Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses social media platforms to increase website traffic and marketing. Social media marketing is about sharing business content on social media. As of January 2020, Facebook is the leading social media platform used for digital marketing. Other mainstream social media includes Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tiktok. Social media has become so influential and has put businesses on the map.

Influencers are one of the aspects of social media marketing. They influence people on social media. 

Importance of Influencers in Social Media Marketing

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How do influencers in social media platforms help in promoting your Business brands and products? 

Influencers are an essential aspect of social media marketing. Businesses on mainstream media collaborate with public figures or celebrities for brand recognition. Promoting business brands and products through influencers help reach a wider audience and turn them into your consumers. This is why businesses partner with popular figures as their brand ambassadors. For example, Beyonce earns a million by posting a picture on Instagram.

Influencers have become an integral part of social media marketing. Influencers must be informed about the products or services that they are promoting. You need to pick influencers in the same niche for your products and services. To win followers through social media marketing without an influencer is a slow approach.

Here are some major social media platforms used by marketers:

             1- Increasing market share through Facebook

                                     Facebook, the leading social media site

Facebook is an important platform for marketers. With close to 2.5 billion people connected to facebook, it allows you and your products to span worldwide. Facebook is the first social media platform to provide marketing and advertising for businesses. Marketing on facebook engages your viewers and increases brand awareness. 

So, how do you increase your Business via facebook?

Increasing your business doesn’t come cheap. There are thousands of facebook ads we see everyday. So, in order to drive traffic to your facebook ad, come up with an attractive and an influencer-created content that stands out.

               2- Marketing your business brands on Instagram

                                                       Instagram for marketing

Instagram is the most used platform for promoting business ads. There is a higher probability of coming across a business ad within minutes on Instagram. Instagram allows you to create stories and post about your brands. Instagram recently added “Shopping” and “Check-out” features for businesses.

It is important to be consistent and prompt to comments and queries. Instagram allows you to broadcast live streams where you can share your business content. It also has a swipe up feature where you can engage your audience and bring them to your business page. Collaborating with influencers with these features of instagram will enable you to boost your marketing.

    3- LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing strategy

LinkedIn is very effective for business promotions. There are almost half a billion users on LinkedIn. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. Marketers can use LinkedIn to write articles, post images, and videos. If you want to use Linkedin for personal and business purposes, you need to be consistent in posting your content.

There are more than 1,00,000 articles published on LinkedIn every week. 

There is a feature called “Inmail” on linkedIn. Inmail is a paid feature and upon activating it, you can directly start a conversation without having to add members

4- Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a photography app and is best used for showcasing your products and brand. Pinterest helps businesses to upload their business images and infographics. Pinterest is also a search engine, so make sure to use the right keywords for your images.

Individuals and businesses use Pinterest to upload their images with descriptions and create inbound links that direct the audience to your website

5-  Twitter marketing ideas

         Twitter marketing tips

Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform and its users seek short-quick information. It is a platform where businesses share their Brand and content, increasing their product awareness. Twitter also allows you to share ads that can be conversational by using call to action and trending hashtags.

There are more than a thousand tweets in an hour, so your tweets need to be unique. A tweet or a retweet from an influencer helps in getting more visibility, promoting your Business.

6-  Business promotion through Tiktok


There are more than 800 million active TikTok users every month and is the 6th most used social media platform. There are a lot of tik tok users who have gained popularity with a huge number of followers. Businesses can use tik tok influencers to promote their brand.

Millions of tik tok users is the reason why businesses are considering this platform. Identify your tik tok influencers to optimize your market exposure.

Final Thought

Social media marketing is prominent and easy for businesses or companies to promote their brands. It helps create and increase the target audience, and keep the viewers engaged. Half of the world’s population is socially active through different social media platforms. As a businessman or an entrepreneur, you should know about the importance of Social Media Marketing and influencers. 

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