What is WhatsApp Marketing And Why You Need It

WhatsApp Marketing with Blue Dragon

What comes to mind first when considering different marketing channels for communicating and engaging with your ideal customers?

Facebook, with its 2.167 billion active users, is most likely. Perhaps Instagram, with its 800 million active users? Maybe Twitter, which has 330 million active users, or LinkedIn, with 310 million active users.

There is another text-based platform with more users than Instagram and LinkedIn combined, known as WhatsApp.

WhatsApp marketing is a type of messenger marketing in which a brand is promoted via WhatsApp. 

This channel aims to assist brands in reaching a large audience, developing strong customer relationships, and increasing sales. 

This blog will help you learn everything you need about WhatsApp marketing!

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Why Should Your Business Use WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing for your Business

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging platform. This marketing channel is important for businesses looking to connect with audiences in developing countries. 

For example, India has 340 million monthly WhatsApp users, and Brazil has nearly 100 million. However, the platform is also an excellent choice for promotions in the US market, with 68 million Americans using it at least once per month.

WhatsApp marketing allows you to stay in touch with your customers – more than half of WhatsApp users check the app daily. Messenger, push notifications are also an amazing way to improve your marketing strategy. 

Utilizing WhatsApp marketing to promote your business has four advantages:

1. Strong Customer Relationships

Creating lasting, meaningful connections with clients

Over 55% of people feel more connected to a brand if they use messaging apps. As a result, WhatsApp marketing is now an unbreakable method for creating lasting, meaningful connections with clients. 

Maintaining such a connection, in turn, helps brands in cutting costs because customer retention is 5-25 times less expensive than acquisition.

WhatsApp marketing provides a robust set of personalization options for businesses out of the box. 

You can, for example, send personalized welcome messages, special offers, birthday greetings, and so on. 

Over 70% of consumers say they only engage with personalized marketing messages, so this approach keeps customers more engaged with a brand.

2. Higher Conversion Rate

Choose the Best Channel

Choosing the best channel for your initial contact with customers is important. Customers can also become displeased with phone calls while remaining inaccessible via email or social media.

This is where WhatsApp can help you nudge your prospects to purchase. According to businesses, 40% of WhatsApp messages are answered.

Furthermore, conversions are driven by messaging. In other words, messaging after first contacting a prospect can boost conversion rates by 112.6%. 

3. Improved Sales

WhatsApp Phone Number To Your website

Your sales can increase dramatically with the help of WhatsApp marketing as adding a WhatsApp phone number to your website could result in 27% more sales leads.

The ability to contact a brand via any messaging app instills trust in potential customers. At least 66% are more likely to buy from a company that is active on messengers.

Better yet, you can use WhatsApp marketing as a standalone sales Business to Business(B2B) or Business Customer(B2C) channel for your company. Given the growing trend of people purchasing through messaging apps. 

Approximately 60% of consumers uses messengers to make purchases. 

4. Lower Marketing Costs

Low-Cost Marketing Channel

WhatsApp marketing is still a low-cost marketing channel, which makes it appealing to small businesses. All you need to get started is to download an app and connect to the Internet.

Meanwhile, the chances of your message reaching the customer are extremely high. A user checks WhatsApp over 23 times per day on average.

WhatsApp marketing increases conversions, increases sales, allows you to build deep-quality relationships with customers, and costs virtually nothing in terms of marketing expenses.

WhatsApp Marketing Tips

WhatsApp Marketing Tips

1. Make Broadcast Lists

In a nutshell; a broadcast list is a collection of recipients. Contacts cannot see each other and receive your messages separately, making them similar to mailing list segments.

Because of these characteristics, broadcast lists are an ideal feature for sending relevant campaigns. 

For instance, you could compile a list of all your VIP customers and send them special offers, ask current customers to refer new clients, and so on. Make use of this feature to keep and engage your audience.

2. Make Use Of Group Chats

At first glance, this feature appears similar to the one before but differs. Instead of broadcast lists, chatbots such as group chats allow members to see each other and share their thoughts with the entire group.

Group chats can therefore be useful if you want to encourage customer discussions. For example, you could create a group to warm participants before an offline event or webinar.

Another example is when your customers make group purchasing decisions. It’s a common practice for companies selling complex and expensive products like IT solutions and industrial equipment.

3. Use WhatsApp Statuses

WhatsApp statuses may sound familiar if you’re familiar with Facebook or Instagram stories.

This feature allows you to send text and multimedia files to your contacts and receive feedback from them. 

Stories are one of the most effective tools for Instagram marketing, and WhatsApp statuses also work well, even for start-up businesses

You can use them to distribute special offers, product updates, and promotional codes, among other things. For example, you could only organize a one-day flash sale for WhatsApp users.

Create Your Own WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Develop Long-term Customer Relationships

Now that you’ve seen what WhatsApp marketing can do for you, it’s time to get creative with your strategy!

WhatsApp can help businesses of all sizes with their marketing efforts. The channel can help develop long-term customer relationships, increase retention, and, ultimately, increase sales.

Whatsapp is a free and effective marketing channel /tool that can easily reach a wide range of target audiences.

Contact Blue Dragon Digital Marketing and take your business to new heights with WhatsApp Marketing! Our team of specialist can help come up with a marketing strategy based on your business needs. 

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