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Taking a closer dive into digital marketing

Digital marketing is the process of marketing and promoting products and services via online marketing techniques such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. Digital marketing in Bhutan is a new concept that not many are aware of. Today’s clients spend a lot of time online, whether on social media, reading news sites and blogs, or seeking a solution to a problem.

Digital marketing places you in those same channels, allowing your best prospects to see you, learn more about you, and even ask questions about you and your goods or services.

If you’re new to digital marketing, the thought of learning all of the online marketing methods employed in digital marketing may be intimidating. In reality, you’ll need to learn a variety of strategies. However, they all work together to build a foundation for your company by recruiting prospects, cultivating connections, and generating offerings to which your target audience will like and respond.

Let’s take a deeper look at how digital marketing works and the key components you should be aware of.


Digital Marketing’s Action Plan

In many ways, digital marketing resembles conventional marketing. Effective organizations establish mutually beneficial relationships with prospects, leads, and customers in both circumstances. 

To give you an example, if you are planning a vacation, the first thing you do is scour the internet for the finest places to visit, which is followed by numerous inquiries about your budget and many other related FAQs.

Whatever it was, you certainly started by exploring the internet to learn more about it, how to do it, and what your best alternatives were. Your final choice was then based on the reviews you read, the friends and family you consulted, and the solutions, features, and budget you studied, and when everything matched well, you could make a more accurate decision.

The majority of purchase choices are made online. As a result, regardless of what you sell or promote, you must have online visibility.

The idea is to create a digital marketing plan that positions you in almost all the places your audience is already present, then communicate with them in several ways utilizing various digital platforms. 

To understand it further, let’s check out the important components of digital marketing in detail.


paid search
Google Search Page Showing the Different Types of Result

Paid search is a sort of digital marketing in which search engines like Google and Bing allow advertisers to place ads on their search engine results pages (SERPs). Paid search operates on a pay-per-click approach, which means you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Compared to more traditional advertising types, this makes it a quantifiable and controllable channel of digital marketing in Bhutan.

These ads are placed on Google based on six key factors:

Bids – Using an auction framework, companies bid on keywords or phrases that are distantly relevant to their products and services. These advertisements are pay-per-click (PPC), implying that businesses only pay when their advertisements are clicked.

Ads and landing pages – Google evaluates the relevancy and utility of landing pages and awards a Quality Score to ads.

Ad thresholds include ad quality, ad location, user signals and characteristics, the topic and type of the search, and associated auctions.

Keyword popularity – If two advertisements have the same ad ranking, the one with the highest bid will win.

Context of search – The search phrase, location, time, device type, nature of the search, competing adverts, and search results are all factors.

Ad extensions – have an impact since businesses may include phone numbers and various URLs (e.g., ad extensions).

Importance of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO), the basis of successful digital marketing in Bhutan, refers to various tactics meant to improve your rank in online search results. What is your motivation for wanting to be rated first? Surprisingly, 75% of people never go past the first page of search results.

You can have the best-designed website in the world, but if it doesn’t rank on the top page, most people will never see it. While your website ranks at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), more qualified prospects will find and contact you when looking for items or services similar to yours. In other words, greater search results lead to more leads, phone calls, and income for your business.

Content marketing strategy

content marketing
The Importance Of Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the SEO tactics for small businesses, but it is not a widely used technique for digital marketing in Bhutan. Still, once you understand the benefits, you will wish you had begun using it years ago! You must include content in your digital marketing plan to improve your search rankings and assist potential consumers in discovering more about your company. If you want to generate more leads and save money, content marketing is a terrific technique for digital marketing in Bhutan since it generates three times more leads than traditional marketing. Content marketing relies heavily on high-quality content.

Quality content enables you to target keywords related to your business and answer searchers’ questions, resulting in higher rankings. When developing content, it is critical to consider both quality and depth. Is your material answering searchers’ inquiries successfully, or does it leave them with unresolved questions?

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing
Social Media Is Everywhere!

Bhutan may have a tiny population, yet 75 percent of Bhutanese prefer online shopping via Facebook and Instagram, making it a significant component of digital marketing in Bhutan. You may use social media to engage with present and future consumers and build connections with them. If they have any queries regarding your products or services, they may contact you immediately through social media.

Furthermore, social media listening enables you to identify crucial patterns and insights into consumers’ thoughts and views about your brand, industry, goods, services, and even rivals. This data can be used to inform additional methods.

Increase your social media effectiveness by reacting to comments on social media in a timely and efficient manner that makes your followers feel noticed and valued. Finally, this will assist you in building trust with your audience and encouraging them to become loyal consumers. Thus, social media marketing is a widely used component of digital marketing in Bhutan and people are learning more about it day by day.


email marketing
Gmail Is A Free Email Service Provided By Google

Email marketing, on the other hand, is the least used component of digital marketing in Bhutan. Email marketing is an excellent lead-generation approach because it allows you to follow up with potential consumers and provide them with personalized information about items or services they are interested in.

You may customize your emails depending on your subscribers’ needs and interests and send them material relevant to them using segmentation. Although email is not a popular form of digital marketing in Bhutan, you may employ a service specializing in digital marketing in Bhutan to assist you in designing your email for better results.

Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing
Bhutan: A Digitally Inclusive

Mobile marketing is the practice of promoting your company to mobile device consumers. When done correctly, mobile marketing gives customized, time-and location-sensitive information to consumers or potential customers via smartphones, allowing them to obtain what they need exactly when they need it, even if they’re on the go.

In 2017, mobile phone penetration as a proportion of the Bhutanese population reached an all-time high of 98.0 percent, proving the importance of mobile marketing in reaching your target audience and perhaps being one of the simplest ways to implement digital marketing in Bhutan.

Mobile is the future of digital marketing in Bhutan. You’re already falling behind if you don’t have a mobile marketing plan in place! 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation
Drive Conversion With Digital Marketing Automation.

Digital marketing automation is software that systematizes marketing campaign tasks such as emails, social media, blog posts, site pages, and other actions, making these duties easier and less time-consuming. Consequently, marketing automation software enables planned, creative campaigns to produce results.

Marketing automation also enables marketers to construct consistent, one-on-one cross-channel journeys that offer a consistent, linked consumer experience. One of its key goals is to give the appropriate material, at the right moment, to the right customers, fostering their faith in the brand. 

Digital marketing in Bhutan is still a relatively new concept. Still, whether you own a small or a large business in Bhutan, you will require digital marketing tactics to attract more clients. You may appear to be doing well with traditional forms, but it will not be best for your business in the long run. Get in touch with Blue Dragon Digital Marketing, one of the best digital marketers in Bhutan, for digital marketing queries and to learn how to take your business to new heights.

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