Instagram v/s Facebook: Which is The Best Fit For Your Business In 2021

Instagram v/s Facebook: 

Which is The Best Fit For Your Business In 2021

Facebook is the reigning champion among all the social media platforms, with 2.38 billion users and has the highest number of active users. Over the years, Facebook and Instagram have redefined our perception of social networks. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer significant business opportunities and help you reach many audiences.

Instagram is a new social media, founded in 2010. Despite that, Instagram has won big success with rapidly growing active users, accounting for 1 billion users a month. It is one of the fastest-growing social media networks. People spend a great deal of time on the internet through mobile phones, so the considerable rise in active users should not come as a surprise. 

Social media networking sites are the most influential platforms due to billions of active users. It provides opportunities to push your business to the next level. You have the platform to make your business known worldwide.

Although Instagram and Facebook serve as a perfect medium to run your business, there are certain things you need to know before using social media sites. The posts that perform well on Instagram may not achieve the same popularity on Facebook and vice versa. So, let’s check some of the significant differences between Instagram and Facebook to understand which one is the best fit for business in 2021.

While Facebook continues to be the most popular social media site, Instagram is also giving tough competition and is continuing to grow.

Instagram VS Facebook ( Number and Stats)


  • 2.38 billion active users ( monthly)
  • 96% of active users via a mobile device.
  • 40% of users confessed they watch most of the videos on Facebook.
  • 65million small businesses maintain Facebook pages.
  • 74% of businesses use Facebook to promote their brand.


  • 1 billion active users (monthly)
  • 500 million daily active stories on Instagram.
  • 37% of American Internet users are on Instagram.
  • 68% of Instagram users visit the site daily.
  • 65% of businesses use Instagram as a part of their business branding strategy.

Facebook may have the highest number of users now, but Instagram’s stats are also very impressive. Instagram helps users engage with the visual content, and the engagement rate of users on Instagram is increasing over time.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) maintain a Facebook page even if they don’t necessarily plan on being active most of the time. So, the massive number of users has helped Facebook become a staple in the social media marketing world.

Facebook vs. Instagram: audience demographics

Facebook usage among demographics

Social media marketing strategy is challenging, but considering the demographics can help you learn more about your prospective customers and develop the right social media marketing plan.

Instagram usage among demographics

Research shows more than 60% of active users on social media marketing platforms are teenagers. Depending on the types of your products and services, you have the freedom to choose either of the sites that prove advantageous. Social media sites are attractive and compelling to reach younger users. People of the older age group are comparatively less active on social media sites. 

The older audience is also as important as, the younger users because they have a comparatively higher income to spend on ads than the teens.

Engagement in numbers

Instagram has a broader engagement than Facebook. A social media engagement study shows that Instagram has a higher median engagement brands rate of 1.60 % than facebook’s rate of 0.09%.

Let’s check a real-life example on Instagram vs. Facebook’s engagement. A post by Quest Nutrition was put on both Instagram and Facebook accounts. Quest has 491,000 Instagram followers and 1.1 million Facebook followers.

A post by Quest on Facebook

The Instagram post has 2,400 likes, and Facebook with 21. Instagram has 20 comments, and Facebook with only 1. Instagram won a higher rate of engagement,  even if Facebook is more popular.

Despite the suitable example above, it is crucial to keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t always mean a higher engagement rate than Facebook. A considerable number of factors determine how users interact with your content on social media sites.

For example, Pictures do better on Instagram than on Facebook. Text contents perform better on Facebook than on Instagram most of the time. It is vital to consider how the audience uses each social media site.

 The way Facebook content appears to its users depends on its algorithms. There are multiple ways to get more views and engagement on your posts. Consider Sprout’s Viral Post to publish and maximize your audience reach. You can also use the old ways by following my previous Blog, SEO in Bhutan. It is essential to consider your audience demographic to choose the right social media platform for the right business. 


The Functionality of Instagram and Facebook

The comparison between Instagram and Facebook is incomplete without looking at how each social media site is used. Instagram has other significant use than its primary function of videos and images.

Facebook is mostly informational based. You find information about the businesses through Facebook Pages such as business hours, upcoming events, addresses, and the service area. It is mostly texts based; that’s why it takes longer to create a profile on Facebook compared to Instagram.

 Instagram is all about posting pictures, videos, and capturing the moments. People hardly use Instagram to search for business hours and stores. People use Instagram to engage the audience and gain popularity by increasing the number of followers or likes.

For example, when you go to a restaurant with a multiple dish menu for lunch, it consumes more time to decide on the preferable dish, unlike those restaurants with specialized dishes that help you make quick decisions. 

Facebook can be compared to the restaurant with various menus because you can do so much with it apart from chatting, watching videos, and playing games. Facebook offers limitless possibilities for everyone, but Instagram is the restaurant that sells only specialized dishes. 

Post on Instagram by Mobile Phone

A post on Instagram

When you download and launch Instagram, you quickly get accessed to its contents. Instagram offers a different user experience compared to Facebook, which focuses on visual-based content.


  1. Offers a variety of ways to engage with posts and stories
  2. Users get to go through pictures and videos.
  3. Instagram is a bit trickier to follow than Facebook though both aim to excel on account privacy.

A Facebook post on mobile

A post on Facebook via mobile phone

Commenting and adhering are common in Instagram and Facebook, but Facebook offers users a different ability to respond to the posts instead of usual likes on Instagram.

The best network for your business brand

Choose the best social media platform for your business

A good idea of the types of content you post on Instagram and Facebook is fundamental. Most companies assume that Instagram and Facebook are the same. The contents that go along with Facebook may not perform well on Instagram. I would recommend you try posting content on both social media sites to see which performs better. It is a worthwhile experience for your business.

Business news

Business news through Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is a useful tool to publish your business news as you have better chances of attracting readers. For instance, you use Facebook to share your company’s reconstruction and Instagram to post images of the reconstruction process. Do you get the difference?

Business Events

Facebook and Instagram are important platforms to share your business events

Instagram is the perfect platform to publish your business’s charity events or conferences. You can upload images to update your followers and create a Facebook photo album after the event.

Image contest

Best images win the contest and acquire a broader engagement

Image contest is all about engagement, and Instagram enjoys full attention on social media. Make a hashtag to keep track of the competition you host on Instagram. Promote contests on Facebook to increase traffic to your Instagram account. 

If your content consists of texts, then Facebook is the best choice. Your Company’s pictures should go to your Instagram account, and contents with many texts should go to your Facebook account.

Running campaigns on Facebook vs. Instagram

Running Campaigns on Instagram and Facebook

Facebook and Instagram cover creating, tracking, and reporting paid campaigns. The Synergy between Facebook and Instagram makes it easier to track your Return on Investment (ROI) and get paid for your ads.

Sprouts help you see your content’s performance on social media

Facebook and Instagram cannot replace each other. It’s in your hand to identify your clients and think of relevant content to meet success. Work on how your business can use these social media platforms to reach audiences. Make your media presence known.

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