What Jobs Can I Do With Digital Marketing at Blue Dragon?

Digital Marketing at Blue Dragon

What Jobs Can I Do With Digital Marketing at Blue Dragon?
Learning digital marketing with Blue Dragon digital marketing agency in Bhutan

Choosing a career path is a difficult task. You need to pick something you enjoy while also considering factors such as long-term stability and the financial freedom it can offer in the long run. Come learn digital marketing at Blue Dragon.

Most people don’t think of digital marketing as a dream job while in school. However, when you evaluate the opportunities it offers in this fast-paced digital industry, you’ll find that the digital marketing career outlook is bright and will remain so in the future.

Businesses in Bhutan are trying to engage their clients using the internet’s great potential to reach vast audiences around the country. While doing so, they must hire several individuals in various roles and with specialized skill sets to assist them.

In this post, we will discuss the meaning of different roles and responsibilities that you can perform as a digital marketer at Blue Dragon to enhance your digital marketing career with any digital marketing agency in Bhutan.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The king of organic and content discovery in search engines

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a term that has only been around for a few decades. However, it has resulted in massive employment opportunities in which marketers from practically every industry have established businesses. There are countless websites on the internet today. Each must compete for attention on Google and other search engine results pages. SEO plays a vital part in organic and content discovery in those search engines.

At Blue Dragon digital marketing agency in Bhutan. SEO specialists specialize in understanding and mastering the algorithms that govern search engine results. This helps them assist their clients and organizations in appearing on top of any search engine.

Companies need search optimization to compete in most niches. Therefore, SEO specialists are in high demand. Whether you’re already working or trying to break into digital marketing, an SEO career guarantees excitement and a lot of room for advancement.

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing
A way to create a distinctive brand image to capture the audience

For SEOs that prefer to deal with content over links and statistics, content marketing is an option to consider. They work directly on the creation of web content, blogs, outreach materials, videos, graphics, reports, and other content. 

While your particular role may vary, most content marketers work as part of a marketing team to implement content decisions made in a marketing strategy.

At Blue Dragon digital marketing agency in Bhutan, a Content Marketing Specialist curates the brand’s story in a distinctive and appealing way to capture the audience’s attention and manages all of the key digital media channels for content distribution. This includes blogs, social media, advertisements, and website content.

3. Social Media Management

Social Media Management
Managing the company’s online presence

You’ll manage the organization’s online presence as a social media manager at Blue Dragon by defining a plan, providing good content, evaluating engagement data, facilitating customer support, and managing projects and campaigns.

You can do so by creating content about what the organization does in terms of digital advancement if businesses choose Blue Dragon as their digital marketing agency in Bhutan.

4. Client Success Manager (CSM)

Client Success Manager (CSM)
A bridge between the clients and the company

The customer success or client success manager’s job at Blue Dragon digital marketing agency in Bhutan is to bring the sales and success teams together. They have a high-level view of the client lifecycle because they are involved in various stages of the relationship. 

Once the clients have agreed to finalize the agreement, the management assigns a Client Success Manager. That is when they begin their task. They are the ones who ensure that the customer understands and learns the service that our business is providing. This position also serves as a link between the support and sales teams.

It’s important to note that the CSM’s role does not include giving technical help or actual selling of a product or service. They only ensure that the consumer is completely satisfied with the product and has detailed information about everything that they require.

5. Web Design and Management.

Web Design and Management
Creating engaging and creative websites to attract clients

Your company’s and brand’s website is frequently the initial point of contact for potential customers. It only makes sense that you give your best by using professional and user-friendly site design to explain what you’re all about.

Layout, content, images, search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization are just a few of the factors that go into web design. While it is an important and necessary aspect of your marketing efforts, digital marketing agencies in Bhutan overlook the fact that web pages are an important aspect of digital marketing. At Blue Dragon, we look into all these factors for customer satisfaction with the help of our enthusiastic and creative employees.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Knowing customer behaviors and statistics online

The Digital Marketing/Google Analytics Specialist at Blue Dragon digital marketing agency in Bhutan is in charge of creating and implementing digital marketing strategies. Such efforts will result in revenue-generating programs that employ various digital and social media platforms to build relationships with clients and online audiences.

The main idea for this job is to review the statistics provided by Google and work on the needs and wants of a customer based on the user testimonials and reviews for the company. A simple example can be, buying a product and leaving a bad review online. The Google analytics specialist will look into the matter in terms of developing the product for better customer satisfaction and reviews. 

These were the jobs you can do with Digital Marketing at Blue Dragon digital marketing agency in Bhutan. It is definite that digital advancement is taking the world by storm, and Bhutan is on track too. 

In the near future, there will be plenty of job opportunities in the digital sector, so why not start early and reap the benefits in the future?

Come learn Digital Marketing at Blue Dragon.

Join Blue Dragon today and leave an impression on making Bhutan digital. If you want to understand digital marketing better, you can take a two-month course from Chhundu Training Institute, so you will be field-ready when you start your digital career! 

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