Whatsapp Vs SMS Marketing – Which one works better?

Whatsapp Vs SMS Marketing – Which one works better?

Love is all you need, stay connected by using Whatsapp.


Whatsapp was founded on February 24, 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum the former member of Yahoo. Whatsapp laterally means ‘What’s up!’ says Brian Acton. Whatsapp messenger is a popular mobile application that provides immediate messaging facility in iphones, Android Smartphone, Windows Phone and Mac Laptops  and Windows PC. . There are billions of people who use Whatsapp world wide and it is very effective to use. Whatsapp is becoming trendy in making lists, sharing images and need to create groups for faster information that cost you money.  It is a perfect marketing tool for production, publicity, and political affairs. It has become very effective in our personal lives using Whatsapp daily. 

Since Whatsapp was created in this era, it has revolutionized and brought an advanced communication skill to users. We have many successful chat apps but Whatsapp is most appealing and easy to use. The reason why people use Whatsapp is, 78% of people text and communicate and it is the primary way to do business. Whatsapp can share files and documents that SMS messaging partially can’t fulfil. The fact is, people are more modernized and the world is changed; only few use SMS messaging for urgent communication. Whatsapp creates a branded connection with people and it represents immense opportunities in doing business. Due to this reason I personally use Whatsapp and feel secure to bring this into play.  

Some of the effective use of Whatsapp is;

  1. Powering Conversations

With the help of Whatsapp we can create powering conversation and build up personal interaction. While Whatsapp provides notifications and provides real time interaction, it can easily know who is receiving the message and who is sending the message.

  1. Enabling trusted engagement with secure messaging.

The industry profiles present a trusted channel between companies and the communicator.  It is secure and communication with Whatsapp solutions can easily build two strong factor authentications.

  1. Unleashing Conversational Commerce.

For instance, if conversational commerce uses Whatsapp then Whatsapp acts as a commerce platform as it helps in collecting information, sharing of data, facilitating the transactions and keeping people connected.

  1. The Indisputable Leader in Messaging Worldwide.

If your customers are in different places or far from each other then Whatsapp is your best messaging app to promote your business and interact with your customers and friends as it will bring fast and smart moves to you. 

You can also verify here in the given link for more orientation on how to use Whatsapp with all the characteristics offered.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bwf_cSZ_EiY

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing stands for Short Message Service Marketing, is a policy that allows people to communicate by sending text that is SMS Marketing meaning text messaging. This SMS Marketing is used by the one who does business. Text messages help in awareness, boost engagement, and even generate sales. There are many benefits of SMS Marketing but some think SMS Marketing is dead and prefer using email marketing to keep in touch with their customers and staff. 

Promero launches the first SMS Marketing Services with Artificial  Intelligent BOT | by javelin | Medium

    Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.

Some of the advantages of SMS Marketing are including.

  1. Lightning fast delivery

Many people use mobile marketing as it is lightning fast then anything. Whenever you send out a text, it gets a notification saying message delivered. For instance, if you are sending a text message, the one who receives it will get your message instantly and it will be saved.  

So, if you text someone a message and press that “send” button, hundreds of users will get the message. There is no doubt of getting misplaced, delivered to 90% of people, they will read it as they will be notified.

  1. Much higher open Rates

When users get a Whatsapp marketing message, they have to firstly “check” their phone, open up a Whatsapp, scan through the messages that were received in the inbox. As there are many social media notifications, there will be a high chance of ignoring the text. 

But, with SMS marketing, users will immediately prepare responsiveness for a new message with a text notification. Since people get texts from their friends and family they will open the inbox and reply to the text if it is important. That’s the best advantage of SMS Marketing. Moreover SMS Marketing is more personal and it has a higher open rate then other marketing channels.

  1. Higher Response Rates

Not only do SMS marketing messages get opened frequently, but they also get higher response rates. The results of the response rate are higher and it’s very effective.  If there are higher response rates, users can make more productive work.  For many customers, receiving texts is what they prefer while communicating. Around 70% of clients say that SMS Marketing is a good method for businesses to get their awareness and concentration.

When you communicate, they are more likely to communicate and engage in the assigned work.

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Whatsapp is better than SMS Marketing

  1. You can create groups, share files, image, or receive files as it is end to end encrypted and is very secure. SMS Marketing uses cellular networks to send text messages but Whatsapp is a social media app that is used to send messages through connection of the internet. 
  2. Whatsapp is better to use because firstly we can send encrypted messages to our friends, family, and so on. You can’t always send messages because sometimes SMS Marketing gives problems.
  3. Whatsapp is safer and completely unreadable to hackers because the document or text is only between sender and receiver. No one can read it without permissions. If you think Whatsapp is not encrypted then firstly check the encryption for sensitive conversation. Turn on the security notification and always enable the security verification. This in one way to secure your account. Where else we don’t have such facilities in SMS Marketing. 
  4. Whatsapp has a feature where you can create a group of more than 250 people and share photos, message, videos, list, title, image, and so many other important things. Whatsapp users can speak freely and video call freely while texting.  Can have multi tasks at once and it is very exclusive and enjoyable. We can share documents easily up to 100 MB including spreadsheets, slideshows, and so on. But in SMS Marketing we can only send text and nothing else. We don’t have any extensive featuring. Because of that Whatsapp is far more better and easy to use for everyone

We know that Whatsapp and SMS marketing both work so well. But I think Whatsapp is better and works more smoothly on every internet connection be it 2G, 3G, 4G and WI-FI. It is very fixable to use Whatsapp as it allows group call, audio recording, image sharing, listing and so many. It is designed for personal choice for modern use and an appealing operating system. So, it is a very helpful device activated in mobile apps for constant messages to interact. 

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