How to Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency

How to Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is excellent for businesses because it helps acquire more traffic and improve sales by reaching people interested in your products and services. It’s better to choose a digital marketing agency over an in-house marketing team because it becomes difficult to keep up with marketing trends. 

Looking for the right digital marketing agency can be tricky because anyone can advertise themselves as an entrepreneur online with a website. This makes choosing ten times harder. Here are a few ways that help you while choosing the right digital marketing agency and reach your target audience.

Establish your business’s marketing needs

                                        Understand your business requirements

Before you start your search for the best digital marketing agency, you have to establish your business’s needs, what you want out of it, and how much you are willing to spend. Understanding your needs helps narrow down your choices without wasting resources. Once it’s done, you are ready to search for the best marketing agency for your business.

Find an agent that meets your needs.

Find the perfect agent that meets your needs

Start your search by assessing the packages agencies are offering; make sure they have the potential to meet your demands and requirements. Take their strategy into consideration and their price. Spending on agents that don’t meet your needs is a waste of your resources. 

Research the digital marketing agency 

Do your research on the digital marketing agency

Before you approach the agency, it’s essential to carry out background research. Many agencies promise results, but only a few come through on their promise. Look at their past works and what they have achieved if you are looking for someone to push content marketing, check how they are running their blogs. If it is for social media, look into how they handle the agency’s social media platforms. The same rule applies for SEO, checks their ranking on Google, are they the first in the search result? What is the success rate? Don’t forget to go through their reviews and ask your friends. 

Pro Tip: Be careful with overseas digital marketing agencies because they may charge lesser than onshore agents, but you might end up with poor service. 

Always ask questions

Ask the right questions to know more about the agency

Asking the right question helps you get information about the agency. Here are the questions that you should be asking when you approach a marketing agency. 

  1. What kind of result can your firm promise?

Note: Keep in mind that your results might take longer if you are in a competitive market. 

  1. How are the results and return on investment measured? 

 Learn how the results are measured and what kind of ROI your business will receive from them, so you know what to expect. 

  1. Ask to see some sample campaigns.

Always ask to see a campaign sample or something that they have done in the past relevant to your brand. Ask for successful cases; check how effective they are with their marketing. 

Note: look for click-through rates and bounce-rates.

  1. Ask who will be leading your campaign. 

 It’s important to know who will be making your company better. Depending on your business’s needs, you may require different teams who have experience in other digital marketing bodies. Check success rates of individuals.  

  1. Ask them about their previous clients. 

You have to know if the agency works for only one kind of industry or has experience in different sectors. Learning about the digital marketing agency’s clients will tell you a lot of them as a company. It’s better to partner with a Swiss army knife than a one-trick pony. 

  1. What project management tools do they use?

After you’ve learned about what they do and who they are, take a close look into how they function. This helps you know where your money is being spent.

  1. How many times will we be communicating?

Agencies have different methods of communicating; ask them how frequently they will be meeting. It’s crucial you know this because you will probably need someone to be on call when you have questions and ideas. You have to communicate your expectations before getting into business with them.

  1. How much content will they produce?

Ask the agency what kind of content they will produce and how much per month. There are two types of content; short and long-form. Short-form contents consist of regular posting, and long-term forms include posting one per month, but it has higher chances of becoming a strong resource, making customers visit and purchase your products and services. 

  1. How will it be monitored?

 Ask them about the type of metric they will use to monitor results. 

  1.  How can they make social media marketing successful?

 Ask if they are measuring success with the number of likes and follows? It’s not a success story if it is based on the number of likes and follows. 

  1.  Ask about their experience with paid social media campaigns.

Paid ads have been booming for a few years, and it’s only growing. Ask the digital marketing agency about their experience with this type of marketing. Do they have international experience? Social media is an ocean of people with different backgrounds; question them about their experience with international audiences. 

  1.  What is used for website analytics?

It’s important to know what they use for website analytics. Do they have a team of Google analytics experts? 

  1.  Did they work with your competitors? 

. is a deal-breaker for most businesses because of a conflict of interest. It’s best to find a new agent if they have worked with your competitors. 

Ask for RFP 

Ask for an RFP and learn about their strategy

Once you are done asking questions and deciding on taking the next step with the digital marketing agency, ask them for an RFP (request for proposal). You can also use this strategy if you haven’t decided on an agency; ask a bunch of them to send RFP, and you can see which works best for you. 

Send a task and review it. 

Give them a task and review it

If you are tired of reading proposals, send the agency a task and review it. This will help you understand what they can do for your company, and you learn about their abilities and efficiency. It is the best way to see if they deliver what they promise. The task can be about creating a digital pr campaign or content marketing for your brand, make them pitch ideas, and review it. 

Establish communication and reporting system

Agree on a communication and reporting system

You and the agency will need to agree on communication and reporting. Tell them about your expectation on this matter and conclude. This includes the mode of contact and how often you want to be updated because you don’t want to be contacted at off hours. If the agency is in another state you need to decide on time and the mode of contact. 

Find out how much they charge.

Find out how much they are charging, but don’t choose a low-budget agency

Don’t settle with an agent just because they charge less because they will provide low-quality results. If they are charging less, then it means they won’t go the extra mile for your brand. Don’t cut corners when it comes to choosing the right digital marketing agency for you.

Read the contract 

Read the fine print on the contract

Digital marketing contracts are generic, but don’t let your guards down. Go through the agreement with a lawyer and check for tricky words and sentences. 

Choosing the right agency does not have to be stressful. The right one will boost your presence and garner more audience for your business. Ask the right questions, establish your business’s needs, discuss the kind of marketing you want, and use this blog as a guide to make your business boom through digital marketing. 

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