Facebook Marketing in Bhutan: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Digital Marketing in Bhutan is the new norm of ads delivery on the internet unlike traditional methodologies: door to door marketing, TV, radio, and newspaper advertisement. Digital Marketing strategies help to attract potential clients with low cost in a short period of time.

Business in Bhutan

Facebook for Business

Bhutan’s gradual advancement in technology and innovation necessitates businesses in adapting to Digital Marketing. Social media marketing is one of the easiest, effective, and widely used digital marketing strategies among: Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Email marketing, Content marketing, and Affiliate marketing. 

Facebook marketing in Bhutan is a relevant social media platform for advertisement as the majority of Bhutanese are on Facebook. Reaching a wider audience makes it easy for marketing, branding and sales however, most people fail to use it correctly.

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01.Creating a facebook business page

                                                Choosing the type of facebook page

The Company’s page on facebook is vital for advertisement, brand awareness, connecting with customers and driving traffic to the website. Steps to create facebook page:

  1. Click create new page (facebook.com/pages/create.)
  2. Select the page type and business category. 
  3. Fill the required information. (brand name, description, contact information, good profile picture and cover photo)
  4. Click Create Page

Note* an admin can assign page roles and customize the page anytime as per the business needs.

02. Fundamentals of facebook posting

 Facebook posting

Facebook posting is essential to show the activeness of the businesses and advertise to the public. Follow these steps to enhance your facebook post!

  1. Scheduling  frequent posts to legitimize your business to your followers. 
  2. Develop a trending and creative content. (use of good captions, photos & videos)
  3. End post with the conversion call or drive traffic to your website. (call to action)
  4. Make sure to publicize your post. (Privacy setting)

03. Facebook page performance analysis

Viewing the facebook page insights

It is always wise to analyze the Facebook Page insights and audience insights to know the engagements of followers, viewers, and the ads performance. These data will help in improving the content for future posts and ads to bring better results. Wondered on viewing the facebook Page Insights?

  1. Go to your page and click “Insights” from the top menu.
  2. Analyze the graphs and infographics.

04. Essentials of Facebook ads

Facebook ads displayed

Facebook ads are key  for  facebook marketing for better conversions, it is targeted to specific individuals or organizations referring to their interest, location, and age groups. Things to know about Facebook ads:

  1. Proper budgeting and scheduling. 
  2. Visualizing clear objectives. 
  3. Formatting attractive visuals and desirable content. (image, good caption and Call to action)
  4. Managing and reviewing ads campaigns.

05. The Facebook ads policy, Solutions to the rejected ads!

Facebook security and ads policy

There are a set of protocols to be followed while creating an ad in Facebook to save the people from scams, prohibited content and unhealthy dialogues. Ads will be rejected if it is beyond those protocols. Things to note while creating a Facebook ad:

  1. Avoid personal attributes and deceptive content.
  2. Don’t use discourteous language.
  3. Omit unusual characters and fonts.
  4. Have clear objectives and call to action.

06. Facebook Tools for communication

Essential Facebook Marketing Tools

Facebook provides several tools to advertise the content and to communicate with the followers. These are the communication tools to use in Facebook marketing.

  1. Posting a short visual on “stories” quickly gives results within 24 hours.
  2. Experience ecommerce business modules by listing the product on “Shop”.
  3. Create “Events” to invite people for engagements in advance.
  4. Answer the client inquiries in “Messenger”. (via text, call or video conference)

Facebook Marketing in Bhutan

Facebook Marketing Concept

Facebook marketing in Bhutan has great potential for better results as the Bhutanese are inclined to search for goods and services on Facebook. Currently, only few public figures and sales groups are active on facebook. Businesses own Facebook Page but their activeness and the ads campaign is inconsistent. 

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