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Email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent. It is an incredible 3,800% ROI (Return of Investment) that makes email marketing the inexpensive means of digital marketing strategy. It incorporates sending business proposals, commercial advertisements, and newsletters. It is important not to abuse email advertising without the correct strategies or else the emails will be spammed!

Compelling email titles

Email opening rates based on the title

People judge emails by the titles. Personalized emails with catchy titles are likely to be opened. Clear titles help individuals to navigate through your email.

Wonder why your email is ignored? 

Titles are vital for initial impressions on your email recipients.
Here are a few proven tips for crafting compelling titles for your email.


Titles with benefiting statements work best. However, keeping mysterious titles in the interest of the targeted audience also has a higher click-through rate.
Ex. How to generate passive income from home?


Creatively and strategically phrased urgency in titles compels the people to read your email. Ex. It’s now or never!

3. Personalised Offer
People are overwhelmed while the email is personalized with their names, interests, and offers. It increases the possibility of your email to be read.
Ex. 50% Discounts on all your favorite dishes, only for you, Mr. James!

4. Relevance and consistency

Email subscribers are eager for new content and updates of your products or services. It is crucial to engage them with relevant content consistently. 

Email Images

Spams in only-image emails

Images are an essential aspect of convincing the clients of your products and services. However, it’s challenging for marketers when the email clients block the images to secure them from spammers. In 2014, Google automated the image for readers via their secure proxy servers, which helped the marketers. Here are essential techniques for marketers to deal with blocked images.

1.Never send only image-emails

Some marketers are inclined to send emails containing only images (image-emails) that will be automatically directed to the spam folder. Instead, include relevant images with the right description for marketing and convincing your audience.

2.Use “alt” text
Using the alternative text with a short description for images still serves the purpose as it interests the readers to click and view it.
Note* The “alt” text must be vertically aligned with the image. (use line-height or text-alignment)

3. Bulletproof the Call to Action (CTA) Buttons
Call to Action directs the customers towards the objective of the email. The aim of emails can be selling products, engaging customers, or collecting data. CTA must be distinctly recognizable to be clicked.
CTA buttons with live text and background color are called bulletproofed. It is distinct, attractive, and unblockable by recipients.

4.Whitelisting welcome
The welcoming email to subscribers must be convincing enough to whitelist (Listing your email to the safer side)  your email. It prevents your future emails and images from blocking.

Email Journeys (welcoming series)

Current email journey or customer journey

Competitive advantage is crucial to the success of marketing, branding, and sales. An “email journey” is more than a relevant keyword or creative content. It includes a better understanding of your leads and automatically targets them on specific triggers.  Email journeys are an essential factor for a successful email campaign.

The journey starts with the initial inquiry emails from a customer or the first promotional email sent to a lead. The next email probably triggers the tips for conversions.

To start the email journey, pull “Automation” in a campaign monitor and click “Create a new journey.”

Note**  Email journeys only activate on certain triggers: specific dates, activity, and subscriptions.

Triggered Emails

The dependency of Triggered Email

Triggered Emails are an automated reaction to specific behavioral patterns. It shows the company’s reliability and trust to the subscriber.

These are the types of commonly triggered emails.

  1. Welcome email

This email is vital for welcoming subscribers. It usually contains gratitude for subscribing and commitment to valuable content.

  1. Abandoned cart emails

It retargets the people who visited the page and left with unclear reasons. Google Analytics tool helps in analyzing the customer’s journey and retargeting with improved products and services.

  1. Birthday or occasion emails

The dating events are vital for advertising discounts and special offers with warm wishes. Personalized dates affect the most. (birthday, earlier purchase dates, subscribing date)

  1. Transactional email

In e-commerce, transactional email confirms the payments and purchase orders. It also provides the links to track the shipment of your product.

Differentiating abandoned checkouts and abandoned carts

Analyzation and iteration tools (google analytics)

These terms are easily understandable through eCommerce business modules. Adding the product to the cart and leaving is called cart abandoned, whereas leaving without completing the checkout process is called abandoned checkouts.

Reviewing the abandoned checkouts enables the marketer to understand their flaws, recover the email, and retarget their potential clients. Adding limited offers or setting up urgency reduces abandoned checkouts.

Consolidating the reasons for abandoned checkout and recovering their emails increases the “ list growth” for improved retargeting and conversions.

Email Newsletters

Sample of a well-designed email newsletter

Email newsletters are a common, cost-effective strategy to connect with your audience in email marketing. It promotes new products, updates news, and engages your leads. It is written in various ways for different purposes, and there is no limitation for the type of content. The primary purpose of the email newsletter is to connect with your audience 

and keep them engaged in your business.

Here are a few guaranteed tips for the best email newsletters.

  1. Know the insights of your readers and define a clear goal of your newsletter.
  2. Format the width and height of the newsletter to fit the browser without having to scroll.
  3. A dynamic newsletter for all the browsers.
  4. Newsletters must have a catchy title in “header,” good content in “main,” and  CTA or social links in “footer.”
  5. Analyze the results and iterate accordingly. (click through rates, audience preference)

Wrap up

The flow chart of email marketing

Email marketing is an essential cost-effective digital marketing strategy in reaching a wider audience, generating leads and conversions.

Failing to implement the above-proven strategies in your email marketing is the direct collapse of your email campaign.

Are you struggling to get better results via email marketing?
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