Top 15 Influencers In Bhutan

Top 15 Influencers In Bhutan

The dawn of the internet in Bhutan has brought numerous reforms into Bhutanese society. Social media has become dear and vital in Bhutan, with multiple individuals hooked on them. A strong dependence on social media has given countless talented personalities fame, and stardom. Numerous individuals (and agencies) have a huge fan following and massive engagement on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. These individuals are often termed as ‘influencers’ who are seen as an expert (in their respective niche) and can affect their followers’ behaviors (as well as consuming pattern and psychology).

Even though influencer-ship is new and premature, there has been the emergence of numerous Bhutanese influencers. Read along to find the best 15 influencers in Bhutan with enormous following with their best videos of dancing, lifestyle, and travel:

15. M-Studio

M-Studio is a record label based in Thimphu associated with the creation of B-Pop. Founded by Choeying Jatsho in 2011, the studio is a platform for young aspiring individuals to venture into the world of music. M-Studio is the epicenter of the music revolution in Bhutan, with many hit songs and talented singers uncovered and brought to the spotlight. M-Studio has been a part of numerous creative projects and has been a social account to keep an eye on. The record label boasts 1.76K followers on Tiktok, 7.8K followers on Instagram, 24K likes on Facebook, and 19.6K subscribers on YouTube.MStudio.png

14. Jitshen Rika


Jitshen Rika Dorji is a 20-year-old lifestyle vlogger who has gained immense popularity on TikTok with 57K followers. Her lifestyle vlogging channel on YouTube has 9.8K subscribers, and her chic and stylish posts on Instagram have won the hearts of 15.9K individuals. Despite her young age, she has a crucial role to play in the world of digital marketing as an influencer.

13. Sonam Wangchen


Sonam Wangchen is a Bhutanese singer-songwriter who came into the limelight in 2015 with his hit song Choe Thom Da. He has serenaded everyone in Bhutan and beyond with his melodious voice and charismatic charm. Sonam is the most influential youth in Bhutan, with 9.48K subscribers on YouTube, 26.7K followers on Instagram, and 43K likes on Facebook. He is a socially active and well-respected individual serving as UNICEF National Youth Ambassador in Bhutan from 2018.

12. Denkar’s Getaway

Tshering Denkar is Bhutan’s first travel vlogger with Denkar’s Getaway. Denkar’s Getaway is a pioneer travel vlog that has opened ways for young individuals to try vlogging and to travel. Denkar travels around the country to the most beautiful places, hikes the most majestic trails, and explores the unique localities. Denkar’s amazing travel videos and candid blogs have gained her massive support with 21.4K followers on Instagram, 14K likes on Facebook, and 7.53K subscribers on YouTube.

11. Bhutan Street Fashion


Initiated by Karma Lhari Wangchuk in 2010, Bhutan Street Fashion, a photo-based fashion blog with 33K followers on Instagram and 76K like on Facebook. The pictorial portrayals of the most unaltered street outfits from Bhutan have given this fashion blog a chic and posh. The blog perfectly showcases how Bhutan has blended the inevitable waves of international fashion trends and traditional values styles. BSF has been featured on VICE, BBC, and Vanity Fair UK, putting Bhutan on the international fashion scene and inspiring young Bhutanese to tap into their inner fashionista.

10. Namgay Zam
Namgay Zam.jpg

Namgay Zam is among Bhutan’s best journalists, inspiring Bhutan’s people to strive for right, credible, and appropriate news and information. The Executive Director of the Journalist Association of Bhutan is an avid social activist giving voices to the voiceless and fighting for society’s defenseless. Her powerful character has not gone unnoticed on social media platforms as she boasts 83K likes on Facebook, 44.1K followers on Instagram, and 24.6K followers on Twitter.

9. Kezang Dorji

Kezang Dorji is a rapper and a social service worker who has a considerable number of Bhutanese youths idolizing him. He was named “Rising Star of Bhutan” by Kuensel in 2016 and received the South Asian Youth Award in 2018, galvanizing him as one of Bhutan’s most inspirational young individuals. Kezang featured on BBC News in 2018 and CNN in 2016, and his Kuzuzangpo Tour is the only tour organized by an artist in Bhutan. His influential reach and engagement cover 29.6K followers on Instagram, and 50K likes on Facebook.KezangDorji.jpg

8. Yeshi Lhendup Films

Yeshi Lhendup is among the first few full-time filmmakers in Bhutan, establishing his name as a household brand in the film-making industry. Yeshi Lhendup Films is one of the highest viewed entertainment YouTube channels in Bhutan with 84.2K subscribers. The self-taught cinematographer produces the best music videos in the country with great content and quality. He has a following of 3.4K on Tiktok, 24.8K on Instagram, and has a similar tally of 55K on Facebook.YeshiLhendupFilms.jpg

7. Pawo

Pawo Choyning Dorji is an internationally celebrated storyteller affiliated with Khyentse Foundation, assisting Khyentse Rinpoche on numerous projects. He has two photography books titled Seeing Sacred: Lights & Shadows, and Sacred Paths, produced the eccentric movie Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait, and directed one of the best films made in Bhutan, Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom. Pawo’s impeccable prowess to capture stories visually and unique spiritual insights have amassed him a following 18.9K on Instagram, and 17K likes on Facebook.Pawo.jpg

6. Yeewong Bhutan

Yeewong Bhutan is the producer of one of the first-ever women’s lifestyle magazines in Bhutan, with Yeewong Magazine hitting the market in 2009. The founder and chief editor, Pema Choden Tenzin, is a proactive seeker of intriguing people, places, paths, food, and stories. The multimedia company also has two more ventures; YeeGetaway, a travel blog that unravels unseen mystical places around Bhutan, taking readers on an adventure to experience different cultures and lifestyles Zhimmey, a food blog that promotes exciting eateries, delicious delicacies, and mouth-watering menus.YeewongBhutan.jpg

5. Sonam Max Choki


Sonam Max Choki is the girl starring in the Sha Dang Thra dance video that has amassed an astonishing 2.8 million views on YouTube. With formidable 46.8K followers on Tiktok, 41.1K followers on Instagram, and 20K likes on Facebook; she is among the most popular, loved, and cherished Social Media personalities. Sonam Choki is a multi-talented individual with several films and songs produced.

4. Sangay Tsheltrim

Sangay Tsheltrim.jpg

The former Mr. Bhutan is an uplifting figure many Bhutanese look up to for fitness and health tips and advice. Sangay Tsheltrim is also among the few Bhutanese that has broken into Bollywood with a Salman Khan produced film titled ‘Radhe’ in progress. This influential personality has a following of 25.5K on Tiktok, 34.4K on Instagram, and 26.2K likes on Facebook.

3. Chencho Gyelsthen


Chencho Gyelsthen, popularly known as CG7, is a trailblazer in the Bhutanese sports industry. He is the first Bhutanese professional footballer to play abroad for clubs like Buriram United, Surin City, and Satun United in Thailand, Chittagong Abahani in Bangladesh, and Minerva Punjab, ISL side Bengaluru FC, and NEROCA FC in India. He is an inspirational figure who has become a darling of the nation with his goals and eccentric performances on numerous occasions for the national side. The Bhutanese football icon is a popular figure on social media sights with 43.7K followers on Instagram, 10.7K followers on Tiktok, and 77K likes on Facebook.

2. Tandin Bidha


Starring in over 31 Bhutanese films, Tandin Bidha is one of the most known faces in the Bhutanese film industry. The beloved celebrity has countless national awards to her name for her versatile and dynamic performances in numerous Bhutanese movies. Despite her stardom status in Bhutan, her modesty and authenticity have garnered her 22.3K followers on Tiktok, 69.9K followers on Instagram, and about 44.9K followers on her Facebook profile. 

1. Lha Dorje


Hailed as the Tiktok queen of Bhutan, Lha Dorje has won the hearts of innumerous Bhutanese with her amazing Tiktok videos. She is the epitome of stealing the limelight without being a part of the conventional Bhutanese film industry. With a staggering 178.3K followers on Tiktok, 32.4K followers on Instagram, and 9.3K likes on Facebook, she has established herself as one of Bhutan’s best influential people. 

Honorable mentions:

Before disclosing the number one Bhutanese influencer, here are some honorable mentions that can be among the best influencers in Bhutan. With proper content creation and extensive audience engagement, these individuals can dislodge the ones listed to become a force in the digital marketing scene:

  • GOKAB Bhutan

The first dance studio in Bhutan has 7.27K followers on Instagram, 22K likes on Facebook, and 4.72K subscribers on YouTube. GOKAB is a pioneer institute promoting and sustaining the performing art of dance in Bhutan.

  • Singye Bidha JimbaSingyeBidha.jpg

Singye Bidha Jimba is a young fashion icon in Bhutan with 21.1K followers on Tiktok, 20.6K followers on Instagram, and 5.3K on Facebook. She has become a popular figure with countless ventures as a model and accolades of numerous beauty contests. 

  • Tandin Phubz


Tandin Phubz is a visual storyteller with many hit projects under his belt. He has 11.4K followers on Instagram, 4.1K likes on Facebook, and 6.31K subs on YouTube. With one of the best cinematography and photography skills, Tandin Phubz, at 21, can be a significant influencer in Bhutan.

  • PindaPanda

Pinda Rika Dorji is an icon in the gaming world of DOTA with her streaming, hosting, and vlogging. She is among the most famous Bhutanese on social media with 18.5K followers on Tiktok, 169K followers on Instagram, 654K likes on Facebook, and 159K subscribers on YouTube. We had to omit her from the actual ranking for her strong international affiliation.

  • Passu Diary


Passu Diary is an online journal maintained by the founder of Bhutan Toilet Organization, Chablop Passu. On his daily blog journal, Passu shares some of the most ordinary Bhutanese matters ignored, garnering his work immense love and support of 17K on Facebook and 5.3K on Instagram. He is an influencer in his own right and has the potential to sweep the whole nation.


There you have it! These are some of the most influential Bhutanese on social media that have great potential to be a force to be reckoned with in Bhutan’s digital marketing scene. Despite social media and the internet blooming late in Bhutan, Bhutanese have not been slow to catch up to the world. We expect many more amazing Bhutanese personalities and artists to blow up on social media platforms.

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