Do you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Do you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

 Search engine optimization for your online business growth

Over a billion searchers performed every day on Google about products or services or any other queries. If you have been in an online business for a long time or even if you have just started, then the term SEO might have popped up a couple of times. 

SEO is composed of multiple aspects, and recognizing what they are and how they work helps understand why SEO is so important. Simply put, SEO is crucial because it makes your website more accessible, and that means more targeted visitors and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers, resulting in increased sales. Both consumers and businesses benefit from it since it connects searchers with the most relevant material. Since the searcher is provided with meaningful data, they can make an informed decision during their consumer engagement cycle, which benefits both the consumer and the business.

Even if you haven’t got the slightest clue about what SEO is, you will have prominent and easy actionable items that you can implement into your website right away. 

SEO is the step of optimizing your website and webpage to get free, organic traffic from search engines like Google. The search engines constantly scour the web for new content and try to make sense of it.  Your website appears in these results as affected by the words you use on your site and other factors. So let’s say that you want to search something on ‘digital marketing agency in Bhutan,’ and then Google will search through many sites and extract pages that contain your keywords or closely related words. It is important to note that search results are not returned in any random order. Google tries to order the most relevant results first by using complex algorithms, and they are so good at this that we don’t even have to click through the second page of the search results. The objective of a search engine is to find the searcher precisely what they are looking for online. 

If you are a beginner at SEO, and if your question is if you need Search Engine Optimization, then the answer is YES! This blog will walk you through a better understanding of how SEO can help your online business evolve. 

SEO steps

Here are the curtail steps involved in SEO strategy

Step 1- Keyword research

Keyword Research For SEO

Keywords are terms or phrases that a consumer types into a search engine to locate online information. Businesses can use keywords to interact with prospects that are searching for their products and services. Finding relevant keywords that people are searching for and seeing how these search queries fit your business is the first and most important strategy for your online business. Keywords must be thoroughly researched, properly selected, and strategically inserted into your content. The simple way to find relevant keywords is to put you in the shoes of a potential customer. Many SEO keyword tools provide rich data on Google searches where you can find relevant and high-ranking keywords based on country, geographical location, or a specific region.

Step 2- On-page SEO 

On-page SEO for your business

Now that you have your relevant keywords, it’s time to optimize your webpage and create relevant content according to that. This phase is commonly referred to as On-page SEO. It is curtailing to note that you should never try to trick Google by using keywords that don’t belong. Your priority should be to optimize and help provide answers to what people are searching for; because they are the ones that bring in traffic to your website. It would be best if you also avoided keyword stuffing, because they do more harm than good. 

Optimize your title tags and meta description, which are the text and description you see when you look at the Google search results. The purpose of these is to entice someone to click through your page. If people are clicking through your page, then it is telling Google that your page is relevant to why they searched for the query in the first place.  You can say something like ‘Blue Dragon Digital is the best online marketing agency that provides effective strategies for SEO Bhutan’ in the meta description. If I were the consumer in this instance, I would want to know how Blue Dragon can help provide SEO strategies for my business. 

The final step of on-page SEO is the most important, which is the page’s actual content. You can start by adding images, possibly your business’s services, and even testimonials from your previous loyal customers. Don’t forget to add the keywords because they will help your website rank higher on the search results page. 

The last thing you should do is to include your primary keywords phrase in the URL of the page. 

Step 3- Offpage SEO

Off-page SEO with link building

The off-page SEO strategy is often referred to as linked building, which is the process of getting other websites to link to your web pages. Basically, with links, your website can get vouched by other people saying that your business is reliable and good at what you do; and that they trust you to send their audience to your website. For instance, think about how you would recommend your friend buy a product from a particular store because you have personally had a good experience with it. The more quality backlinks you can get from relevant pages, the higher your rank on the search results. 

To get quality backlinks, you have to make your outreach campaigns more effective and successful. You can do that by extending out to genuinely interested in the work you do. The secret here is to contract them with the idea that benefits them as well, so it’s a process of giving and taking. Offering a guest post with a non-competing niche is where you can start because blogging helps you provide hands-on content that can solve your prospective customers’ problems. 

So there you go; these are the steps involved in SEO that can definitely help grow your business in the long run. Remember that your objective is to help Google determine whether or not your page is relevant to a user’s search query by providing adequate information. In other words, sites with the best information will rank better and succeed. 

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