Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising – the chain

‘Programmatic advertising generally refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, so simply using machines to buy ads. In comparison to the traditional process that involves RFP (request for proposal), human negotiations and manual insertion orders. Programmatic buying uses machines and algorithms to purchase display space. Programmatic advertising allows companies to increase their overall reach and target a greater audience and gather high conversions. This method allows marketers the full access to the advertising inventory which is a term that describes the advertising space that each publisher has, and which advertisers can buy to host their ads. This allows you to reach out to all the millions of people across the world who are on the internet and achieve high conversions.

Programmatic marketing is focused on reaching the user from your target audience with a personalized message just in time when your user ‘requests’ that. Endless systems that offer functionalities are available which bring the predicted result during an online campaign planning when working in coherence with the clients 1st party data. 

Why should I use programmatic advertising?

Reasons why marketers should adopt programmatic advertising 

Today, programmatic media buying via an ad exchange gives marketers an endless range of opportunities and options to do many things from serving more relevant ads by targeting demographics and context rather than inventory; Access to a greater pool of publishers; Better measure their return on investment. With programmatic advertising, you don’t spend money on those who won’t even give a second glance to it. The cost-effective process or robust targeting allows you to create a more effective campaign with a smaller budget. Unlike traditional advertisement, programmatic advertising is more cost efficient.

What are the major benefits of programmatic advertising?

There are endless benefits of programmatic advertising especially in today’s modern day and age! Programmatic ad buying is faster, cheaper and more efficient than other ad or media buying options that are available today. Marketers are also given a broader outlook into their advertising campaigns by paying for impressions and using specific dashboards to manage ad campaigns strategically. From a more transparent overview to a much larger audience there are numerous benefits that come with choosing programmatic ad buying today. Below are the top benefits listed that have had a significant influence on why so many agencies and brands are making the switch from traditional to programmatic digital media buying.

  1.  Real-time measurement

Real-time measurement 

Real-time reporting and data measurement is the dream of every marketer and something that all aim to achieve. Programmatic advertising gives you the option and the ability to measure specifically how creatives, campaigns and overall targeting performs right away when the campaign is launched. In comparison to traditional advertising where billboards, flyers or any other print advertisements are used, this form of digital advertising allows you to skip the wait to the end of the campaign where results are displayed. Changes can be easily made when and how you want!

  1.  Increased transparency & control

Increased transparency of the business 

The security of programmatic advertising is on another level. It has an incredibly clear and simple approach to the entire process. This form of digital advertising offers a layer of transparency that isn’t offered to marketers by any traditional advertising methods. Through programmatic advertising, you are able to see the specific sites your advertisements are reaching, the type of customer that is looking at your ad and weather that matches your goal and you can also easily see any additional costs associated with the ad space in real-time. Now optimizations can be made on your command and can occur in a much more professional and time efficient way. 

3.   Incredible efficiency

What does increased efficiency mean?

The fact remains that digital advertising has much greater efficiency in today’s modern world due to our world going Digital! The overall efficiency of programmatic ad buying has drastically improved with the ability to measure a campaign throughout its full lifespan. Real-time measurement allows advertisers and marketers to track and check on their campaigns while making changes, adjustments and optimizations in coherence with what is asked for by the customers. Making these changes and optimizing the campaign ensures that each one of them is running efficiently, reaching only those ideal targeting customers while using the budget cost efficiently.

4. Targeting the right audience 

Audience Targeting 

‘TARGETING’ remains to be the key term of programmatic advertising. The increased flexibility that comes with this kind of digital advertising is incredible! Where advertisers are now able to directly reach their ideal consumers for any given goal and tap into the specific market they aim at. With audience targeting, you’re more likely to reach consumers interested in your products or services with relevant messaging. It also decreases the odds you’ll waste your funding on uninterested eyeballs and gain legit prospective customers. Some examples are IP targeting, geolocation targeting, contextual keyword, and widely used retargeting. With retargeting, marketers and advertisers can continue reaching the other 98 percent of consumers now that they’re aware of your brand and encourage them to convert.

5. Increased audience reach

Increased reach

The last but crucial benefit of programmatic advertising is the potential audience reach. There is a whopping number of 3.5 billion people on the internet and that is a whole targeted reach of potential customers. Although we then narrow that down to those ideal consumers interested in the business, it would still be millions in substantial potential each which is easily trackable. As soon as a display advertisement is seen, advertisers know how many impressions it served, who looked at it, where they were online, and all the more information needed.

Is programmatic advertising effective?

For starters, programmatic advertising is extremely effective. They’re always “on” and ready to go which means you can enjoy the benefits of real-time ad bidding, no matter when the optimal time occurs and overall, extremely high conversions in comparison to traditional marketing. Programmatic advertising enables you to answer your customers’ questions before they even begin to ask them.

By choosing programmatic advertising you will now be able to measure the success of your digital marketing campaign as soon as it launches. With more efficiency all around, better targeting capabilities, and a much higher reach. Blue Dragon offers you the most effective option with less stress and more control in your digital advertising strategies. 

Connect with Blue Dragon today and gain full control in your digital advertising strategies!

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