What are Web push notifications, and how do they work?

What are Web push notifications, and how do they work? 

The world has reached technically globally at a peak in terms of digital advancement. With billions of users worldwide, web push notification has become an essential need for everyone. People are connected to thousands of applications these days, and when they use it, information acts as a core part of the internet.


                         Web push notifications for a successful business marketing 

What is a web push notification?

Web push notifications are an opt-in method used by marketers and various brands. Web push notifications are also the messages that you receive either on your desktop or mobile screen anytime. A push notification message is displayed on your active browser. They are also known as Browser Push Notification. 

Why do you need a reminder prompt every day of your life?

Web push notifications have been a necessity in this era, especially for marketers. Push Notifications are delivered precisely on time without delay and appear as an alert on the browser. Marketers use this Browse Push Notifications for different marketing purposes and activities. 

Web push notifications are easy to access and engage users. Any online users can incorporate and use it for their marketing purpose. In today’s world, these notifications are a must for every user to be notified on the web actively. For using the browser you don’t need any applications on your phone, Push Notifications will be directly delivered on the browser to phone and desktop. It helps you instantly send messages or notify users and subscribers and aim for more subscribtions (higher subscription rate).

Some use cases Push Notifications are:

  • Latest news alert
  • Online campaigns
  • New blog post
  • Flight notifications
  • Software updates 
  • Sale event

The perks of using Web Push Notifications: 

  1. Not necessary for a mobile app to receive notifications- Since Web Push Notification is browser-based, even without an application on your phone, you can be able to reach out to many customers. 
  2. Easy opt-in for users- not necessary for the users to share their details. Just with a single click, users can subscribe to push notifications.
  3. Higher opt-in- Opt-in process is super easy compared to email. The op-in rates provide the maximum rate than email. Push notifications are offered up to 20%. 
  4. Immediate delivery- Push notifications are delivered on time to the browser without delay.
  5. Increased engagement- Push notifications are also delivered frequently even if the users are not active on site. 
  6. Derive high conversion rates- Web notifications are delivered instantly on the browser with a high conversion rate.

What is the conversion rate optimization on web push notification?


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

The conversion rate optimization is the number of users who take the desired action and is the percentage of website visitors who buy something. 

These are some tips to get a higher conversion rate in web push notifications:

  • Focus on your campaign for push notifications- focusing on movement is a must before sending any push notifications. You should know what your goals are like how to increase customer engagement with web push notifications. Use a “call to action” strategy that will help users to click the message in opting for a higher conversion rate. 
  • Understand user behavior-you should be aware of your user’s behavior; otherwise, sending continuous notifications is a waste. Focus on their preferences. If not, it won’t take long to block your notifications. 
  • Concise Message- Make sure not to send intrusive notifications; instead, the content you are sending should be particular and focused. 
  • Send highly targeted messages- When you send notifications, remember to send it to a targeted audience.
  • Right Timing- Sending notifications to your users at the right time can help you to increase conversion rate up to 25%. 

Email Notifications


Keep your customers informed with email notifications

An email notification is an email sent to inform the users about recent updates to a website or service like web maintenance. Email notification keeps the customer up to date with the latest information or if there are any changes to a website or not. Both email and push notifications are instant messages sent to subscribers at one go. 

How does Web Push Notification work?

Before you start web push notifications, you should remember three stages of sending the Web Push Notifications: 

  1. Seek permission to send push messages 

           The first step in implementing a push notification is to seek the permission of the user 

First step you should be aware of when pushing notification is to get the user’s consent to send him the information and get a push subscription from the browser. So with the help of a subscription dialog box or opt-in box, permission is granted. Push subscription is done with a push API that gives web applications the ability to receive messages from a server. Once push subscription is obtained, the details are saved at the back end and used to send push messages to the user later. 

  1. Sending a push message

The push message is sent to the users through the push-engage dialogue dashboard via API call. The cloud manager, like GCM and APN, delivers the message to the right browser. The Push subscription helps you get the correct web URL to activate the push message. So this way, the push message is being sent from the server to the web notification service, so that the message reaches the appropriate browser. 

  1. Push message arrives on the user’s browser.

Once the browser appears online, the push service automatically delivers the message where the browser receives the message. After that, they decrypt the data and send the push event to your service worker. 

Why push notifications enabled on your site for your blog?

They are quick and easy: with push notifications, there is only one click that makes it easier for the visitor to join your marketing site. They start receiving messages from you. However, let’s understand the pros and cons of using push notifications:


People may not be too familiar with the push notification strategy. But once you know it, your business will rock. Push notifications are the most effective tool to expand more subscribers.

Push notification works on android versions of chrome, Bing, and Mozilla Firefox. When you have this ability on your smart phones, it will help you tap into a broader audience without paying the developer to create a mobile app for you. 

Push notification is also clickable, making it easier to land on the page for information by gaining more email subscribers. 


Having push notifications can affect your email subscriber’s rate. At some point, push notification will also interrupt and distract your visitors. When messages and notification pops out on social media or any applications, it might distract your visitor’s concentration and annoy them. 

How to get started with push notifications:

  1. Push engage

                         Push Engage service is very responsive, to-the-point and proactive

Push engages mostly people since it provides a free plan for up to 2500 subscribers and functions in collaboration with several different browsers like Firefox and Google. It is also available as both desktop and mobile apps, thereby improving its availability, and its audience can find it easily. You can also enable push notifications on any website despite HTTP or HTTPS in a short time. 

Push Engage can create a targeted notification and customized segmentation in various ways. One of those ways is through geo-location, which will help you have higher click-through rates and prevents un-subscription.

  1. Set website details, welcome message, and image

The Push Engage recommends the use of a welcome notification for new subscribers. To do it, you must set your website details, write a welcome message for your clients, and have an image uploaded for your website to look more attractive and related to your website. 

Then you should register for your free trial. Scroll down the Push Engage dashboard and find the site settings. Check if the fields it it’s correct or not. Following that set your brand image for your blog. As you scroll down, you will face a default message template with its preview. Edit the welcome message as you like it to appear for the subscribers.

  1. Configure your subscription box

Push Engage works for both HTTP as well as HTTPS sites. However, if you have an HTTP site, you are given more options to customize your copy and placement. The Push will offer you four different options for your dialog box, out of which it recommends you to use the Single Step Option since it highly generates more subscribers.

  1. Add JavaScript to your website.

Adding JavaScript to your website is a must. It would help if you also generated an API key for your notifications to work. Your API key can be located under settings. Copy your API key and go to Push Engage plug-in where you are to paste your API key, and you are done with Push engage. Whenever you visit your site, notifications are bound to pop up. 

(API-enables sending of a push message to a web application via push service)

  1. Push Crew

It is another popular option for targeting notification to gain more subscribing rates. As Push engages, it also has a free plan. However, it allows only about 500 subscribers.

Push crew currently can provide push notifications for Chrome and Firefox on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. One unique specialty is that it allows sending real-time messages to the audience, which further helps in engaging your audience on a new level. 

Push crew works on both desktop and mobile. Another unique part is that visitors need not be on your website to be notified about your website. Setting it up is easy and includes some clear straight instructions easy enough to follow through. 

Generate a JavaScript code and place it before the closing </head> tags on your website, the Push crew will trigger an opt-in box to allow push notification. Push Crew’s API helps you to be more strategic in creating your reports and letting you make them personal.

Web Push Notification is a new rising concept and a technology that helps bloggers and other business marketing websites reach a wider audience with some notifications. 

Bloggers must try this new technology since they have nothing to lose by trying it. You might as well try it. Just try and sign up for one of the tools above and you are in for a surprise regarding its easy use and its benefits you are going to reap.

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