8 Reasons Why Email Marketing Fails

Email Marketing is the top priority for business promotions. It is an effective way to expand business, increase sales, and generate income. Over 3.9 billions people use email; 50% of the world’s population. It is the best promotional tool for  businesses to reach the world.  People often wonder why their Email marketing is not helping them to achieve their desired goals. So, I present you the 8 reasons why Email Marketing fails;

Here are 8 reasons why email marketing fails:

  1. Unpleasing Subject Lines

On average, an office worker receives 121 emails every day.  They may not have time to open all emails but they can read the subject lines. It is unlikely for someone to open an email with clichés or unappealing subject lines. The study on email marketing proved that the efficient subject line can increase opening rate by three times. 

Email Marketing focuses on subject lines to attract readers. 

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  1. No Personalization

Email subscribers are not members of a cult. It is important to segment based on their behaviors and interests. Email Marketing Industry report (2018) found out that the practice of list segmentation sees better open rates. List segmentation is sending a key, relevant and consistent message to the targeted customers. The audience can be segmented through their locations, preferable engagements or purchase histories.

  1. Sending Excessive Information 

Email Marketers aims to engage and build trust with subscribers. They must offer high quality content with simplicity. Email audiences will open exciting content. They don’t have time to read all the information; Remember, to keep it short and precise. Kickstarter is the perfect example. The corporation deals with many projects every week, but they post the best three in their weekly newsletter. Their simple, valuable, and consistent content attracts audiences. 

  1. Using Out-dated technology

technology is making easier to people

Digital marketing is changing the world at a rapid pace. Without considering technological changes, businesses wonder why their marketing  is not successful.It is important to know what other marketers are using to gain a competitive advantage.

  1. No Clear Call To Action

In Email Marketing Call to Action is the most important message for customers. It directs the recipients to take action. It helps audiences to visualise the benefits. The Call to Action must be clear, simple, and attractive. It will increase and retain customers.

Examples of CTA;

  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Free Trial of the product
  • Get started
  • Like and share on social media.
  1. Bad Timing

‘You might have delivered your message at the wrong time’

The right timing is an important factor that affects the success of an email campaign.  It must be planned properly. You must figure out the best time for  customers to open emails.  There are times when you send urgent emails and want them opened immediately. Email Marketing is most effective during evening hours It helps to avoid customers from getting lost in the sea of mail. The perfect time to send emails is during weekends (Saturday or Sunday), and odd hours.  During that time, the customers will be free and your success rate will increase by 9%.  

  1. Poor email design

Email design refers to formats, templates, fronts, and colors and attracts customers immediately. Make sure the email is designed properly with the combination of these tools.  Use email marketing software: Constant Contact, Zoho Campaign, HubSpot Marketing, Mailchimp, and Sendinblue Email.

  1. Not proof-reading the content

Proof-reading is an important writing strategy to avoid basic grammatical mistakes. 

Proof-reading software examples include; Grammarly, TrustMyPaper, Hummingway Editor, and WritingJudge.


I presented 8 reasons why Email Marketing fails. Consider those points to make a successful email campaign  or you will risk losing $10000 worth businesses.

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