What Are The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is known as online marketing. It means people are engaged in activities through online media channels. The key roles of digital marketing is to get concentration from viewers, get noticed, get leads and make that leads into customers. 

Digital Marketing  

Digital Marketing has changed a lot more in the past few years in Bhutan. People are in the time of 24/7 connectivity where 80% of Bhutanese are on their Smartphones and spend their time staying online. 70% of people stay online to do digital marketing because the strategy meets the customer in social media and deals through the online sale cycle. With the help of digital marketing, people can walk away with a clear understanding of doing a business forward.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to rank high in search results, SEO is the process of tweaking and updating your website to get your web pages.  Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are the top search engine where many user crawl to web page and see the most relevant search query. 

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

How does Search Engine optimization works?

Here’s how SEO works: Google and other search engines are the universe’s biggest library to search for information you need. When you search information online, you are asking the library for a result. In order to get a result, Google uses artificial intelligence to decipher your search term and look for the information. SEO is one of the most dependable and advantageous digital marketing tactics. But, before you drain all your other marketing methods, understand that SEO is like a stock market where you can achieve your goal easily with the help of SEO. 

  1. Internet Marketing 

Internal Marketing is so important to your business; no matter what type of business you run, get used to with social and video marketing to run your business. In this 21st century people are connected to the web for 24/7 through devices like Smartphone and tablets. Many adults use electronic devices for the following statistics:

  1. 90% of consumers look for company websites for the services provider and product.
  2. 70 % of Bhutanese do online shopping.
  3. In Bhutan, 75% of people go for internet marketing to find products and services. 
  4. People are advancing in internet marketing and learning online marketing themselves. 
  5. 80% of people look up the local business and marketing with it.

So, if you are doing an online advertising, target your audience with the help of internet marketing. As we all know that marketing is nothing new, all you can do is broadcast the goods and services through internet marketing. There is lots of competition in the business world and it has become more intense in marketing and advertising that heat the businesses and gain a competitive advantage.

Internet Marketing Using Social Media Platforms

Activity done via social media profiles and platforms is known as social media marketing and currently in Bhutan many people use Social Media for marketing. They use top platforms apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, whatsapp and Pinterest to promote their business. Picking wrong social platforms can tank your business, so finding a right social platform and dedicated team can run your business well. Let’s not forget to thank social media feed algorithms because they raise the attractiveness of different social platform and promote various business.

Social Media Marketing.

Five things to be successful in internet marketing;

  1. It needs to be fast – When visitor visit your websites, your websites need to be fast. If your websites are slow, you will lose your visitor and they will click the “back” button.
  2. It needs to be secure – It is important to secure your websites. Your website should be HTTPS instead of HTTP as there are high dangers of visiting an unsecured website and can hack your websites easily.
  3. It needs to be mobile-friendly – Mobile website traffic mean using of your Smartphone and tablet for the marketing that is easy and comfortable to access. 
  4. It needs to have a clean and design feature contact info – Your design needs to give the impression of being good and add assessment. Having contact information, clear calls-to-action, clear navigation can easily tap on to devices and contact you.
  5. It needs to be optimized for SEO – SEO is one of the important components to make people find your website.  So, having SEO on your phone is the best way to do internet marketing.
  1. How to Develop Digital Marketing Strategy in life. 

A competitive examination will put your online existence against your top competitors to see where you locate. Digital marketing depends on the data of an individual person and their digital strengths. There are lots of opportunities in your life if you have digital marketing skills to work on it. Youth these days build their career in Thimphu by consulting a digital marketing agency like www.bluedragondigital.com. With a great digital marketing analyses they learn online marketing on e-commerce retail, search engine optimization, pay per click, blog, advertising and email marketing.  

After experiencing and generating a marketing strategy, you can own your company and channels for your business. All you need is a specific target for business, creativity, communication, management as digital marketing acts as a support pillar and accelerates your job. Stay focused on the essential activities of the business and start working on marketing promotion, that way you can develop your digital marketing strategy in life. Isn’t it interesting? 

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