Facebook Marketing in Bhutan.

Facebook Marketing in Bhutan.

11 reasons to use Facebook marketing in Bhutan.

11 reasons why you should choose Facebook marketing in Bhutan. 

All marketers are competing digitally to promote businesses and brands. If you are relying solely on traditional marketing practices, you will lose a chunk of your market share. Today, social media marketing plays a vital role in advertising your products and services. Of all the social media marketing tools, Facebook marketing has a wide reach of audiences. Whether you are running a big business or selling a product, Facebook marketing is a great way to stay connected and interact with the world around you. Let us dive into 11 reasons why you should use Facebook marketing in Bhutan.

What is Facebook Marketing?

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Before looking into the reasons for Facebook marketing, understand what Facebook marketing is.

Facebook marketing refers to creating and actively using a Facebook page as a communications channel to maintain contact and attract customers. Facebook actively provides direct communication and allows users to create individual profiles, business pages for companies, organizations, or any group attempting to develop a fan base for a product, service, or brand.

Reason One.

Attracts large audience

Huge number of people use facebook.

Facebook has more active users compared to any other social networks and these users are active on Facebook daily.  Bhutan had 59.7% of its entire population active on Facebook as of June, 2020. So, imagine the social influence you can achieve in terms of advertising your products, building more interactions with customers, brand awareness and much more. Sign in now, switch to Facebook marketing, and promote yourself and your business.

Reason Two 

Choose a targeted audience.

Facebook helps you find your target audience.

Do you wish to target an audience for your product? Facebook allows you to target your customers based on their demographics and interests. For example, you want to advertise hair extensions, your targeted audience should be women, aged 25 to 45, whose focus will be only on “hair extensions”. This way, use Facebook to advertise various products, ranging from fashion to beauty products. Using ads on Facebook can easily help you in your marketing process.

Women between the ages of 25-40, interested in fashion and men in their 20s interested in clothing. 

Reason Three

Budget friendly Facebook

Facebook charges fewer expenses to advertise your product or services.

Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy. Spend less and advertise more of your products on Facebook. Promote your small business by creating a business page free of cost and upload your contents. Compared to other social networks, Facebook costs the least while advertising your products and services to a wide range of audiences. 

Reason four

Share basic information about your business

          Share basic information about your business on Facebook and help promote your business.

Facebook is a platform where you can share basic information about your company. You can add your name, contact details, and description of your product and services. You can also share your events held in the company and some aspects of the business on your Facebook post. This activity creates an interest in the mind of the users about your company and helps to attract more followers for your business.

You can also share the details about the location of your business and its neighbourhood through facebook.

Reason five

Share pictures, videos, and tag them to promote your sales. 

Upload pictures and videos on your Facebook page to increase your customers and tag them in the pictures to promote your business.

Upload pictures and videos of your products on Facebook to help your customers develop interest. Business-related pictures and videos allow the customers to view your products directly on the page and it consumes less time.  It is a powerful way to communicate value to your audience. 

Facebook also allows the users to ‘tag’ photos that help promote your business. For example, Indique Hair Extension Company posts pictures of new hair extensions worn by their customers on their Facebook page. They invite and tag each customer in the photo. The tagged picture shows up on their Facebook page, allowing other new customers to follow and like.  These new customers then share further, promoting your products in markets 

Reason six

Connect and promote through messenger!

Facebook messenger can be used for messaging business talks. 

Unlike email marketing, messenger marketing develops a better connection between the marketer and his customers. It’s easy to talk and share about your business by creating a group with a targeted audience. Through the use of messenger, the marketer gains trust and engages your customers about your products and services.  

Here are some features that you should try in your business via messenger:

  1. Auto responds/ comment guards.

               A user commented and received an auto response.

When someone comments on your business post, they will receive a  message from you. Once they reply to your message, you will receive their information from responses and have permission to send messages. Marketers use this comment guard because it is free of cost and it helps the buyers make decisions. If a post gets more number of comments, Facebook will prioritize the post in the newsfeed. This will help you achieve more engagement. 

  1. Direct Contact

Japan’s Market provides a ‘send message’ button for the users to send messages to know more about his business.

It is a Facebook ad where a “send message” button is offered to the users. The user sends you a message and asks about the product directly from you on Facebook messenger. The sender becomes a part of your contact list. This way the customer is more convinced about the product you are featuring.

Reason seven

Promote your business with the ‘Like’ button.

Ask your customer to Like and share your Facebook page and increase your business.

Promote your business, by encouraging users to click the ‘like and share’ button on your Facebook page. Users can view your latest updates on their Facebook walls. Once they like and share your business page it will connect to other followers. This way you can reach more viewers.

Reason eight

Facebook increases traffic to your website. 

How to Use App Links to Deep Link on Facebook | The Branch Blog

You can add your website link on your Facebook page.

Facebook marketing has an advantage in increasing traffic to your website. Sharing a link on your Facebook page helps you gain more traffic. 

Include a link on your Facebook page making it easy for people to know about your business and products. 

Reason nine

Benefits of carousel ads.

Facebook carousel ad

Carousel ads are formats that combine multiple images or videos into single ads. Facebook carousel ads play an important role in promoting your business because they appear visually interactive and appealing. They engage the customers by capturing their attention with the moving carousel showing multiple products at once, displaying different features.

Reason ten

Facebook paid search.


Facebook paid search helps your business reach a wide range of customers.

Paid search allows advertisers to display ads about their products or services on search engines.  The advantage of using paid search is you only pay when the users click on the ads.

Implementing paid search in Bhutan through Facebook can help your business reach more customers and increase your sales. 

Reason 11

Facebook search has multiple search advantages. 

Facebook search result showing the best dumpling restaurant in Bhutan. 

Facebook search offers multiple search advantages when a user searches for the ‘best dumpling restaurant in Thimphu’. It offers them many options that pop up on their screen with the restaurant’s address, pictures, videos, and contact details. Facebook search will also show users the best dumpling restaurant in Bhutan that your friends have liked and shared. 

Reason Twelve

Customer Care

Miniso Bhutan has a page that enables its customer to contact the page admin regarding the new collections and queries.

The businesses in facebook can closely deal with customers and immediately respond to their queries. Your valued customer will probably seek details about your business and it is your responsibility to reply to each one of them. This increases credibility and promotes your business by building relationships with the users. 

In case of negative comments or messages, respond quickly, apologize and ask the customer to contact you so that both parties can find a solution. 

With these 12 simple reasons for Facebook marketing, I am sure you have already decided to create a Facebook page for your business.

Explore Facebook and find yourself a helping hand in taking your business to the next level and get the upper hand in your market. Your business will receive the right information and attract optimal numbers of customers with just a little bit of effort from yourself. All you need to do is consider the above mentioned reasons and market your business safely and reasonably through Facebook.

If you plan on becoming a successful businessman with Facebook marketing. Click on these three links for free guides and easy steps to Facebook marketing strategy.




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