7 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

7 Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Bhutan Graphics design trends to follow 

The world has seen many significant changes in recent years, and it’s no different with graphics design. The best part of graphic design trends is that they allow a fresh start every year. Graphic design trends 2021 offers a desire to mold a reassuring and less overwhelming visual experience.  

Graphic design trends 2021 are all about redesigning your brand, capturing customers’ attention, and unleashing a better experience, in short, reshaping the ordinary into something extraordinary. So, we bring you seven inspiring graphic design trends for this year and how they are shaping this decade. 

#1. Muted Color Palette 

Muted color pastels for a peaceful state of mind

Muted colors don’t mean colorless; instead, the vividness of colors is reduced to create a more relaxing effect. Thanks to Covid, muted colors evoke a sense of calm, understanding, and positivity in a world that appears chaotic. They can also seem more natural and less overwhelming. That’s why many wellness and health brands are opting for muted color palettes recently.  

Using a little amount of a contrasting vivid color with a base of muted palettes in anything from branding to illustrations, you can have better control over where you direct the user’s attention.  

#2. Simple Data Visualizations 

Keep it simple and accurate

According to studies, we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. And the question is, what kind of visuals do you use to get the facts straight?

The key to representing a data visualization is to make the complex data understandable. Authenticity, meaning, simplicity, and powerful content over flashy designs are the boundaries set in 2021. We live in an era when a great deal of data is continuously exchanged. Simple graphics make communication uncomplicated and more effective. And with well-designed visualizations, you can illustrate to your clients just how much value you bring.  

#3. Symbol Revival

Designing illustrations with symbols for better imagery 

Symbol revival is bigger and better this year. Many graphic designers use historical icons and classic symbols to develop aspirational, growth, and empowerment icons and imagery that can be tied to modern times – thanks to their ability to stay relevant today. This symbol revival can also be found among 2021 logo illustration trends, as many brands use them as inspiration when designing their logos. Symbols that are carefully chosen and designed are excellent for communication that goes beyond a language.  

#4. Geometric Shapes 

Shapes for different meanings 

Geometric shapes are probably the most commonly used, and they are very familiar because we’ve been seeing and drawing them since we were in kindergarten. Rigid, hard-edged geometric shapes are everywhere this year. And they create a contrasting color when paired with muted color palettes.   

Organic Shapes 

Organic shapes are asymmetrical or imperfect but necessary and comforting shapes found in nature, unlike geometric shapes. This category includes anything that was created naturally, such as leaves, rocks, or clouds. Designers use shapes to express various ideas, create the illusion of movement, add depth to an image, suggest a mood or emotion, or highlight an area of interest. 

The color and shape combinations are varied and have different meanings. So, before deciding which one to use, you’ll need to better understand the purpose of your design and the message you want to convey.  

#5. Color Trends In Graphic Design 

colors for soothing and relaxing effect 

Color trends in 2021 will primarily feel calming and pleasant. We won’t see a flood of futuristic and bright, bold colors. Instead, the color trends this year are softer and humane. The past year has pushed us to reconnect with our humanity, and we’ll see the results of that connection visually this year.  

Here are this year’s top color trends:

  • Seamless surreal colors 
  • Skintones 
  • Dull and faded looking colors  
  • Super-saturated juicy colors 

These are some of the color trends that are dominating this year. People crave positivity after a difficult year like this one, so designers provide us with the cheery, vibrant corals, pinkish purple, and oranges we require right now. These pleasingly rich shades have a revitalizing and uplifting effect. They’re warm and refreshing but not brash. 

#6. Retro Futurism

Past elements and imagined future

Retro-futurism refers to designs that combine symbols and approaches from the past with elements from the imagined future. This year is a bigger platform for retro-futurism design style, with the imagination playing a vital role in representing how retro posters will inspire the future. This trend will feature a plethora of bright color schemes, computer-inspired typefaces, and curves to transport us to an optimistic future where the only limit will be the designer’s imagination. 

#7. Text Heavy Videos 

Videos with read-worthy heavy texts can retain your viewers 

A great video can be made from a share-worthy story with captivating photos and snippets. However, the design of your text can compel clients to crank up the volume of your video. First off, when designing the titles for your video, keep your product in mind. Select a text style that feels appropriate for the industry you’re in. 

Consistency is key with your text styling so that your video feels coherent. This does not imply that every single block must have the same appearance, but the styling of your text should be logical. Then try breaking things up! Contracting longer sentences can make your video more understandable while also creating a neat stylistic effect. This fun tip can help you because the quick cuts will catch viewers’ attention and build suspense as they cling around to see what the clip is about. 

There you have it! These are the major graphic design trends 2021 that will surely help you rocket up to the top. Keep up with these graphic design trends and create a timeless design to ensure it lasts. Happy designing! 

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