Best SEO & Digital Marketing Agency in Thimphu, Bhutan

Best SEO & Digital Marketing Agency in Thimphu, Bhutan

Bhutan has come a long way without the internet in the late ’90s. At present, the country has changed and developed to cope with innovative technologies, that is good news.  Marketing your company through SEO and digital marketing has made access to products that are efficient and smooth. With the technology change, Bhutan’s business needs to know which agency to contact regarding SEO and Digital marketing. 

Best SEO & Digital Marketing Agency in Thimphu, Bhutan 

Creating and having a substantial online presence is needed in the digital era to stay in the game. If you do not have digital marketing strategies, you will be left behind by other competitors. getting  a proper strategic plan to use SEO and digital marketing skills is a must. With online competition, many companies have chosen  social media marketing as a means to avail assistance from SEO and digital marketing companies.

Before getting the right agency, you need to know what SEO & digital marketing is, its importance, and the best agency available in Thimphu Bhutan. 

What is SEO & Digital Marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that generates organic traffic to the company’s website. It means there will be more visitors to your site and helps you to rank higher in Google. For example, if a user visits your page and has higher search results, Google will rank your website in the first position. Whenever a person searches for an agency with Digital Marketing, search engines will show the site at the top. 

SEO & Digital Marketing important for local businesses

Digital marketing is the process of reaching a wide range of audience with the help of the internet, mobile devices, search media, and other means of social media marketing. It is the new way of marketing and approaching the customers. Digital marketing will help the business owner to cope with the evolving era of digital world. 

Why do you need SEO in Digital Marketing?

For digital marketing strategy, SEO is crucial for the company to have an online presence. The following are the reasons why SEO is needed in Digital Marketing. 

  • SEO Brings Relevant Traffic and Leads

Drive in more traffics and lead your business to top 

SEO is the key to make your website rank higher in Google with relevant keywords. With the search engine’s help, your website will drive in organic traffic and create more online presence. For example, a local company X, is a manufacturer based in Thimphu. The SEO can put your website on the top list when searched by a user. 

Getting relevant traffic to your sites can make the brand popular, have customer leads, and get paying customers. With the right keywords, it is easy to generate traffic for the sites. 

  • Good SEO Can Improve Paid Per Click (PPC)

Improve your PPC with the help of SEO

Improve your paid per click with the help of an SEO agency for your local business. A higher PPC quality will result in better advertisement performance and less cost per click. Implementing SEO to your website can advance PPC’s quality, where both the strategy goes together in digital marketing. According to a Google study, a company can improve its traffic and ads by 50% by pairing SEO and search engines. With SEO, your company can create brand awareness and improve your target audience. 

  • Interactivity

Interact with consumers to know their needs 

Digital Marketing can help your company interact with consumers through comments, reviews, and other social media posts. The interaction can help your company to have respect for your customers and create credibility in the community. Communication with customers will allow you to gather valuable information on their preferences. 

  • SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility to rank your website

Do you click on two or three pages on the result that Google displays? Trust me, not really. The user is looking for a business and doesn’t appear at the top with the related keywords; then, they won’t click. This will show that your business is not performing better in the respective fields or is irrelevant. Having a high rank in a search engine creates credibility and trust in your brand or company. The consumer trusts companies that have high positions on their website in the Google search engine. 

  • Local SEO Increases Visits and Sales

Locate you site and see the flow of consumers towards your business

SEO is essential in digital marketing to increase sales and visits from users. Google stated that about 50% of consumers who search for your business visit the store or the website. SEO can lead your customers to your company door if you have a proper office location. A good website means an online presence. This is because the consumers can find your location and avail other required information to attract them to your site. 

Best SEO & Digital Marketing Agency in Thimphu, Bhutan 

Blue Dragon Digital Marketing 

Blue Dragon Digital Marketing (BDDM) is the leading company in the field of digital marketing as well as in SEO. It is the best agency in the field of digital marketing based in Thimphu, Bhutan. Blue dragon has highly skilled employees who are experts in social media marketing channels that provide the best result for SEO and digital marketing. 

Trust Blue Dragon Digital Marketing to go digital 

BDDM has an enormous and various set of credential teams located in Thimphu Bhutan, Boston USA, New Delhi. The different services provided by BDDM are online marketing, e-commerce, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and pay per click, to name a few. With decades of social media marketing experience, BDDM is the perfect place to brand both international and local retail brands. Trust BDDM to strategize your business to go digital. 

Not only social media marketing but BDDM also aim to make the online presence of your website. BDDM have a set of principles where their partners are informed about the results with consistency. The fundamental strategy of BDDM is win-win; it provides what is promised and what is delivered. 

SELISE rockin’ Software

Rock your business with the help of SELISE rockin’ Software 

SELISE rockin’ Software Company is another leading organization in the field of digital marketing and social media marketing. It is an international company based in Zurich, Dubai, Dhaka, and Thimphu. They are engaged in the establishment of a digital platform, starting from strategy and implementing it. SELISE provides a wide range of consulting, digital marketing, custom applications, and e-commerce websites. The clients they deal with are Insurers, Retailers, Telcos, sports clubs, and advisors to keep the list short. 

SELISE rockin’ Software is an accumulation of experts who are professionals in digital marketing. 

Cyber Help India

Cyber Help India to thrive your business with SEO & Digital Marketing 

Cyber help India is another top agency with experienced Digital Marketing & SEO Company in Thimphu, Bhutan. They have a set of teams who are good at handling marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs. They are a trusted and credible company that excels on SEO strategies to make your company name appear at the top. For example, typing for Hotels of Bhutan or best travel agent in Bhutan, then your business website will appear at the top. Cyber Help India also covers social media marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to rank your website. 

Dragon Coders Pvt. Ltd

Dragon Coders to code your business in Google and market 

Dragon Coders Pvt. Ltd is a good agency for coding. They aim to provide consistent results to make the brands popular in the business. The set of experts’ in house teams, Dragon Coders thrive to boost your online presence with the tools. They have services available for your business in digital marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. 


A business without  digital marketing plans is like a man without a vision! Change your strategy now by implementing SEO and digital marketing in your business. With the evolving technologies, consumers and web-users change, and so do the algorithms of a search engine. SEO is vital for any local business here in Thimphu, Bhutan, to have an online presence. With the help of the best SEO & Digital Marketing agency in Thimphu, local businesses can achieve their goals and objectives. 

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