How Digital Marketing Can Help Bhutan Tour Operators

How Digital Marketing Can Help Bhutan Tour Operators

               Make use of digital marketing tools to compete with competitors 

Doing business in a traditional way is not suitable any more. To stay in the game you need to upgrade your strategy for marketing. Instead of traditional marketing, you should start using  digital marketing strategy for your business. With advance in technology, tour operators in Bhutan can attain great benefits from using digital marketing tools. 

Understand what digital marketing is, why t make use of it, and ways to utilize it for the best.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of marketing your product or services through high-tech devices.  Digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing slowly but surely. It has tremendous help for the tour operators in Bhutan because it promotes and reaches the information right away to any customers around the world.

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         Understand what digital marketing is and tools to market you business

With the use of digital platforms, the advancement in technology has made it easy to communicate through tablets, mobile phones, iPods, and other devices. This means of communication has become very popular around the world. 

Why the need to make use of Digital Marketing.

These days’ people are surrounded by the gadgets that provide any information they want. If you walk in town you see people bending their head down into their smartphones.  

In this digital world, it is proved that businesses in the travel and tourism industry perform better. If a tour operator doesn’t use digital marketing platforms then they will be left behind. As per the number of people using smartphones is 3.5 billion worldwide. This is great news for the tour operator to start their business online.

Top reasons why Travel & Tourism industry should use Digital Marketing

  • Wider audience

    Wider audience are reached instead of target audience

It is easy to engage with customers these days because wherever they are you can get in touch. Through this platform you can understand what customers expect before asking for your services. If your customers are happy, they will come again and spread about your tour to other people.

  • Google ranking
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                              Stay on top when people search in Google

Your customer will search for tour operators in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, for the “best place to travel?” With this in mind, tour operators should invest in SEO techniques in order to get a higher rank in Google. Through search engines you can boost your business ranking in Google and customers look for the best tour operator that appears at the top three of all the pages. 

  • Communicate through social media

Social media has become the easiest platform to handle customer queries. Not only customer queries, but you can also provide information regarding your tour operating services. With the help of social media, you can advertise your business not only to your targeted audience, but show exclusive travel offers. 

                   Means of social media tools to reach your customers 

In social media, customers will post reviews and comments about their experience with your business. Considering those posts, you can make better plans for future and exchange information. With good feedback to customers, tour operators can improve their service. 

  • Encouraged by the advanced tech – eager customers

With modern technology it has become easy for people to travel from one end to the other end in an hour of flight. For example, if you are staying in Los Angeles you can travel to Asia to see the lands that you only see in brochures, and movies.  People travel to other countries to experience and explore their culture and traditions, see things that they have not seen, and for a lifetime experience.

                      Excite your customers through video streaming and vlogs

Advanced technology like vlogs and live streaming gadgets has made it easier for people to experience the travelers’ time. People can lie on their house and see people hiking to Paro Taktsang or people wearing national attire and this inspires them to travel to the destination.

  • Provide next level travel offers

You can collect and analyze the data through digital marketing and digital tools. Tour operators can interact with customers and collect the data from your sales and the service duration provided. With help of this data, you can improve your service to provide personalized experience and identify negativity of your service. After analyzing the data, you can understand your customer better and provide next level travel deals. 

                     Make extravagant travel offers to attract customers

Utilizing Digital marketing strategy for best 

The marketing department and tour agency should make use of the digital marketing strategy effectively. 

Tour operators should implement the following digital marketing strategies to perform better. If the strategies are utilized effectively then you can make an online presence about your travel business and customers can access without problems. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a key aspect in digital marketing because travelers search for destinations online for their next holiday. Your tour agency can be the one to provide this offer if you have effective use of the SEO strategies.

 To appear on top you need to use the right keywords. Customers type keywords that best describe their interests and your business must tap into those when users are searching for them. 

  1. Email marketing strategy

                    Email marketing to reach your wider audience from anywhere

Email marketing strategy is a direct approach to market your travel business. Through email you can get your messages directly onto the palm of your audience.  It is proved by research that the chance of people viewing your email is 70%. 

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Before making a trip, travelers will look on search engines for their next destination and if your tour agency has the right keywords then they will find you. 

Constant updates of SEM needs to be done to find the right words to make sure your tour company is visible when they search. 

  1. Web Design & appealing concept

A good website is a must with a developed content that is informative, attractive and colorful to engage potential travelers to stay on your site. This strategy can get your messages passed to your audiences. 

  1. Social Media Marketing 

Social media is one of the targeted marketing strategies for a tour agency. Millions of people join social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and snap-chat every minute and it is the best option to market your tour company and be active. 

     Social media marketing tool to easily interact with your potential customers

  1. Online marketing 

You should also focus on doing online marketing with your digital marketing plan. Complete benefits can be achieved with its help and reach a wider audience. If you have an online presence then you can operate your tour company from anywhere. 

  1. Internet marketing 

Due to the internet you can grab ample opportunities for your tour company because a big or small time operator can be found in the internet without problems. 

     Make online presence and start selling your services through online marketing

  1. Digital online advertising

Digital online advertising should be a targeted marketing strategy for your tour agency. This strategy is the best way to market your company. 

  1. Internet video marketing

With advanced technology, digital marketing platforms can bring you the experience of traveling through videos of the destinations, inspiring them to book the ticket. 

           Key tool to market your business through internet video marketing 

Video marketing strategy is one of the best plans to market your tour company and show through video that it is worth their money.

  1. Content marketing

You should describe the holiday destinations with good content in order to influence your travelers to make a trip. After having a good content, distribute your content in different directories to increase your online existence. 

  1. Word of mouth 

Word of mouth is an effective means of marketing strategy because prospective customers can be influenced or make decisions with the help of this option. 

              Powering your digital dreams, take your business ahead

Potential travelers are eager to make plans to travel for their next holiday, make this happen, your company’s website needs to be visible on online platforms. To meet this requirement your company should be utilizing these digital marketing tools effectively. With help of digital marketing strategies you can get better Google rank and reach out to a wider audience. 

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