What is YouTube Marketing Strategy?

  PewDiePie, most subscribed YouTuber with 156 million followers

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google. It is a great opportunity for marketers and brands to increase exposure through videos. 

It is the best marketing platform because you can increase your SEO rankings, building your traffic and brand awareness.

(Search Engine Optimization-improving the quality of website traffic through search engines).

Only 9% of companies use YouTube for marketing due to their lack of understanding on how to create contents.

Always use your company Logo for your channel so that people know what your brand looks like.

Millions of Audience

   Biggest YouTube event, VidCon Meet and Greet

Learning who your audience is and what they want to see on YouTube is key. You have to create contents they like, comment, and share. Build the community where you slowly gain trusts that will help you market your products and services. 

What you should know about your audience: 

  1. Age
  2. Location
  3. Average Income
  4. Interests

Creative Content 

Creating video content is time consuming, but it is important in visual age. People find videos to be more engaging and personal over whitepaper, eBooks and blogs. Click bait titles that don’t match your content will make viewers leave the video.  

You can create marketing content that is interesting, short, and informative just under 5 minutes. 

Watch the YouTube Channels that you follow and take notes on their techniques and layouts. 

Ask yourself: 

  • What holds your attention?  
  • What keeps you coming back to these channels?


      YouTuber Bretman Rock’s collaboration with Wet n Wild

Collaborations with YouTubers will help you reach more audiences because YouTube influencers will bring attention to your brand. 

60% of viewers are more likely to take shopping advice from their favorite YouTuber because they trust and relate with these Influencers, who can transfer that credibility to your brand. 

Trendy YouTube categories to collaborate with:

  1. Beauty community
  2. Fashion
  3. DIY (Do It Yourself)

Customized Thumbnail for Views

 YouTuber RclBeauty101 hair tutorial video that got 4.8 Million Views

Relevant thumbnails make viewers click right away and create more exposure for your channel. You can use Annotations on your videos where viewers can click and view the goods and services you market. 

Popular YouTubers use customized emojis with high quality images to get more views.

Call To Action (CTA)

CTA encourages more activities from the viewers on YouTube. Be clear and brief about key actions viewers need to take. You can add your website links, ask them to share your videos on other platforms, and tag your social media handles.

If it’s an early video ask them to like and subscribe to your channel for more content. If it’s a demo video ask them to check out your website for more information. 

Note: Early Videos are the first few videos that you create and demo videos tell a story the customers have worked on their mind.

You need to have a CTA for your viewers.

Be Consistent 

YouTube marketing strategy must be consistent in order to see results. Announce when you will post and once you identify a successful schedule, stick to it. Be consistent with quality. Check your channel’s analytics if there is a day or time with a high amount of views and traffic and post it at that day/time.

Research is The Key

Check your competitor’s subscribers, views, titles, descriptions, and key words.

Read the comments on their videos to see where they lack so you can provide better services.

It is critical as chances are the majority of their audience are your target audience.

Before you use YouTube to market ask yourself these questions:

  1. What can you do differently?
  2. Are there gaps you can fill?
  3. Why? When? How?

YouTube offers a community tab where you can interact with your subscribers, ask specific questions, create polls, and learn about their preferences and interests.

Optimize YouTube

YouTube algorithms results are arranged by titles, keywords and descriptions and it controls 70% of what you are going to watch. Optimize your videos so they show up in search results by using correct keywords, titles and description.


YouTube’s popular videos are only 33% in English. Get more publicity with built in translation tools and captions. This makes the video available to non-native speakers, people with hearing impairments and people watching it with no sound. 

Choose and offer the most top subtitle languages.

Fun Fact: YouTube has 2 billion log -ins monthly worldwide.

Stay ahead of the competition by using YouTube for marketing. YouTube is for everyone. Apply these tips and see the results faster than any other social media platforms.

Use the tactics above and make the most of YouTube’s world of digital marketing.

If you want to learn more about effective marketing tactics, click this link YouTube/marketing/strategy.com.  

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