How to Advertise On Google?

How to Advertise On Google?

How To Advertise on Google and Earn More Traffic

Advertise on Google for beginners

Believe it or not, “pharmaceutical companies spend more money on advertising than on research.” When pharmacies could spend a lot on advertising, you should spend time or money, or even both, to advertise your products and services. You can promote your business and reach out to many audiences on Google through organic ways and paid ads. Advertising is the best means to expand your reach and build a bigger community. This article will show you how to advertise on Google for free and also through paid ads.

How to Advertise on Google for Free?

Advertise on Google for free

You must have heard about paid ads on Google, but did you know that there are ways to advertise your business on Google without paying a penny. The result may not be instant like paid ads, but these five means of advertisement will achieve the result better in the long run. Free advertising includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques like Guest Blogging, content marketing, and website optimization. Learn the five ways today and advertise your business on Google and save your money for tomorrow!

  1. Rank your Content on Organic Search Results
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Advertise your brand through regular content

Content marketing is possibly the best way to advertise your brand on Google for free. Most consumers use Google to find solutions, answers, and valuable services, so feed them regularly with what they need. Without regular content, you could lose your customers in a flash while providing answers and solutions that will keep your clients engaged. The only way to keep your customers and generate potential customers is through publishing valuable content regularly. 

  1. Create a Google My Business (GMB) Account 
How to use Google My Business

Create a GMB account for your Business

Want to get free exposure on Google? Create a Google My Business (GMB) account for your brand. It is a free service from Google to every local business. After creating an account, your brand has more chances to appear on local search results. You have a high probability of generating more traffic, with your brand being more visible to users. If your customers are satisfied with your services, they will give a review on GMB, and that will, in turn, help you in ranking your page.

Remember these points when you create a GMB account;

  • Add images of your business.
  • Give accurate and latest information about your business.
  • Make your business address visible on a home page.
  1. Add a Location On Contact Us Page
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Give a location for your business on via Google map

Give a precise location of your business using a Google Map on your page. It makes your business more authentic and gives the customer the exact place to visit your store. This point is the easiest to advertise on Google for beginners.

  1. List Your Products on Google Shopping
How to Easily List Products on Google Shopping With

List your products on Google Shopping

Google shopping was a paid advertising platform until 2020. Now you can list your products on Google shopping at zero cost. First, create a Google merchant account. Then create a product feed and submit it to Google Merchant Center. Once you submit your product feed and are approved by Google, your products will be eligible to appear for related searches across all Google properties (Google shopping tab, Google search results, and Google images).

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a tactic for advertising products that will help you reach a wider audience. Find a high-authority website that will publish your blog on their site. Because guest posting is a win-win situation, most websites will accept your offer. The website will have a valuable piece of material to share with its followers, while you will have the opportunity to present yourself to a new audience. There are websites where you can share your blog post by paying, but many free websites will be willing to post valuable content.

How to Advertise on Google through Paid Ads?

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Paid Ads for an instant result

Paid Ads are an online advertising method where you pay Google to display your brands on a Google search result. Your brands will be displayed on search results right on top above the organic search result, so it increases your brands’ visibility. Paid Ads are an easy solution for those businesses who want an instant result. It is also the easiest way to advertise on Google for beginners. If you are new to the business world and unsure about reaching customers, Paid Ads will be your best solution. Google ranks your product based on keywords, and keywords are significant for paid advertising. However, Google will not rank your product on top just by paying. Other bidders are bidding for the same keywords. You have to win the bid, but spending a huge amount is not the only answer. You have to show Google metrics that your product is competent for ranking on top. Follow these steps, and Google metrics will recognize your product as the best among bidders.

Step 1: Set your target

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Define your goals 

What is your primary goal for advertising? What is the intent of your products and services? Make sure you have a defined aim in mind for promoting your brand. Setting a defined goal is the primary step to set up your Google Ads. State the purpose of your product clearly and precisely so Google algorithms and users can understand your business.

Step 2: Identify Your Audience

Getting to know your audience: how and why you should - Further

Know your audience

When you are advertising on Google, it is always helpful to think about who would want to see your ads. Not just while promoting, targeting your audience is a crucial factor to consider even before starting your business. Targeting your audience is not so easy! You have to understand their behavior, habits, and lifestyles. How old are they? What devices do they use? What trends do they follow? Who will be interested in your products and services? Ask these questions and find the answers – then you will be able to narrow down your potential customers.

Step 3: List Your Target keywords

Have you heard of Google Ads Keyword Planner? Get started with the software to generate the most relevant keywords. When choosing your keywords, get into users’ shoes and think of how they would search on Google. What words do they enter on a Google Search Tab?

Step 4: Create User-Friendly Ads

The quality of your ads depends on user experience and the landing pages you offer. Google determines the quality of your ads based on user experience and landing page. So, don’t forget to optimize your ads and landing pages. 


No product or services sell better without advertising on Google these days. Advertisement is the ultimate solution to generate more traffic and customers. If you have your products and services ready, it is time for you to promote and make your brand visible worldwide. 

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