What is Push Notification?

Push Notification
Digital Marketing Trends

In this digital era, push notification are one of the most effective promotional trends companies cannot overlook. Since the digital marketing channel launch in 2009, marketers have discovered that push notifications significantly increase subscriber retention, re-engagement, and return visits.

Even though it has gained significant momentum over the past few years, there is still a wide gap between the strategic implementation of this newer method and others.  

Choosing the exemplary push notification service will make your engagement strategy much easier, as it’ll be easy to set up and send notifications to your engaged subscriber.

In this blog, you will learn everything there is to know about push notifications!

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What are Push Notifications?

Push Notification
Keep customers updated.

Push notifications are short messages that appear on a subscriber’s mobile or desktop device to prompt them to take action. They motivate clients and potential clients to respond to a particular call to action.

Your customers are busy people prone to forgetting about the great deals announced a few days ago via email or the cart they abandoned after adding many items to it.

Push notifications can be a great way to keep customers updated on the latest offers you have or to remind them of the items in their cart that are about to expire. 

Types of Push Notifications

Push Notification

Push notifications are classified into four types: web push notifications, desktop push notifications, mobile app push notifications, and wearable push notifications. 

Let us learn more about them in detail:

1. Web Push Notification

Push Notification
Web Notification to boost the website.

Web push notifications are messages sent to subscribers via desktop or mobile web.

Depending on the operating system, these alert messages appear at the desktop screen’s top or bottom right-hand side.

Marketers primarily use these notifications to boost website engagement and encourage subscribers to return, increasing sales. 

It is relatively simple to create web push notifications for your website, and even those with little or no technical background can do so. That is why web push notifications are considered such an effective tool for marketers.

 2. Desktop Push Notifications

Push Notification
Effective tool for marketers

Desktop push notifications, as opposed to web push notifications, appear only on your subscriber’s desktops. 

These notifications are primarily driven by the products installed on your desktop to increase customer engagement. 

Desktop push notifications are more challenging to build than web push notifications and require additional help from a developer.

3. Mobile App Push Notifications

Push Notification
Mobile app push notifications

Mobile app push notifications, like desktop push notifications, are stimulated by an existing/downloaded application on your device. 

When a subscriber launches the app, unique identifiers for both the app and the device are registered with the iOS push notification service.

Push notification alerts can be displayed in three locations on your phone—lock screen, banner, and notification center, when the app subscriber opts in for messages. 

Mobile app push notifications, like desktop push notifications, are fairly challenging to create when compared to web push notifications and require developer help to be built.

4.  Wearable Push Notifications

Push Notification
Push notifications on Smart Watch

You can now send push notifications to wearable devices. You may have noticed that people who wear Smart Watches can get notifications on their wearables. 

Wearable notifications are shorter and firmer than mobile notifications.

These devices perfectly sync with their smartphones, allowing wearables to display notifications directly from their mobile apps. 

Why use Push Notifications?

Push Notification
Get notified with your permission

According to conservative estimates, the click rate from push notifications is more effective than email. It is strictly a permission-based medium. 

Subscribers will only receive notifications if they have opted in. Push notifications are a potent marketing communication channel because of these characteristics:

1. Providing an opt-in option

Push notifications allow you to increase your brand’s visibility among its audience by adding subscribers with a single click to ‘Allow.It gives subscribers the freedom to access or deny permission to your website to send them notifications.

Suppose a subscriber clicks on the message without understanding its purpose. In that case, most of them will opt out, adding little value to your overall push notification campaign.

2. Capturing more and higher-quality leads

Many firms experience low lead quality. Subscribers are often cautious about providing personal information in one or more form fields. 

You can add subscribers with a single click and engage them without requesting personal data when using push notifications.

Furthermore, push notifications to require opt-in permission, which means that whenever a message is delivered, it is guaranteed to reach the active browser of a legitimate subscriber. 

3. Increasing return traffic

Now that you’ve drawn new visitors to your website, how do you keep them there? Convincing messages can immediately intrigue your audience’s interest and engage them. 

Send prompt clickable messages from anywhere on their browsers, directing them back to your website. 

Through targeted notifications and personalized messages, you can increase return visitors. To increase visitor interaction with your website, you can keep them hooked with various promotional offers, articles, and much more.

4. Time-saving

If you work in marketing, you understand how much time and effort it takes to create a notification or an email. 

It isn’t easy to write quality content, articles, offers, and illustrations while on the go, but this is not the case with push messages, which are concise and require less time to compose. 

They must, however, be on point with a title that provides a hook and a resonating message. You can thrive on existing opportunities by connecting with your subscriber at the right time

Errors made using push notifications

Push Notification
Avoid notification overkill

Over-notifying subscribers are the most frequent error when sending push notifications. It is also the most disadvantageous mistake in the long run. 

A great way to communicate with your audience in real-time and directly is through push notifications. When you observe an increase in numbers overall, this may appear advantageous in the short term. 

However, using push notifications will cause more subscribers to unsubscribe. 

This drawback is that too many direct interactions with subscribers may result in “notification overkill,” which could cause them to sign out. 

Do’s of push notificationDon’ts of push notification
Schedule notifications according to time zone based on geography and industry best various types of notifications and message frequenciesSegment your audience and send personalized and relevant notifications to track subscriber website behavior and understand their interest in your site crisp notifications that convey the meaning in as few words as possible Use rich push notifications to add more context and improve communicationSpam your subscribers with too many notificationsBombard them with messages at odd hoursIndulge in click-waiting flood subscribers with generic messages that have nothing to offer repeat sending the messages to the same audience send notifications without defining the end goal or CTA.

Push Notifications in Well-Known Industries

Push Notification
Promotions, retention, and re-engagement

The primary uses of push notifications are promotions, retention, and re-engagement. As a result, media publishers, bloggers, and the online retail sector all favor them as their preferred marketing automation channel. 

However, they are not limited to these areas and have produced fruitful outcomes in various industries. 

A simple method to organize effective push notification campaigns for any industry:

  • Subdivide your audience.
  • Create the first message and set the opt-in trigger.
  • Increase the appeal of your push messages by including engaging visuals.
  • Schedule your notifications and time them carefully.
  • Provide special rewards to increase traffic.

Connect with your subscribers by enabling the one-click option!

Although push notifications have gained a lot of trends in recent years, to make push notifications work, the entire process must be carefully planned and executed, from message creation to message delivery.

As a marketer, push notifications are the lifeline to establish a direct line of communication with our unique customers.

Utilize these notifications to interact with your clients and offer them value in the present, no matter where they are. 
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