Top 5 Bloggers in Bhutan that you should read about

Top 5 Bloggers in Bhutan that you should read about

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It is amazing to have the internet at our fingertips. Never before has it been so easy to reach a wider audience and grab their attention. People love to read information, articles, or news that is trending or entertaining; quickly accessible to them. There are millions of blogs online with a wide variety of niches. Blogging in Bhutan is becoming one of the most popular ways of conveying and distributing information or news. There are now many bloggers who write good content according to their interests or business. Here are the top 5 bloggers in Bhutan that you should know about:

  1. Tshering Denkar

Denkars Getaway to Chimmi Lhakhang

Tshering Denkar, well known to most as “Denkars Getaway,” is an inspiration and a role model to all Bhutanese women. Her love and passion for traveling and exploring have led her to many places in and around the Kingdom, manifesting the Bhutanese lifestyles and beauty. She is one of the first-ever solo travel bloggers and vloggers in Bhutan, where she shares personal experiences from her exciting adventures. 

In one of her blogs, ‘The power of “Blogging” in Bhutan’, Denkar wrote, “Travel blogging needs more storytelling because responsible and good writing transforms opinion. Because emotion and understanding and empathy are all things that the world needs more of, and we — as wanderers who write online with the power to reach millions — have a responsibility to leverage them and tell the stories that matter AND MAKE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN A BETTER PLACE!”. 

So her conception of putting her experience and passion into words with the platform that she has is to become a storyteller where her audience can understand each other and bring them together, where they could think, change and learn to be better.

The way Denkar has been an influencer in constantly providing great content through her blogs has inspired many fresh Bhutan bloggers to follow in her footsteps. 

  1. Tenzing Lamsang 

Tenzing lamsang at the Government House in Melbourne 

Tenzing Lamsang is a journalist and the editor and founder of the country’s well-known Bhutanese newspaper, ‘The Bhutanese’. The Bhutanese newspaper is a private company that provides first-hand news on the papers and social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook. Tenzing, along with his team of The Bhutanese, writes exclusive content and about the latest trending news of the country. In addition, he writes his personal opinions about what he thinks about most news without any discretion. That is why many of his viewers enjoy the authenticity and the originality of his content. For this reason his newspaper is at the top of the list where many Bhutanese follow up, considering the credibility of their properly researched reports which are supported by evidence.  

  1. Wancha Sangay 

Wangcha Sangay with his grand daughter

Wangcha Sangay has been blogging since October 2012 till 2020. He wrote amazing and inspiring blogs with his own opinions about the state of affairs in Bhutan. He wrote about many different blogs starting with education, leading to his political opinions in the country, interesting facts and events about the holidays, and deep insights about the unique cultural significance in the kingdom. He writes many blogs with different unique topics and this attracts many different readers to his site. This also shows his wisdom and passion for writing about Bhutan.  His articles displayed that Bhutan blogs or any blog for that matter doesn’t necessarily have to be focused and limited to only one topic, but it is flexible to the best of your interest to write. The only limit to your expression is your imagination and commitment. 

  1. Tashi Choden 

Thumbnail of Tashi chodens youtube video channel

Tashi Choden, known as the ‘Druk Girl’ is one of few that writes about food recipes in Bhutan. Love what you do, and do what you love is what she says, and that she really enjoys putting up contents about food recipes, because that’s her passion. Her blog site is about the bhutanese traditional and other international recipes that are easy to follow and which she prepares from scratch. She also writes a couple of travel blogs about Bhutan. Tashi also has a youtube channel where she puts up video contents relating to what she wrote about on her site. 

She is a great inspiration to all those who love to cook, and shows that if you put your mind to it, you can surely do anything. 

  1. Passang Tshering 

Cover photo of the book- Passu Diary

Passang Tshering, named Chablop (Toilet Teacher) by His Majesty, is a writer and a well known blogger, and the founder of the Bhutan Toilet Organization. Passu was a former teacher before he resigned and founded The BTO. He wrote a book called the Passu Diary which is a collection of all of his interesting blogs that he wrote. In the blog he wrote about his personal experience in life, what he did before he started blogging and his journey of being dedicated as a teacher, a father, husband, and a citizen of Bhutan. In his book, he talks about his life, which includes not only the good experiences but also how he got through his struggles. He mainly focused and wrote about the importance and awareness of toilet hygiene. His book is a perfect example for Bhutan bloggers, to comprehend that blogging doesn’t really have to be limited to be displayed on a website for people to see.

These types of influencers and what they do play a vital role in representing Bhutan, they have the platform and the audience to convey the right message for the betterment of our nation. What they do shows that though people may be from different backgrounds, with a little bit of motivation and encouragement you can use your words to spread awareness and inspire many people to be better.

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