Marketing strategy is essential for businesses and companies to flourish in providing their products and services to the customer. Businesses without concise plans will be useless to function as it may run to loss. Many agencies in Bhutan have accomplished, and while some are still lacking behind because of marketing strategies.
Facebook is the reigning champion among all the social media platforms, with 2.38 billion users and has the highest number of active users.
Facebook is the leading social media platform for marketing, branding, and sales. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to reach, engage, and convert their prospective customers at a relatively low cost.
Instagram is a famous and fastest marketing tool for your business to brand, market, and sell.
Social media marketing uses social media platforms to increase website traffic and marketing. Social media marketing is about sharing business content on social media. As of January 2020, Facebook is the leading social media platform used for digital marketing. Other mainstream social media includes Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tiktok. Social media has become so influential and has put businesses on the map.
All marketers are competing digitally to promote businesses and brands. If you are relying solely on traditional marketing practices, you will lose a chunk of your market share. Today, social media marketing plays a vital role in advertising your products and services. Of all the social media marketing tools, Facebook marketing has a wide reach of audiences. Whether you are running a big business or selling a product, Facebook marketing is a great way to stay connected and interact with the world around you. Let us dive into 11 reasons why you should use Facebook marketing in Bhutan.