7 Powerful Benefits Of Blogging For Your Small Business

7 Powerful Benefits Of Blogging For Your Small Business

If you are wondering whether blogging is the answer to boost your small business? Then yes! It is the answer to your business growth! Everybody finds it time-consuming and daunting at the start or when they plan to start. Don’t be intimidated, you are making the right decision. The result may not be instant but over time your brand awareness campaign will be successful and your website will be more visible to search engines. 


Blogging aids in business growth

Copywriting or blogging is one of the best digital marketing approaches to construct brand awareness imparting important and valuable content to your intended interest group. It is a cheap and simple way to drive free traffic, generate more customers, and enhance inbound marketing for your services and products. 

Here are the seven powerful benefits of blogging for your small business. In addition, I will give you the basic knowledge of optimizing your content to boost your business growth.

  1. Copywriting/ blogging generates more traffic

All search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) ranks fresh content with high quality and relevant keywords. Publishing your copywriting is the best chance to rank your page higher on a search engine result without actually paying a search engine.


Blogging increases traffic over time

Blogging provides you the opportunity to insert relevant keywords so that the consumers land on your page and ultimately you can advertise your brand. When you start blogging, your job is to improve visibility to the search engine by publishing valuable content daily with relevant keywords. With time a search engine will rank your page and you will generate more customers for your brand.

Backlinks (linking your content by other websites) increases your domain authority and search engine algorithms will pick up your valuable content to push the ranking higher. 

  1. Keep your existing customers and welcome new customers

Copywriting is much more different than other writings like essays, articles, news, and novel. It lets you build trust and engage your readers, connect with them, and share your interests by writing it in a more conversational way. 


Increase the audience for your brand

When you write content, ask some questions, and leave a review section for them to comment and answer. Stay alert! Respond to the readers’ comments and create a strong writer-reader relationship. The audience is more convinced when you answer them. If they are asking for solutions, provide them with the best solutions and suggestions to build more trust. 

  1. You are the expert of your brand

It doesn’t make a difference how little your business is, blogging is a decent route for your business to construct trust and manage reputation. Don’t publish content that an audience will skim through and leave. Give your audience what they need. When audiences read your content, he or she should find it perfect for them. A reader will find your content significant and believe in you as an expert in that particular field. Be an expert about your brand, and provide relevant information that the audience is looking for. 


Advertise your brand as an expert

Did you hear about the Druk Heritage Tours? It is an impeccable tour company in Bhutan that garners thousands of tourists every year. It is a huge number for a small country. Their secret is digital marketing which includes blogging. Karma Dorji, the owner of the Druk Heritage Tour hired three digital marketing experts and ten proficient bloggers in 2015 and the company’s reputation expanded. The farsighted vision and clever choice made his company stand out from hundreds of Tour Companies in Bhutan.  

4. Your brand becomes popular through sharing

Blogging is cost-effective for your small business to raise validity, rank your page higher, generate more traffic, and encourage associations with potential and current clients. There is no question if copywriting is perfect for small businesses after learning these huge benefits. 


Readers share your brand through social media

Blogging valuable content opens the door for your regular visitors to appreciate and share it with others. Once you disseminate high-quality content, readers find it useful and share it with others through email, messages, and social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp). More people will be drawn to your website and it will promote and approve your brand as a believable business. 

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Now, the time has changed and the way of doing things became much more different. People don’t travel miles to tell their friend that he left his shoe when he came over. The tap on an electronic device to inform them in milliseconds. You don’t have to drive a truckload of your product to sell it. Stay home and advertise your product within minutes.

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6. Impart applicable value to your reader

The greatest advantage of a high-quality blog is that it provides incentives to the readers. Publish content for frequently asked questions, common issues, and provide a list of tips to overcome those issues.  


Share practical value content with your audience

Providing free and valuable information achieves devotion and trust by customers. Make sure to give them the best quality writing, they will obviously turn into your loyal customers. 

Engage your readers with valuable and relevant content that is more of a practical value to them. Make your company trustworthy by giving them applicable value, information, and tips that are efficient to execute in real-life situations. 

7. Wait for it! Blogging achieves long term result

Blogging is not appreciated by some businesses because of the waiting game they have to play. That’s why they spend money on paid advertising for an instant result. Once you stop paying then traffic completely stops for paid advertising. However, blogs keep generating more traffic over time. 


Blogging achieves long term result big time

It may take months or even a year for your page to become visible on a search engine but the benefit of waiting is enormous. Gradually, with customers reading your blog, the search engine algorithm will notice your page and rank higher. The outcome of blogging may not be instant but it is a groundbreaking digital marketing strategy for long term benefits.

  • Now, I will give you some basic knowledge on how to create super quality content as I promised earlier. To produce high-quality content, you need to optimize your writing.

Optimize your copywriting


Optimize your blog to drive more audience

Optimizing your blog is as paramount as writing high-quality content. With thousands of blogs online, people don’t have the time to read them all. They choose a blog that catches their eyes at an instant. A well-optimized blog will generate more traffic than high-quality content with poor optimization. Here are basic optimization tips to drive more readers to your web site. 

Heading/ Title

Headings are the first thing that the audience reads. If you have a lame and generic heading, then your content will lose clients. Here are a few things you should consider while writing a heading for your blog.

  • Your title should not be more than seventy characters
  • Include questions in your title (How to, Why, What, When, Where)
  • Write a title providing practical value to your readers (For example: How to lose weight in 30 days)
  • Write an engaging title (For example: How to make a woman fall in love with you in one minute?). 

It may seem funny but it really works. People click more on interesting titles with smile-generating labels! 

Feature Image

Feature image is the image you use below a heading. Similar to headings, the feature image is one of the important factors to drive in more readers. Insert title-relevant image as a highlight to the readers about the main content. Use a high definition image with compatible contrast to your reader’s eyes. 

Listicle blogs

People find it easier to read numbered and short content than essay type writings. Listicle blogs are viewed more because of its enhancing and reader-friendly bulleted points. 

Here are examples of the listicle blog.

  • 10.2 tips to become a perfect guitarist
  • 7 ways to play Table Tennis like Ma Lin
  • 5 easy tricks to get rid of mosquitoes in a minute

After writing your listicle heading, write details under each list to provide lucid information to the readers.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

After creating content and driving a few readers into your site, you should keep them lingering on your website. Use CTA to keep hold of your audience after reading your content. At the end of the writing, ask questions, or make the readers click on another page of your website. Design your CTA as a hyperlinked anchor text to make the reader move to the next level.

CTA is an important part of blogging

Here are examples of CTA.

  • Read more 
  • New Year special- 20 % off for January month

Conclusion: Blogging ranks your page higher on an organic search result, generates more traffic, and introduces your company and brand to a wider audience. Blogging will be the best strategy for small businesses for its’ inexpensive and unsophisticated means. Since business owners in Bhutan are struggling with marketing their brand, blogging could be the perfect strategy to advertise. Apply the basic knowledge I gave about content optimization and sign up at Blue dragon Digital Marketing Training Center if you want to learn more. You will thank me when your business growth is visible regionally and globally. 

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