes when it crawls your page. Use your keywords and keep it close to the headline. Don’t worry if there are other words before your keyword, remember you are writing for the people too. Oddly written blog post titles can be a real turnoff for readers.

To conclude, it is not advisable to get too technical in order to optimize your blog post. Simplifying your content into terms that your target customers understand will serve it up to your audience. Research sources that provide SEO driven strategies, in order to write original blog post titles. This will help to hit your web traffic goals.

Do you have any questions about how to write better blog posts titles? Let us know in the comment section below.

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