The ultimate beginner’s guide for easy Link Building

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Link building is of the most important SEO technique in the SEO world

There has been a massive shift in the way businesses and brands do their thing – getting customers and consumers digitally. With the reliance on search engines to find everything on the internet, the importance of search engine optimization is undisputable for any business or SEO. An effective and efficient SEO technique is link building that will get your page or content to be seen and found more on search engines. With this easy beginner’s guide learn to improve domain authority, create quality backlinks, and enhance page authority that will significantly improve your page’s ranking on a search result. Learn these 10 easy pointers to become a master link builder instantly:

LB101: What is Link building?


Link building links other sites with your sites

Link building is one of the go-to SEO approaches that improve your website or page’s ranking on search engine results.  This SEO component involves linking other websites or pages to your website making your site easily reachable and more credible. Your website, page, or content are easily found by search engines with links and backlinks. These quality links on sites with high domain authority will improve your site’s page authority. With a dominating PA and DA, your page becomes easier to find when the search engines crawlers swarm the web. Link building can be tedious and daunting for people just starting with SEO but with this simple beginner’s guide, you can learn to build links effectively. Read on to reward your website and business with an overwhelming number of traffic and consumers.

LB102: Why link building important?


Link building is one go-to technique to improve your ranking on search engine

The search engine’s algorithms are complex and dynamic making it very difficult to come up with a guaranteed formula for higher ranking. But link building is a tested and approved tactic that gets the desired placement for your website on a search engine result just like keyword research and usage. Link building makes the search engine as well as the viewers to trust your website. With more genuine links to your website your brand relationship with consumers and related stakeholders. Establishing a backlink with a popular and credible site is as tedious and nerve-wracking as building a relationship. But after it is established to the consumer’s psyche it will indicate that site’s confidence in your content. 

Here are some of the technical benefits of building links for your website:

Greatly improves your site’s domain and page authority

Higher rank higher on Google and other search engines results

Faster discovery of new pages by Google and other search engines

 Increased credibility and trustworthiness as a business or a brand

Enormous beneficial referral traffic

LB201: Type of link building


Link building can be performed in three broad categories

Here are three of the broadest classifications of link building in the world of SEO: 

  • White Hat

This type of link builders and link building processes include strategies and tactics that do not violate the Google Webmaster Guideline. White hats take an ethical and morally correct avenue for the highest-ranking place on a search engine result. The links are built with an emphasis on humans instead of the search engine crawler bots making the white hat approach fair investment with long term visibility and authority on the web.

  • Grey Hat

Here both components of white and black hat SEO are used. The gray hat uses manipulative and sly approaches that slightly violate the guideline but do not completely breach it. This approach unnecessarily poses risk to the progress of the website.

  • Black Hat

With black hat SEO, tactics, and strategies that are completely against the Webmaster Guideline are employed extensively to gain rapid traffic. This method aims to manipulate the search engine bots to track and pick up the website making them completely AI-orientated. 

If the search engine detects any foul play with black hat tactics your websites will get toxic links on the backlink profile. This will hinder your site’s ranking and organic traffic and greatly hamper domain and page authority.

LB202:  Link building strategies and tactics

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Planning your link building campaign is very essential 

This part of the beginner’s guide gets super technical and long, so buckle up! Firstly there’s a great difference between a strategy and tactic. Link building strategy is the plan you devised or will devise with an objective, while link building strategy is how you will carry out the devised plan to achieve the objective. Here are some of the most effective link building strategies with some notable tactics:

  • Quick-Win Link Building Strategy

This is one of the easiest yet the most competitive strategy to garner some quality backlinks to your website. This approach goes against the trend being the least resource-intensive with a very high return for the effort. While these links level the playing field, you need to supplement your link building campaign with other strategies and approaches to come on top. Here are some quick-win link building tactics you could employ easily:

Broken Link Building

Unlinked Brand Mentions

Reclaiming Lost and Broken Links

Link Repositioning

Supplier Link

Association and Membership Link

Reverse Image Search Link Reclamation 

Q&A Platform Links

Internal Link

  • Traditional Link Building Strategy

This strategy is also referred to as ‘manual link building strategy’ with all the link building processes regulated by the builder. The links garnered by this approach are referred to as no-follow backlinks. This approach does not yield the best quality of backlinks as they are not placed by a third party deeming it manipulative by the search engine algorithms. These links aren’t toxic and get your websites referral traffic making the tactics in this strategy to ‘use with care’ label: 

Directory Submission

Guest Posting/Blogging

Press Release Distribution & Content Syndication

Blog Comments & Forum Links

Reciprocal Link 

  • Link Earning Strategy

This strategy earns editorial links gives a significant competitive edge over others for a higher ranking. This approach requires the highest level of dedication but will yield the highest results. Here you need a constant supply of time and resources to create the content of the best quality with the highest value to the audience. Backlinks of this caliber are hardest emulate that will instantly catapult your website in the market with impeccable domain and page authority. These link building tactics that will get the editor’s golden stamp are:

Digital PR (that are Data-Driven, Infographics, Surveys or Interactive Asset)

Resource Link Building

Case Studies & Testimonials

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) & #journorequest (on Twitter)


The Skyscraper (& Reverse Skyscraper) Technique

Content Round-Ups


Expert Round-Ups

  • Paid-Link Building Strategy

Despite being considered a lethargic approach to link building that violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines, it bears concrete outcomes. Most of the paid links are usually ‘no-follow’ links of low quality rendering the investment futile. This mainstream and scrappy approach can also be employed by your competitors making this an unadvisable approach. Instead of trying to improve your site’s search engine ranking use these tactics to build brand authority and gain referral traffic:

Sponsored Blog Posts

Gifted Product Reviews


Sponsorship (with effective Outreach Campaigns)

  • Black Hat Link Building Strategy

This strategy is employed with absolutely no focus on the user manipulating the search engine bots and algorithms to rank better. This immoral practice will be tracked and penalized accordingly making it an unsustainable approach to avoid. Using these tactics will hurt your site’s domain and page authority indices:

PageRank passed Paid links

Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

Large-scale keyword-stuffed article marketing and guest-posting campaigns

Low-quality directories 

Keyword-rich links embedded within widgets other websites

Hacked site links 

Automated programs or service derived links

Links as part of a Terms of Service or contract

Comment spam

Widely distributed footer or sidebar links

LB301: How to discover link building opportunities


Discover any prospective link building opportunities and seize them instantly

With a proper understanding of some of the best link building strategies and tactics in the SEO world, now you have to learn how to find opportunities to deploy them. This is the part of the beginner’s guide that will excite you:

  • Use Google Search Operators

Irrespective of your intentions or objectives, you just have to start on Google. Without the use of any tools or applications, you can find a barrage of opportunities quickly. Just use the search operators for the results and opportunities you are searching for.

  • Perform the Backlink Gap Analysis

The SEMrush backlink gap tool can discover opportunities to land links that your competitors could that you couldn’t. This analysis tool can also be used to assess the link’s usefulness to the competitor allowing you to weigh the worth of that link. With this technique easily find prospective landing links, and quickly gain insights into your competitors’ strategies. 

  • Get on your competitors’ most linked pages

Program your link building campaign with proper comprehension the content of in the market will help you earn valuable links. Use applications and tools to find the most linked-to pages of your competition and with Skyscraper Technique steal these valuable links to establish your site’s page and domain authority. 

LB302: How to measure the success of a link building campaign


Use these metrics to measure the effectiveness of any link building campaign 

The perception of the success of a link building campaign varies with the focus of the campaign. These focuses are set using metrics that include:

Number and quality of links build concerning competitors

Authority score – the impact of the backlink for your site’s SEO in terms of page and domain authority

The follow – nofollow ratio – requires higher follow links compared to no-follow links

Relevancy of the links to your business industry

The uniqueness of the referral domain 

Toxic links – ideally should have none



You are a certified link builder, go build some links now!These are some of the basic link building theories that you need to put into practice to become an expert link builder quickly! With this easy to learn beginner’s guide to optimize and improve your site’s ranking on the organic search engine result. Go out and build quality backlinks with formidable page and domain authority guaranteed to dominate the search engines.

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