Is digital marketing a good career

Is digital marketing a good career

The 21st century has become a mixed technology era, dominated by the screen age and digital world. The digital world has influenced so many of us, and everything gets shifted towards digital from our usual routine of doing work. Nowadays, people prefer to stay at home and do online work rather than going out. It is effortless and convenient. Less time consuming and faster results are obtained. Choosing digital marketing as a career has many advantages related to it. One will not regret choosing the path in digital marketing.

Digital marketing gives a chance to many innovative people. People can explore their creativity in various fields like writing, designing, video production, blogging, and audio production. There are so many jobs in digital marketing, and some of the few examples of digital marketing jobs are:

  1. SEO specialist

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

The Search Engine Optimization Specialist is a person who looks into the matter of making the set of techniques to position a site or blog at first results in search engine pages. 

 2. Content Producer

Content producer (writing, developing, editing)

A Content Producer is a profession that involves writing, developing, editing, and also publishing the content. Their responsibility also includes arranging the text, video, audio, and images on a website. They also define and maintain the character of a website.

3. Content Writer

Content writer involves various platforms like blogs, videos, and social media posts

This person is in charge of creating important content across various platforms and formats like blogs, videos, and social media posts. They are also responsible for making continuous, engaging, and targeted content to raise the organization’s profits and attracting more customers or clients. They can also act as freelancers and take up any task. 

 4. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing manager 

Digital marketing managers play an essential part in overviewing and creating digital projects. They are in charge of laying out a project, making a timeline, and managing budgets. A person needs to have excellent organization, communication, and collaborative skills to manage the whole team. 

The benefits of digital marketing include:

  1. Global Reach 

With the help of digital marketing-you will be globally reachable

In some businesses and careers, you have to go door to door to reach targeted clients or customers. Sometimes it would be exhausting and challenging to reach attractive customers. In digital marketing, it allows them to get maximum customers and clients with fewer resources. It also allows you to find new markets and trade all over in less time.

  1. Lower cost

Low cost digital marketing trends 

Unlike other businesses, you do not have to have a vast amount of resources like money or men’s power to start a digital business. It requires low investment in money or men’s power and has less chance of getting into a loss. 

  1. Trackable and measurable results

Trackable and measurable results

Tracking and measuring your work or business is very convenient in digital marketing. You can measure your online marketing with the help of web analytics and other online tools. It makes the job more comfortable for you to establish how good your project or campaign has been to date. You can also keep track of your customer’s information, such as their likes and desires, and you can work according to it. 

  1. Easy advertising

Digital marketing- easy way to market your business

Advertising is the main power in every business or career for people to recognize your existence. Digital marketing is the platform where it becomes easy for you to advertise any of your work. It will also help you reach a wide range of customers in less time and consume less energy. 

  1. Huge return on investment 

Huge return on investment 

To any person, nothing matters more than the return on the investment is made. Digital Marketing is a place that gives you a substantial return on your small investment. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing takes less time, energy, and resources, and you will never regret choosing digital marketing as a career.

In a developing country like Bhutan, few people have ideas about digital marketing. Blue dragon digital marketing is one of the agencies present in a country that gives training on digital marketing and helps create the right path in digital marketing. Blue dragon digital marketing agency is currently located in Thimphu and helps aspiring youth or people take up jobs related to digital. 

Internet marketing is blooming in Bhutan. Nowadays, many people in Thimphu prefer online working or online shopping compared to traditional ones. Internet marketing makes people’s life more comfortable and faster. With a growing interest in digital marketing, many people take up digital marketing as a career with Blue Dragon Digital Marketing. 

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