The benefit of an FAQ page and what is it.

The benefit of an FAQ page and what is it. 

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A business should have a FAQ page to provide answers to their customer question.


Your business website is coming along nicely, but most people are looking for an answer to their questions. You have different pages: home, contact, and company profile page, but business owners always overlook the key page that is responsible for interacting with customers. Also, you can advocate for your company brands.

Your website should be well crafted, provide relevant information to your customers about your company. A FAQ page will not be waste of time but will help your site to get better ranking. This page will serve the online customer service center, avoiding repetitive questions and saving time of your company and customers. FAQs page is known as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), help, and support.

Well, here are in-depth details on what FAQs is, its need, benefits, and guideline on preparing a FAQ page.


What is a FAQ page?

Do you know what FAQ is?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); a FAQ page is an organized collection of information on your website that answers your customers’ questions regarding the product and company. Useful information is organized on this page that a customer asks often. 

The company website focuses on the company and its products. The FAQ page is solely focused on questions about your products. This page is overlooked by business in Bhutan, but this page is the key to make your business successful and increase your website ranking on SEO. 

Why do I need a FAQ page?

A FAQ page is one of the most essential elements in ensuring your customers are provided with interactive and fun user experience. Although your business website needs to have great content and clean architecture to provide great user experience, a significant portion of user traffic will be increased by your FAQ section that would drive in more customers.  

The FAQ page is a window into what your business does and why customers need the products and services you offer. It forms the element of good navigation and customer journey for most websites and this section is where the target audience can understand what your business offers.

The FAQ page is the second page visited by the majority of your customers after they visit Home or Services pages. You know that they are in your business when they click on the FAQ page. A great way to optimize your FAQ page would be using marketing tools that are found online. These tools will help you to understand the needs of your customers instead of guessing what topics you should cover.

In order to ensure your customer understands the products and services offered quickly, your business needs high-quality content FAQ section for the aforementioned purpose. 

Have high-quality content and get higher ranking in SEO

The FAQ page plays a central role in making your audience a paying customer for your business. You should invest in high-quality content for your FAQ page to ensure that your content converts and assists in making your business achieve its goals.

FAQ page with its technical question and answers will place your business as a leader in the industry.  It will help in signifying that your business has the knowledge about the product and service, and answer all customer quires.  Your FAQ page can also be used as social proof because the website can become a valuable asset as it can be used to drive up your sales. 

The main Benefits of a FAQ page 

1. Your FAQ Help You Address Your Reader’s Needs

Address every question of your customer and clarify them 

The FAQ section is considered important because it addresses your reader’s needs. Answering your reader’s queries is the main purpose here. Provide high-quality content with accurate information and take your FAQ section to the level where your customers can switch to with their questions. With these, you can increase the usability of your sites, improve your business authority, and increase conversions.  

2. Improve Your Sales

Increase your business sales by providing excellent answers to their questions.

You can improve your sales through the FAQ section. Include your website links or product page on your FAQ page in the questions or answers and make sure your customers are able to reach the desired response. Try to compare your products and services with your competitor on your FAQ section and educate your customers on the advantages of your business. 

3. Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

FAQ helps to boost your page on search engine optimization (SEO) if you produce good content about your products and services. It is an opportunity to provide interesting information about your business and its services. Since you are already providing information about your business, you can add keyword-rich content when someone searches for your products and services they will find your FAQ page. Get picked up in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. by publishing specific and detailed questions on your FAQ page and also providing accurate information about your business. 

4. Establish your business as an expert

Provide a solution to customers’ quires 

Set your business as an expert when it comes to customer queries. When a customer asks a question about your product or service, then the FAQ page will provide solutions to their questions. 

Competitors are challenged as they also want to draw in the customers, so for that, your business should be an expert in answering the question of the customers. You satisfactory answer to your customers in order to gain their trust and being a reliable source. 

A business should promote its websites FAQ page to its audience as the main source of information about your business. The benefits of an FAQ page extend further whereby your website’s FAQ page can significantly complement the work of your customer service department and help reduce a lot of pressure from it as the FAQ section can field a large volume of queries which are answered. 

Proper guidelines to prepare a FAQ page:

Knowing the benefit is not enough, but you also have to know how to prepare an FAQ. These are the three requirements:

  1. Find out the frequently asked questions

List down the question that is repeating the most

Your business should identify mostly asked questions from the customers. You can find it form customer service inbox, comment sections, and phone calls.  For example, the most asked question is on shipping and refund, as per the questions you need to give the solutions to it.  By identifying this question you can derive more customers by providing the answers.  Also not only providing answers you can also post questions and answers to your product and service. For example, you have quality products, cordyceps green tea that is made of natural ingredients without chemicals. You can share on the FAQ page on why your product is worth the price and best for health. 

  1. Answers the questions.

Answer the question to make the customers understand

Now you need to answers the identified questions and answer it in a positive way. For example, the question is about why your products are different from others. Then instead of defaming your competitors’ products, you need to talk on the pros and cons of your product.  

Your answers should not be general, rather point out the exact answers to the question asked. It not always a written answer to the question, you can also answer it through images and videos to let them understand better. 

  1. Organize the answers and questions properly. 

Your FAQ page will have lots of questions and answers, so to ease your customers it is necessary to organize it. To make the reader understand you can separate it into sections, such as “order & delivery timing” or “about the products and services”. 

Another way is to link customers’ questions and your answer to the product page. This will help your page to rank higher in SEO.  It is important to answer your customer queries, in order to answer the question that is not asked frequently. This can be done through the support of email, phone number, and chatbox. 


Ever thought that your business can be on-page SEO with the FAQ page? The frequently asked question by your customers will help your business site to rank higher in Google. It is really important for a company to have an FAQ page because customers will always have questions regarding the products & services offered, delivery and shipping questions, and many more. In order to clarify your customers’ question FAW page is required. You can post only that question that is asked mostly and answer them. This is why every business needs an FAQ page. 

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