8 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021.

8 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

We have come a long way in business and have reached into the world of digital. In today’s competitive world, if you want your business to survive, you need to consider so many variables, and one such is “marketing of your business” in different ways. Adopting some new and unique trends can help you generate more traffic. Keep reading and check out these eight digital marketing trends for 2021 that will take your business to the next new level. 

  1. Video Marketing

Promote your products with the help of video marketing.


Kbeautystore in Bhutan displays a short video on their Instagram about Green Tea Cleansing Water.

Video marketing is one of the best tools to advertise your business to your potential customers. Nowadays, short videos have become very trendy, and people prefer to watch lots of videos and try to imitate or buy those products shown in the video. Video marketing is the strategy that creates video involving celebrities or renowned people and letting them use the product or service that will attract the targeted customers. Video marketing helps to promote a product or service, and it also educates desired customers about the product or service. Video marketing is not so popular in Bhutan right now, but people can adopt this as a career by making videos of various companies and advertising to people.

  1. Customer Segmentation

Divide your audiences with similar characteristics to understand your customers better.

Customer segmentation is not new, and we can still apply it in 2021. Customer segmentation is all about dividing your audiences or customers into various groups by their similar characteristics. For instance, YouTube and Facebook store more data about their users, so they understand their users more. Digital marketing agency in Thimphu should take customer segmentation as an essential step because customers tend to make purchasing decisions faster than expected. A digital marketer should understand the customers in their process of purchasing decisions. They need to understand their customers’ behaviors and the way they think. 

  1. Shoppable Post on Social Media. 
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Kbeautystore posted a shoppable post on their Instagram about their cosmetic product.

Due to the pandemic, people are now shopping online. The most remarkable change happened when offline shopping was switched to online shopping or known as economic commerce. Digital marketing in Thimphu should make online shopping more enjoyable with quality content on social media. Posting shoppable content on social media can engage more customers. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for shoppable social media content or shoppable posts. Adopt this trend of shoppable posts on social media and take this digital marketing to the highest level in 2021.

  1. Voice Search in SEO

Voice search strategy will take your business to a higher level because it is comfortable and easy for the audiences.

Adopting voice search in SEO can be quicker and more comfortable. There is no way the traditional method can beat up with current voice search in SEO; that is one of the most important reasons people will adopt this trend. Many people prefer to speak instead of typing on their search engines. With many usages of voice search on SEO, digital marketers should create optimized content for it. When time is money, people don’t want to type on their search buttons; instead, they go for a more straightforward method. Adopt this voice search optimization strategy and take your business to higher levels.

  1. SEO for Visual Search 

Google offers the users to upload an image and access to relevant information.

Have you ever typed and searched on search engines and came across results that are not relevant? Try visual search that is easy and fast. The visual search takes the user to experience a new level. Searchers can now upload an image on the search engine. The search engine will show you all the results that are relevant to the pictures. SEO for visual search is another trend that you should adopt in 2021 to generate more traffics. People identify products through visual display, and through this visual search, you can also look out for information related to it. For instance, Google offers you an easy way to search for images. Users can now enter images into Google and get much information related. 

  1. Influencer Marketing
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Popular actress of Bhutan, Tandin Bidha is known as the active influencer on social media.

The concept of influencer marketing is not new. Businesses with maximum budgets have paid famous celebrities to support their products and services back then. Influencer marketing is also known as social media marketing, and it involves the influencers to help and convince the audience to purchase their products online. With most of the people in Bhutan getting engaged in social media, there should be an emergence of new marketing through online influencers in 2021. Influencers can be celebrities, but lately, Instagram and YouTube personalities successfully convince the audiences. People tend to trust their influencers more and purchase products after their recommendations. 

  1. Conversational Marketing 

Apply this conversational marketing trend to improve your business. 

Conversational marketing is a new approach to doing an online business that improves your sales on the website and improves the user’s experience. It is an automated conversation with your website visitor. Being willing to incorporate feedback into your marketing strategy and communicating with your potential customer can promote your company’s brand and encourage them to engage with your product or services. More and more companies are implementing this digital marketing. This digital marketing will be useful in Bhutan because it helps build a relationship with customers through conversation. Therefore the customer doesn’t have to go through all the forms and wait for the response. If digital marketing agencies in Bhutan use these strategies, it helps expand your customer base, develop loyal customers, and attend to your business goal.

  1. Social Media Stories

Generate more traffic on your web page through creating awareness about your products on your Facebook story.

Social media stories are growing faster than news feed sharing, and this can be used as the perfect strategy for marketing. Snapchat started with the concept of sharing ‘my story’ followed by Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Stories last for 24 hours, and this is an opportunity for you to improve your business by making correct use of these stories. Within these 24 hours, you can make people aware of your products; you can reach out to young audiences and invite more followers with a clear call to action. This marketing strategy of social media stories can benefit you. For instance, you can increase traffic to your web page and make you successful in creating more engagements with your followers. 

You have gone through all these fantastic eight digital marketing trends that you should adopt in 2021 to generate more traffic. All you need is something new and creative trends to take your business to a higher level. Blue Dragon Digital Marketing Company has some of the best latest digital marketing trends that you should check. If you want to build your career in Thimphu, you can always train from Blue Dragon Digital Marketing Company in Bhutan. It is considered one of the best digital marketing in Thimphu.

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