How to Use Instagram for Business: A Simple 7-Step Guide

How to Use Instagram for Business: A Simple 7-Step Guide

Instagram is a famous and fastest marketing tool for your business to brand, market, and sell. It is a simple social media site for photo-sharing and the most reliable tool for business promoters. You will achieve more engagements, followers, viewers, and influencers for marketing, branding, and sales. Instagram builds a good relationship in today’s business world. It creates a platform for businesses related to fashion, arrt, lifestyle, and online shopping.  

Follow these seven simple tips on how to use Instagram to promote your businesses.

  1. Step on the Instagram business account 

Ways to set up business instagram account (professional account)

The foremost thing is to have an Instagram business account with appropriate brand content. You can convert your personal Instagram into business or create a separate business account. This way, you will access all business features and achieve high numbers of followers and viewers. 

Step 1- Set up an Instagram business account. 

Get an Instagram app and sign up

  • Download the Instagram app on your device and sign up
  • Select your user name and complete your business profile information
  • ClickDone 
  • Now your personal Instagram account is ready.

Step 2- Convert an Instagram account to a business account

How to switch your personal account to business account 

  • Log in to your existing personal account. 
  • Hit the profile icon  Click settings.
  • Click “Account” and switch to a business profile. 
  • Detailed information is a must- include an email address and a contact number.
  •  Click done.
  1. Win-win strategy

Creative SMART goals for your business set up

It is vital to understand your target audience before you make your first post. Predetermine your content to post based on your target audience., Determine your existing customers and followers. A competitor’s research is a must to add value to your brand. Check the content and strategies of your similar brands. These are stepping stones to target your audience and generate leads. Main objectives: To set your business goal, follow this SMART Instagram strategy to keep you on track. 

  • Specific 
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Focus on the right performance metrics

 Right performance metrics that will lead you to track the rate of Instagram 

The performance of metrics will help you track the engagement rate of the followers. Tap on the menu icon in the top right corner of your profile. Click on the ‘insights’ tab where your analytics for your business will be displayed.

 Follow these four stages and align your goals in the Instagram business. 

  • Awareness- create awareness that is relatable to your brand. Check on follower’s engagement (follower growth rate) and the number of posts accomplished. 
  • Engagement- Metrics like amplification rate (shares) and Engagement rate is a must (likes and comments) in the Instagram business. 
  • Conversion- In conversion rate, metrics like click-through rate and bounce rate are essential. 
  • Customer- The customer’s action speaks a lot, including their comments. 
  1. Regular posting schedule

Regular posting schedule-Hootsuite software 

Once you finish with Instagram accounts, the followers will regularly view more posts related to your brand. Make sure to keep your brand engaged and active to lose any followers and stay tuned with your post. Hoot suite is one of the best and analyzed software where you can schedule your post timely. It receives more numbers of engagements depending on the time you are scheduling.  

Specify the exact time when people are most active and online, and remember that they won’t be in the same time zone as you are. To access this, go to Instagram’s business profile and then click insights. Tap on the audience tab and check on “active” times. 

After everything is ready, choose the best time to post, form a social media calendar to plan and schedule your Instagram post beforehand. 

  1. Profile optimization is supreme for Instagram

why Instagram profile are important for businesses 

Bio- Instagram bio consists of 150 characters. Introduce your brand and make it’s biography enjoyable. Visitors should be aware of who you are. To make your Instagram business bio effective, here are some quick tips:

All you need for Instagram profile- Bio, emails, contact number 

  • Use your brand voice- your voice matters a lot be it formal or informal, professional or casual. It attracts your viewers. Make it a bit funny or exciting, depending upon your business. 
  • Hashtags are crucial- Use hashtags to enlarge your reach. When you use hashtags, it makes your content easier to reach. Find the most popular competitors and top influencers to discover the best hashtags. Remember, your hashtags should be appropriate for your brand or business. You can set up your main company hashtag (#your brand name). 
  • Emoji- These symbols are a fun way to convey a lot of information to the viewers. 
  • Space and line breaks- Line breaks and spacing makes your bio easy and straightforward to read. 

Profile picture- For business promoters, having a profile picture is vital. The best profile display could be your brand’s logo with 320 pixels square. Make sure your profile picture is clear. 

Your Instagram business profile should have a name and username so that viewers can search for you with the identity. You can either use your brand name or any common abbreviation. Using a username on any social media platforms can make people or fans find you easily. 

Website is mandatory for a business purpose because this is where you can post a clickable link. Link your website with the latest blog post.

Features of Instagram business profile:

The detailed information on your profile (phone number, reservations, and email address)

Contact information- Include your email address and contact number because viewers can connect you directly from your profile. When you mention these details, Instagram creates corresponding buttons automatically (call, email).

Category- This shows your identity (name) to the people of what you do. 

Call to action buttons (CTA) help you make reservations and book appointments right away from your Instagram profile. All you have to do is tap Edit Profile, click on-Contact options, and finally add an action button. 

Make your business more effective and advanced through Instagram. Make sure to use these business profile options. 

  1. Content Marketing 

Content marketing for monitoring online activities for active engagement of customers

Instagram content marketing acts as a tool for monitoring activities and communicating with followers, fans, and customers. Content marketing plays a vital role in sharing and posting instagram feeds. It promotes ads and posting short video clips creating awareness about your brand. 

Visual- Make your visual professional for people to attract your brand- Visual is everything in today’s world. Your brand will be recognized and known to the viewers.

Photos- Update your posts with outstanding images. The quality of your picture should be excellent. If you want to attract customers through images, choose natural light, and avoid harsh light. 

  1. Work with Instagram influencers

Instagram marketing influencer 

People who have built large numbers and engaged following Instagram are known ‘influencers’ because their followers trust and respect their opinions. Influencer marketing is a great way to enhance your customers’ engagement, who might be interested in your brand. The pool of influencers has given a massive opportunity for businesses to market their products and services. Influencer marketing helps the brands to set their target audience.

  1. Creatively do your business

Add value to your customers by focusing on the solution you provide rather than the product you sell. It is important to note that visual content is the key to social media networks. For example, if your business is about service, then showcase your company’s culture, mission, and tips. 

Instagram is one of the popular social media sites in Bhutan, and many marketing companies in Bhutan promote their business. Online shopping is slowly gaining popularity among youths. It is less time consuming, and you can order your products at the convenience of your home. Apart from getting the product of your desire, various services are also available online. 

Highlight your story:

Instagram stories with fun features 

Instagram story is a feature known as a direct competitor of Snapchat stories; because of that, Instagram always tries to update their features. with the help of stories, you can advertise your business and make your content easy for the customers. 

Instagram IGTV:

IGTV showcases the video content 

With the help of IGTV, create fresh, fun, and engaging videos with meaningful content that your client seeks. Instagram IGTV helps reach customers to their desired brands. It acts as a platform that showcases your video content and makes your advertisement seen. 


Promote your business through Instagram features that creates an exciting platform for engagement for the right customers. It will help you generate more sales of your brand and make your business successful. You don’t need enormous money just to promote your business for marketing. Instagram is one of the strongest social media that creates a huge opportunity at your door to market the products to your targeted and interested audience. Save your time, incorporate instagram  as your business promoting strategy. Believe it or not, this social media  is here to take your business idea into the next level.

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