Top 7 Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing

When you think of social media influencer marketing, the first sites that come to mind are popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. This excludes newer platforms that are launched daily. 

Brands constantly use influencer marketing to target younger demographics through popular social media apps.

This has resulted in social media platforms competing against each other by allowing users to do more than share images and chat.  

Established social media platforms like Instagram now include live streaming, augmented reality, shopping, social audio, and other features so that brands can run effective social media influencer marketing.

This has resulted in an increase in influencers, which has brands cashing in by offering sponsorship ads and other social media influencer marketing.

Are you interested in becoming one of the latest faces to join the influencer marketing network? If so, here is a list of the top 7 social media platforms with Blue Dragon Digital Marketing for influencer marketing apps!

1. YouTube

influencer marketing
Youtube influencer marketing!

YouTube is a popular platform for producing high-quality sponsored content that is search-friendly, with ​​361.23 million active users daily, allowing its users and content creators to enjoy the site. 

As a result, depending on your content quality, a sponsored YouTube video can easily bring in revenue and views. It will, however, most likely necessitate a larger budget than other video mediums such as sponsored Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories. 

Since the two are so fleeting, content produced there can be made at a much lower cost and have a much shorter lifespan. 

YouTube videos are best suited for those who focus on visually appealing areas such as lifestyle vlogs, as these verticals are already widely popular there. 

But keep in mind that not every YouTube influencer will be successful.

2. Facebook

influencer marketing
Influencer marketing campaign on Facebook!

Facebook is one of the first social media platforms to run Influencer marketing campaigns.   

Aside from that, Facebook is one of the first household name social media platforms still widely used today. 

With over 1.94 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an excellent place to maximize reach and get eyes on your sponsored content. 

Given how long Facebook has been around, influencers have ample opportunity to develop significant audiences and become a part of social media influencer marketing. 

Nonetheless, with Facebook’s algorithm constantly changing, predicting who among these audiences will see your ads can be more challenging.

3. Instagram

influencer marketing
Social media influencer marketing Instagram

Regarding influencer marketing, Facebook-owned Instagram is, of course, a significant player. 

Instagram is consistently ranked as the second most likely platform for users to engage with sponsored content.

Aside from that, fashion, beauty, and travel-related content, which are all visually appealing, typically perform well as they do on YouTube. 

You can’t discuss Instagram without mentioning its most recent innovations, Instagram Live and Instagram Stories. 

In general, both are low-cost options for sponsored videos. They require less production than a full-scale YouTube video, so influencers are more flexible with pricing. 

Instagram Live and Instagram Stories are also viable substitutes for Snapchat Stories. 

Many influencers receive more video views on Instagram than on Snapchat because Instagram is an older platform than Snapchat, with more active users than the latter, allowing many influencers to have already built up their audiences there over time.

4. Snapchat

influencer marketing
Social media influencer marketing with Snapchat!

If you want to use video to reach a younger audience, Snapchat might be a better fit. Snapchat has a very devoted young audience. 

Snapchat is the preferred platform for following influencers’ video content among those aged 17 and under, beating out Instagram Stories. 

Furthermore, Snapchat Snaps and Stories, like Instagram Stories and Instagram Live, are generally less expensive than YouTube videos. 

They are quick and low-cost to produce, making them ideal for on-the-fly or spur-of-the-moment style videos. 

Still, marketers on Snapchat have limited measurement options. Typically, the influencer will send a screenshot of what is on their phone. 

When compared to other platforms, this is extremely limited.

5. Twitter

influencer marketing
Influencer host on Twitter chat

Twitter campaigns are excellent for distributing short-form content and buzz. 

Sponsored tweets may also require less work from an influencer than other time-consuming forms of content, such as images, videos, long-form content, etc. 

An influencer may require a lower fee for sponsored content in that location. A Twitter Chat is another helpful feature of Twitter. 

As you might expect, a Twitter Chat allows you to have an influencer host a Twitter chat session. 

In general, the influencer must already have a following for people to tweet to them, but it is a great way to generate buzz and conversation about a product or brand. 

Twitter Chats can be risky because you can’t control where the conversation will go, and you have to invest a little more money because influencers must do a lot of promotion leading up to the chat. 

6. Blogs

influencer marketing
Sponsored content on blogs

Those looking to give influencer marketing a shot with a knack for writing content related to parenting, food, and DIY should consider sponsored blog content. 

Blogs are a one-of-a-kind platform that can support long-form ranges in ways other social media platforms cannot. 

Furthermore, blogs exist on the internet and benefit from search engine optimization. Not to mention, blogs highlight the fact of other forms of social media influencer marketing. 

Sponsored content can be created on blogs and easily shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

7. Pinterest

influencer marketing
SEO-friendly sponsored content

As the vision board site is a hotspot for allowing us to interact by searching and searching out specific inspirational content, Pinterest, like blogs in general, is a great way to distribute evergreen, SEO-friendly sponsored content. 

Pinterest, in particular, is an excellent platform for distributing sponsored content in the Parenting, Food, Home Decor, Wedding, and DIY verticals. 

It’s a great way to tap into these communities because those are arguably five of the most popular categories on Pinterest. 

The site is used by everyone for inspiration, from parents to teachers to wedding planners.

Top social media marketing strategies provide new opportunities for influencers to build brands centered on their carefully curated image and long-term brand relationships. 

Influencer marketing is about connecting with the audience, and most influencers use live streaming features on social media apps to engage with their followers.

Live streaming is undeniably the best way to engage with the audience in real-time, strike conversations, and address their queries and concerns to build trust and credibility.

Contact Blue Dragon Digital Marketing so your business can survive and thrive in this digital era!

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