Personalization: A Digital Marketing Trend?

Personalization: A Digital Marketing Trend?

Personalization: How Trendy Is It?

Grabbing the attention of multiple customers online can be a challenge. There are many strategies online marketers follow such as conversational marketing and influencer marketing. All these processes work equally well. However, there is a strategy that works best to interest your consumers and get to know them at an individual level and it is called personalization. 

Now that you have come reading this far, there is no doubt that you are curious about what personalized marketing is. Grab a hot coffee and read along. You will discover everything you need to know about personalization and its importance.     

What Exactly Is Personalization In Digital Marketing?

What Is Personalized Digital Marketing?

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s no longer “nice” to deliver contextual customer experiences – it’s an expectation. Learn how personalization drives engagement and builds relationships. 

Personalization is the practice of ensuring that each consumer’s individual needs and preferences are taken into account. You make sure your customers’ experience is positive by showing them that you understand who they are and what they want. In digital marketing, personalization is the ability to tailor messages and provide personalized experiences based on a consumer’s past actions, purchase history, demographics, and surfing behavior.

The most valuable data for personalizing marketing is declared data or source data (Declared data is the information that consumers expressly voluntarily provide in direct interaction with your company and that can be used to validate demographic data). For it is the most reliable data you can get about each customer’s unique needs and preferences.

Why Does Personalization Matter Today?

Does Personalization Matter?

Almost all digital marketing companies now use conversational methods of marketing. This can help get direct data from customers which in turn can help in personalization. Two reasons make personalization a digital marketing trend, 2021. 

  1. Expectations from customers

The importance of personalization is easier to understand when you reflect on yourself as a consumer. When you’re on a brand’s website, do you value receiving personalized recommendations and offers? How about some relevant content or related to a product or service that you recently purchased? Like any other consumer, even you would expect this to be an integral part of your online experience. 

The digital marketing age has brought consumer expectations for relevant, contextual, and convenient experiences to unprecedented levels. Put simply, consumers have become used to getting what they want and are gravitating towards brands that recognize them as individuals at every step of their lives. 

Meeting those expectations rests right on the shoulders of marketers, who need to use smart personalization tactics to engage consumers and achieve more.

  1. Personalization elevates business

Emotions in general are personal to every individual. Marketers connecting to their consumers on a personal level helps boost their market. 

Consumers are more likely to buy from brands that know their name and purchase history, delivering relevant communications. To achieve this, you need to deliver content and experiences across channels that are up-to-date, contextual, and personalized.

Personalization Benefits In Digital Marketing

What Benefits Can You Get?

A lot of businesses are gradually realizing the need for personalization in digital marketing. Many of them are heavily investing in personalizing their marketing strategy. A few benefits of personalized marketing are as follows:

  • Increase in repeat purchases: Nearly half of the consumers become repeat buyers after having a personalized experience with a brand. 
  • Increase Sales: A lot of marketers report an increase in sales by up to 20% after introducing personalization. 
  • Increase in Purchases: Consumers are highly likely to buy from a business that offers personalized experiences. 
  • Increase ROI (Return On Investment): Advanced Personalization offers $ 20 ROI on every $ 1 spent. 
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 50%. 
  • Improve customer loyalty as brands give consumers exactly what they want.

Personalization And Customization: Are They Same?

How Do They Differ?

Personalization and customization are often used interchangeably which is indeed a painful sight to see. It’s true that both prioritize users and want to involve them with exciting and contextual experiences, but their ways are completely different.

As you may already know, personalization is about creating a personalized individual marketing experience for customers. It starts with collecting comprehensive, qualitative data about your audience. Amazon is a shining example of successful personalization, as are Netflix and YouTube. The recommendations rain according to the activities of the users on the site.

On the other hand, customization is giving people the freedom to create or customize a product or service to their liking. In short, they are the focus and have full control over whatever they want to keep or lose.

The Way Forward (Future Of Personalization)

Personalization: The Future Of Digital Marketing 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in the European region from the mid of 2018. This is only applicable to people living in Europe. GDPR helps safeguard personal data and information. Due to this, marketing companies are shifting towards contextual targeting – connecting with users in such a way that they respect their privacy at the same time, providing value. 

This level of extreme adjustment may seem like an exaggerated illusion, but it certainly is not. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning open many doors to the future of personalized advertising. Although GDPR is only applicable in Europe, to have this level of personalization in the digital market is already a win-win for both consumers and marketers. 

Personalization is a growing digital marketing trend in 2021. As seen above, personalization is the process of ensuring the proper needs of the individual and the preferences of each consumer. Personalized marketing matters for it elevates businesses and is preferred by customers. Benefits such as an increase in sales, purchases, and ROI shows the importance of personalized digital marketing. So it is a must for any marketers to adopt personalization in their marketing strategy. 

So what are you waiting for? Personalize your market and be at the top of the game. Follow the link below to learn more about digital marketing.

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