Digital Marketing For Travel Companies in Bhutan

Digital Marketing For Travel Companies in Bhutan

Digital marketing services in Bhutan
Digital marketing services in Bhutan

The importance of travel marketing has never been greater. Due to the advent of social media and influencers, the world is more visible than ever, and travelers are always on the lookout for new ideas, the next big location, and the best travel prices.

While there are many travel firms, it also means that there is a lot of competition. Standing out from the throngs of other travel firms has become difficult, which is why you need to stay up to speed on the current digital marketing best practices for the travel industry.

Importance Of Digital Marketing For Travel Companies

Importance of digital marketing in Bhutan
Importance of digital marketing in Bhutan

The majority of visitors to your website are not intending to make a purchase right now. According to Google, 55 percent of leisure travelers only take one or two trips each year, but they devote a significant amount of time and effort to planning those journeys.

Holiday shopping and booking a trip on the spur of the moment has never been easier. In fact, 71 percent of travelers plan their vacations online, 79 percent shop for their trips online, and 83 percent book their vacations online. These percentages are anticipated to rise in the coming years as more individuals choose digital travel agents over traditional travel agencies. 
This is why your travel company needs the best digital marketing company in Bhutan. A digital marketing company that provides digital marketing services in Bhutan. 

Blue Dragon’s Services For Travel Companies 

Blue Dragon, the best digital marketing company in Bhutan
Blue Dragon, the best digital marketing company in Bhutan

Blue Dragon analyzes our clients’ existing situations and devises the most effective solutions. Our tourism digital marketing professionals have a thorough grasp of the travel and tourism sector and are well-versed in the marketing strategies required by your company. 

Our strategy-building method considers your ideas and ensures that we provide digital marketing services in Bhutan that align with your objectives and address your challenges.

Here are a few services we provide as a digital marketing company in Bhutan for our travel clients. 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO for digital marketing in Bhutan
SEO for digital marketing in Bhutan

If your website does not appear high on search engine results pages, high-intent prospects will not find it. You’ll need a strong search engine optimization (SEO) plan to do this.

 Our tourism marketing specialists can help you with keyword research and optimization tactics to boost your site’s ranking and visibility online.

2.Local SEO 

Local SEO for visibility
Local SEO for visibility

Local SEO is a strategy for improving the visibility of your business listing in location-based search results. Our tourist digital marketing agency knows how to use local SEO strategies to increase foot traffic to your physical location or point of sale.

3. Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization
Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization boosts the percentage of website visitors to customers or, more broadly, does any desired action on a web page. It is frequently referred to as CRO. 

Conversion optimization is critical since it allows you to reduce customer acquisition costs by maximizing the value of existing traffic and users.

Your travel company can boost income, acquire more customers, and grow your business with our conversion optimization. 

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is supreme

The value of content marketing (CM) in digital marketing in Bhutan stems from its capacity to boost the number of high-quality traffic to your website. Content reigns supreme in raising awareness and producing high-quality leads, both of which are necessary for healthy sales growth. 

Content marketing is one of the effective ways to drive traffic to your website and is cost-effective! 

5. Video Content 

Video Content
Video marketing

Video content is another tool that makes a huge difference in visually showcasing your travel company to your existing and future customers. 97 percent of customers understand your business better through video content. Video content is now used by 81 percent of companies.

13 percent of the traffic is made up of live videos, and 90% of customers say that watching a video will help them make a purchase choice.

Facebook and Instagram Live Videos, interview-style videos, and informative videos with animation are popular video formats. 

6. Analytics-Driven Marketing 

Data driven marketing
data driven marketing

Blue Dragon is a digital marketing company in Bhutan that is analytics-driven. Our experience helps us understand the trends in the travel world. We collect and use the information to drive our marketing strategies. Blue Dragon will help enhance the customer search experience and improve your business by leveraging algorithms and machine learning. 

Our team of experts targets the right customers through optimized ad sprints and marketing messages, which will increase your ROI. 

The world has become more visible than ever, and travelers are always looking for their next destination. Stand out from the throngs of other travel companies in Bhutan and get in touch with Blue Dragon-the best digital marketing company in Bhutan. We offer various digital marketing services in Bhutan and formulate digital services for different business needs.

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