The Who, What, Why, & How of Digital Marketing

The Who, What, Why, & How of Digital Marketing

With digitalization, it is easy for businesses to generate thousands of potential customers. Digital marketing is still a  new form of marketing in Bhutan. The increasing number of internet users in Thimphu allows digital marketers to improve their marketing strategies.

For example, online shopping, eCommerce made shopping easy and efficient for Bhutanese. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), social media marketing, email, and SMS marketing are the most important digital marketing features.

Continue reading to understand the importance of what, who, why, and how of digital marketing.

1.What is digital marketing?

       Digital Marketing – Delivering useful content buyer needs at the right time.

Digital marketing consists of all forms of marketing that use electronic devices and the internet. It includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email, and websites that connect you with current and potential clients. 

2.What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in digital marketing?

                          SEO generates leads and sales for your business.

SEO is a method of using the right keywords, high-quality and relevant content to rank your website high on a search engine.

3 important SEO techniques to generate traffic:

  1. Technical SEO- optimizing sitemaps, site speed, meta tags, JavaScript indexing, keyword research, and linking to improve your website visibility on search engines.
  1. Off-Page SEO–  Off-page tells Google if users find your site helpful. All the activities users engage in outside of your website raise your rank with search engines. Guest writing and linking it back to your site (backlinks) is the most effective way to improve your site visibility away from your website.
  1. On-Page SEO– The site’s content, optimized keywords, offering visitors with great user experience, and all the other actions that take place on your site is called On-Page SEO. On-page SEO provides the right and relevant information to search engines and users.

3.What is Pay Per Click (PPC), and how does it work?

                                                PPC= Pay only for results

PPC is the method where you pay search engines to advertise your brand at the top. You pay search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for every time users click on your ad. Companies bid for keyword placements at the top of a search engine result. PPC will make your site more visible, improve brand awareness, and instantly attract potential customers. 

Below are the top 3 PPC platforms :

Google Ads

                             Google Ads-King of paid advertising

Google Ads is the king of paid advertisements, it allows advertisers to bid for ranks and keywords in search engines results. Google ads are still new in Bhutan, but it has excellent potential to increase conversion rates. 

Bing Ads

                                  Bing Ads- Cheaper than Google

Bing Ads is a Microsoft Advertising tool that offers PPC advertising on Bing and Yahoo!. Bing ads are cheaper compared to Google ads, but with fewer users.

Facebook Ads

                                              Facebook Ads

Users can customize a video, image post, and slideshow by paying. Facebook ads pop up on the news feeds of users who match your business audiences. Facebook is a popular social media used in Bhutan for personal and business purposes. 

Pages like Bbay buying and selling is the most popular business group in Bhutan. 

4.What is Social Media Marketing?

            Social Media Marketing – Platforms to connect with customers

Social media marketing is the process of creating content to promote your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Customize your content to increase brand awareness and conversion rates, depending on the specific platform. 

Cheaper mobile phones and data packages result in a growing number of Bhutanese on social media. Many social media users create business profiles to sell their products, and consumers love their options.

Facebook group BHUTANESE News & FORUM with over 101k members is often used as a marketing platform because this is the only Bhutanese group with the highest number of members.

If you are new to social media marketing, click here to learn more about the social media marketing guide.

Benefits of social media marketing:

  1. Brand Awareness – With 3.2 billion social media users globally, it is important to interact with your customers through commenting, sharing posts, and re-posting. Engaging with your customers boosts brand awareness, and attracts potential customers. Direct links to your website in your social media profile, bio, and posts increase traffic to your sites.
  1. Learn from your competitors – Researching on competitor’s strategies is beneficial to add value to your brand. It will help you decide what you should and shouldn’t do. You can keep tabs on your competitor’s level of interaction with followers, promotion, and campaign tactics.
  1. Loyal Customers– you can create a long-lasting relationship with your followers by connecting with them. Ask questions to customers about your product, respond to their questions in comments, and offer small giveaways to build trust to value them.

5. Is Email Marketing effective?

                      Email Marketing– Build relationships via personalized emails

Email marketing is an effective way to target your audience via email to boost conversions and revenues.  It is an easy, fast, and personalized form of marketing. Provide exclusive information about your product to subscribers through email newsletters. 

Businesses build relationships via personalized emails. Customers will feel valued when they receive special promotion emails on their birthdays and other special occasions.

6.Short Message Service (SMS Marketing) in Bhutan

                          SMS Marketing – Reach a broader audience in Bhutan

When companies send out special offers, coupons, promotions, and alerts through text messages with a maximum of 160 characters, it is called SMS marketing. 

There are only 2 network providers in Bhutan: Government-owned Bhutan Telecom (B-mobile) and privately owned Tashi Cell (T-cell).  Almost everyone owns a cellphone in Bhutan. 

Banks, retailers, and network providers all connect to customers via SMS for marketing by sending out limited special offers, new stocks, and information.

Bhutanese spend a minimum of 6 hours every day on their phones, and if they are not on it, they have it on them. It is a beneficial form of marketing for brand awareness and limited special offers.

7.WhatsApp Marketing in Bhutan

                                    WhatsApp – the underutilized app 

WhatsApp is a free messaging app used popularly for communication with friends and family.  There are 1.4 billion WhatsApp users globally, and it is the least used social media platform for marketing. 

Bhutanese are using WhatsApp to send pictures of products, price in voice messages, and negotiations in chats. Bhutanese forward each other’s products for sale as it is cheaper than calling and texting. Facebook owns WhatsApp and is a growing social media platform for marketing in Bhutan.

Some effective use for WhatsApp marketing:

  1. Create groups, add people, and promote products. You can also have conversations with your potential customers. Quick answers to questions will keep the customers loyal.
  2. WhatsApp conversations can be encrypted and are safe from hackers. You can turn on the security notification and enable security verification.
  3. More visibility- WhatsApp allows more than 250 members in a group to share and promote your products via images, spreadsheets, slideshows, and videos.

8.Why is digital marketing important?

                                                     Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing helps you reach a larger audience faster, unlike traditional marketing. It targets customers who are more likely to buy your products and services. Digital marketing is also a  cost-effective form of advertisement and allows you to check the progress daily.

Below are 4 significant benefits of digital marketing:

  1. Target only the prospective buyers. For example, you place an advertisement on tv (BBS2) and in newspapers(Kunesel, Bhutan Times, Bhutan Observer). You have limited control over who sees the ad. Digital marketing allows you to identify and target a specific audience. It also gives you control over the research needed to determine your buyer’s habit, and you can change your marketing strategy to ensure you are reaching customers who are more likely to buy.
  2. It is cost-effective. You can easily keep track of your marketing campaigns daily and save money if you aren’t getting Return on Investment (ROI). You can spend that money on PPC campaigns and Instagram content. With digital marketing, where you can track your profits and losses (P&L), you will always save money.
  3. It will let you outrank bigger competitors. It will be difficult for you to compete with your competitors who already made their mark in the industry. With digital marketing strategies, you can outrank your competitors.
  4. It will give you a comprehensive overview of impressions, shares, views, and clicks important for your company.  Digital marketing allows you to see accurate results in real-time. You can also measure the ROI for your marketing efforts.

Digital marketing is still new in Bhutan. Traditional methods won’t be as efficient as it was 5 years ago because Bhutan is developing rapidly. Reading, news, learning, and entertainment are all becoming digital. 

Join the digital world with Bhutan’s #1 digital marketing company, Blue Dragon Digital Marketing, or stay in the past. 

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